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Accused Kitty Killer Arrested


It's been a bizarre week for D.C. animal news. A guy who'd read a novel about a gorilla takes hostages at the Discovery Channel. A shark turns up in the Potomac. A new report says city cabbies discriminate against blind people with guide dogs. And now comes word that a kitty killer's been on the loose for nearly a month.

According to the Washington Humane Society's Humane Law Enforcement division, 30 year-old D.C. resident Ronnie Melson was arrested yesterday for killing a three-month-old kitten with a broom.

Authorities say the event happened on August 6th at a house in Southwest. Melson told investigators he cracked the kitten's skull with the cleaning instrument after he couldn't find a belt to beat it with. Melson was angry with the tiny tiger-striped feline–named Tyra– because she wouldn't get off the couch. Could it get any worse? Yep. The kitten didn't even belong to Melson–it belonged to his girlfriend's cousin: Satonya Eggleston, 42. The society also says two kids witnessed the slaying.

"I was just crying uncontrollably. How can a person hit a cat with a broomstick that was so small," Eggleston tells City Desk.

Eggleston was at work when news of the cat's bludgeoning reached her. She's been told by family members who witnessed the incident that after Tyra jumped on the couch Melson left the living room and shouted "This Motherfucker!"  When he returned with the broom and brought it down on the pet, it caused a loud thwack, she was told.

Melson will be arraigned in  Superior Court today. If prosecutors decide to pursue the case, and he's found guilty of animal cruelty,  he could face up to 180 days in jail, a fine of up to $250, or both. This Spring, a man who was convicted of killing his son's pet  lizard by throwing it was given 40 hours of community service, a $100 fine and probation.

*Photo courtesy of MPD

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  • Dale

    I own cats myself including a 5 month old kitten so you can probably guess my reaction. Perhaps someone should crack Mr. Melson's skull with a broomstick.

  • dilbonius

    Throw him into the lion exhibit at the zoo.

  • animal advocate

    no, tie his arms and feet to the ground with stakes, rip his pants off and pour honey on his nuts. make sure this is done next to a giant fire ant's nest that has been freshly disturbed.

  • http://AOL Charlene Davis

    Everyone so quick to make accusations and not knowing what really happened.Instead why don't we let him have his day in court and if he gets found guilty we should teach because maybe he wasn't raised around animals and doesn't know that even trying to hit a cat with a belt"who told him that,the owner?" is cruelty to animals.That alone says he really don't know to much about animals.I am a animal lover myself and I felt some kind of way when I heard about it just like you guys.But I am also against an eye for an eye.This incident showed how much we have grown and what we've became.When a life is taken we forget all about mourning,empathy,forgiveness,and rebuilding.We know get a thrill,"Whether we care to admit it or not is entirely something different" out of someone else hardship.And the sad thing is we don't know what really happen or what lead to this or if he ever did something like this in the past.This by know means justify what he did but whether we like it or not things happen and are going to keep happening.All we have the power to do is try to prevent things by EDUCATE and LOVE.What if it was a relative of yours what would you like to happen or how will you feel about the negative response?I have been on both sides giving and receiving so now before I point my finger I humbly ask myself how would I feel or how did I feel when I was the center of bad attention. So I leave with this God said "There Is Know Sin Greater Than The Next"

  • http://AOL Charlene Davis

    These comments are kinda scary and I ask myself if my son was accidentally hit your child you would probably want my child to be hit back.This is really sad that everything that has happen to us as a people war,economy,unemployment,crime and we still haven't gave up we still pushing this shows us who really gave up on life,who gave up on humanity.Thy are just as worst off as Mr. Melson