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Save Rob Dibble!


Is it too late for a telethon? A car wash? A blood drive? A war? Anything to save Rob Dibble from getting run out of town?

Yeah, it's probably too late.

Dibble has been away from the Nats broadcasting booth since shortly after Stephen Strasburg screwed up the commentator's counsel — basically "suck it up!" and play through pain — by turning out to be really injured.

A lot of sports media people, even the best and brightest, have had it in for Dibble for a while. I don't get the hate for the guy. Sure, he ain't Vin Scully. Maybe he's not even Joe Angel or Fred Manfra. And, no doubt, he says a lot of meatheady things, along the way to saying anything and everything. But that's the act he had before MASN brought him here.

For me, Dibble is (er, was?) one of the few reasons to tune into broadcasts of the milquetoasty, loserish team in the last two seasons. Everybody I know who doesn't type for a living and has an opinion of Rob Dibble is warm to his form. I'm warm to his form, too. I mean, he can throw a baseball 100 miles an hour! He likes pro wrestling and Pantera! What more could you want out of a color guy?

But, things sure smell like it's over for Dibble and D.C. When things get quiet like they are now, that usually means an agent's negotiating with management about severance.

When I spoke with him a couple months ago, on a night when Strasburg pitched like Strasburg, Dibble was a little too aware of his critics, but seemed OK with being a target. He said he was shocked and a little scared by how much he was reading “Did you hear what Dibble said?” in the papers.

"Who cares what I said?" he said. "I’m supposed to add something. If we’re in your living room having a beer, if you had questions about the game, you’d say, `Hey, you played in the big leagues. What do you think?' And I’d tell you what I think. Like it or not, that’s my opinion. It shouldn’t count for anything."

But, bless him, he never stopped yakking. Bottom line: I was right there with Dibble when I heard he wanted Strasburg to "Suck it up!"

Save Rob Dibble!

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  • Good Riddance

    The guillotine can't fall fast enough for this guy. There's enough "EXTREEEEEME!!!!!" crap in sports today on every channel.Dibble's schtick is great for wrestling or the x games or And 1 basketball, just leave my baseball games the hell alone. I want to enjoy the game and maybe learn something about pitch selection or an old clubhouse anecdote, not feel like I'm living in a 3 hour long Mountain Dew Commercial. There's a place for Dibble out there somewhere, maybe on a clip show that mashes baseball highlights with Megadeth's greatest hits or something, but being in the booth for 150+ games a year ain't it.

    Also, I've surprisngly enjoyed Ray Knight in the booth. I wouldn't mind bringing him back in the least.

  • yatesc

    "Everybody I know who doesn't type for a living and has an opinion of Rob Dibble is warm to his form."

    You need to meet more people.

    I'd suggest myself, but I'm busy every night watching the Nats, relishing the Dibble-free broadcast.

  • Realistic

    The Nationals hired Dibs for one reason and that is because he says what he thinks and doesn't sugar coat things like most color commentators on regional sports networks.

    You may not like everything he says (I don't either) but.....he beat's the hell out of listening to Ray Knight.

    I have the baseball package and get to see/hear all of the regional sports networks broadcast teams. Ray Knight is one of the worst! seems like a nice guy but....bad announcer

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  • seasontktholder

    Thank goodness he is GONE! I do not miss him one bit. Most of the time he sounded bored to be in the booth. Having been a season ticket holder since day one of the Nats coming back to town - believe me - I KNOW how frustrating they can be to watch. I don't need him sighing and complaining. He is NOT missed one bit. I agree that Ray Knight isn't a great announcer - he doesn't claim to be - but he is fine until the end of the season. Hopefully MASN will find some one excellent for the booth - someone with great insight into the game - and who loves it.

    Carpenter and Dibble both have such 'favorites' on the team. If Riggleman doesn't play 'their guys' - they are just miserable. I dunno - just call the game guys - and offer insight. You have the best job in the world!

    One last thing - off topic - PLEASE get an announcer at National Park who simply announces and doesn't sound like a WWF "Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE" guy. The Yankees had the best announcer in all of sports - would be nice to have someone like that... oh - and really one last thing - the "Main Event" is the ball game - not the ridiculous President's Race! whew - I'm done!

  • Sec3MySofa

    I still kind of miss Tom Paciorek.
    Given my vantage point, I got to hear a lot of Dibble. At first, knowing his rep and a little about his MO (I don't listen to talk radio, so I've never heard his show), I was decidely leery, even Dennis Leary, about Dibble. I did come to like his approach, and he seemed to make Carpenter better.
    But it got old, and it never changed. Once you've heard Dibble do a couple of games, you've heard his entire act. They could use clips from past games, and nobody would know he was gone.
    No, he's not Vin Scully. Nobody else is. And he doesn't have to be. But the lesson might be that Scully is the undisputed standard of excellence for several reasons. He's more informative--better prepared--than anybody else. And he's unfailingly decent and generous. All things nobody ever accused Dibble of.

  • thatlarkin

    Yes, yes, Sec3MySofa, bring back Paciorek! Dibble is obnoxious, and I, who watch the games from San Francisco, have also been watching more and more now that Ray is in and now that I no longer have to hear Ryan described as "the Ziminator". A fantastic ball player and an interesting guy, agreed, but sorry, Realistic, Knight trumps Dibble, and Paciorek was the best. Bring him back!

  • not len s.

    Did the Nationals hire Dibble or did MASN? The Post article (and they never are wrong) says the Nats are leaving Dibble to twist in the wind, but isn't MASN the employer? Even if Dibble's offense isn't fireable, any port in a storm -- as long as it gets him out of there, i'm for it.

  • david

    I wish we could save Dibble, he made the games more entertaining and cared about the team.

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