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Busted D.C. Pot Delivery Service Was Called Mindy’s Muffins

City Desk has spoken to a person snagged in a recent pot sting that netted some 20 District residents, and the individual supplies some interesting info. First off, the pot delivery service that Metropolitan Police Department officers took over following the arrest of an alleged drug dealer involved with it had a great name: Mindy's Muffins.

According to the source, the number to Mindy's Muffins was passed on by word of mouth, and ordering was simple. You just called up the number and said, "I need some muffins."  The caller was then asked for an address. "A guy would show up at your house and sell you something," says the source.

"The guy" would be carrying a backpack full of containers which held about two-and-a-half grams of weed each. The containers were nice, and said "Mindy's Muffins" on them, but that's not all: "The containers were labeled with detailed information about where the marijuana was from." The containers ran about $50 each.

"They were pretty well organized," the source says.

But not organized enough. When cops took over the delivery service, they began selling fake pot to customers around the city. (City Desk is trying to get more information from MPD on what, exactly, the fake pot was.) The source is still kicking himself  for falling for the ruse. He knew something was wrong: Mindy's usually comes in to customers' homes, but the guys who showed up the night he was busted didn't do that: "They told me to go out to their car, instead." Also, the containers they handed him didn't look right. They were label-less and "opaque."

After the deal was done, about eight uniformed cops surrounded the car. When the surprised pot smoker hesitated, one of the cops "put up his hands and said, 'Motherfucker, get out the car!'"

Taken to the police station, the source passed the time talking with others who'd been apprehended for ordering from Mindy's:"It was mainly young, white sort of college-aged kids and interns," he says. Perhaps not coincidentally, prosecutors didn't end up pursuing charges against the group.

"I'm not a victim," says the source, who admits he was doing something illegal. But he still wasn't that pleased with the way he got busted. "MPD gets to run around and do things like this?"

Photo by katherine_hitt via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

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  • Richie Sambora

    Girl, you thought he was a man, but he was a MUFFIN!

  • Beltway Greg

    I can't wait until Gray wins and ousts that lowlife Fenty and then things will get back to normal in the District. Then it will no longer be "Motherfucker get out the car," but,
    "Hey white boy, break me off a little something, something and I'll take the boot off of your BMW."

  • Wow

    Wow, so white kid gets busted for buying drugs... gets off... and then complains that he didn't like the way he was arrested for engaging in illegal, open-air drug activity?


  • Anthony

    Washington City Paper you need to find the name of the prosecutors because last time I checked getting arrested for pot in NW should be the same as getting arrested in SE.

  • Jeff

    They wouldn't prosecute this in any area of the city. It's borderline entrapment and would not be worth pursuing.

  • McLovin

    Yep, when it "All White, it All Right!!!"

  • East of the River

    @Jeff. Its not entrapment at all! The police didn't induce them to buy what they thought was marijuana and these whites kids were predisposed to engage in this crime because they obviously thought there were getting marijuana through this service. Those are the elements to prove entrapment.

    DC has the highest arrest rate per capita for possession of marijuana. It is absolutely disgusting that these white kids get off while young blacks are being targeted and stigmatized with criminal records.

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  • In the District

    Yeah. I was wondering the same thing. If these "kids" were black or brown, I envision the charge to be a year probation and community service.