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D.C. Cops Used Seasoning to Bust Mindy’s Customers

D.C. Cops Sell Fake Marijuana in Sting

It took a little while, but City Desk has finally determined the ingredients in the "counterfeit marijuana" used in an undercover Metropolitan Police Department sting that busted the "Mindy's Muffins" pot delivery service. Cops took over the number used for the service last month, setting up fake deliveries to customers that led to about 20 arrests. (Prosecutors dropped all the charges before going to trial, though.)

In lieu of the marijuana that usually filled the "Mindy's Muffins" containers, the MPD sting used more quotidian stuff. Specifically, according to a police source, a combination of dried oregano and dried cilantro.

The fake weed was in an opaque container, so the customers didn't have the opportunity to sniff out the ruse before cops swarmed them. Just remember: if the pot you're buying smells more like pizza sauce than a Cypress Hill concert, you may be in some trouble.

Photo by Torben Bjørn Hansen via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

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  • mm

    Way to go prosecutors for dropping another one. Add this to the (only) 8yr sentence that someone got for SHOOTING a pepco employee and you all can get some raises.

  • TyroneDaOfficeDrone

    I thought you always smell before you buy? Guess thats just me.