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A Redskins Town?

The Washington City Paper/Kojo Nnamdi Show public opinion poll—out tomorrow in our dead-tree edition, and soon to be presented in geekily searchable detail on this site—may or may not be right in predicting that Vincent Gray will win next week's Democratic mayoral primary. After all, Team Fenty says their get-out-the-vote game can overcome the biggest deficit.

But one public-opinion loser is already clear: The Washington Redskins. According to the poll, based on an automated survey of 802 registered D.C. Democrats conducted by Public Policy Polling between August 30 and September 1, just 48 percent of those surveyed call the local NFL squad their favorite team. Some 25 percent support some other team, including a full 6 percent who cheer on the hated Dallas Cowboys. (The rest said they didn't have a favorite team.)

Some of this, of course, is a function of D.C.'s fabled transience. Among those surveyed who live within 50 miles of where they went to high school, roughly two-thirds are pro-'Skins. Those who've been in town less than a decade are more likely to support another team than they are to embrace the Burgundy and Gold—which may not be a surprise given the decade that the franchise has had.

African Americans—who are also more likely to be longtime residents—also tend to be more pro-Redskins: 60 percent of black respondents embraced the team, while only 32 percent of white people surveyed call the Redskins their favorite. On the other hand, the Cowboys pulled down a respectable 9 percent in the black community, while they got negligible support from white voters.

For more poll-data fun—including cross-tabs on people who've biked to work, people who've eaten expensive meals, and people who call Marion Barry a hero—check back tomorrow.

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  • Carlos in DC

    REDSKINS is such a racist name against our Indigenous peoples! but not surprising in a segregated city like Washington, DC.

  • Native JD

    How about the fact that with so many Native Americans living and working in this city (BIA, IHS, NMAI, tribal offices, NARF, NCAI...) that the message is getting out that supporting the Redskins is itself offensive.

    Would you want to see the 5,000 Native Americans in this town wearing "Honky", "Redneck", "Wetback", "Heeb", or "Beaner" clothing, hats, flags on cars, wall clocks...everywhere you went in town?

    It's racist and it needs to go.

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