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The End of Black Men?

According to a recent report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education, the District continues to do a lousy job of educating black male students. Still, there are signs of racial progress—it's also not doing so well educating white male students.

Graduation rates for both groups dropped for the 2007-2008 school year. The black male graduation rate went from 55 to 41 percent, and the white male from 84 to 57. Rates for both groups are below the national average.

WAMU reports that when it comes to the black male rate, there may be a reason why it's dropping.

Researcher Michael Holzman tells WAMU:

"More than twice as many on average black males get out of school suspensions compared to white males, and way more are expelled in D.C. And in either of those cases that's pretty much the end of their education."

A twist in the story is that the District is actually doing better than most at not forcing out black male students. The number of black males suspended or expelled from District  schools "was low by national standards," the study says. Still, in the 2006-2007 school year, black males were three to four times more likely to be bounced from a school than their white counterparts.

D.C. Public Schools spokeswoman Jennifer Calloway says DCPS doesn't usually break graduation data down by race and gender. As far as the city's graduation rate goes, in general, though, "Ours has gone up in the 2008/2009 school year."

A DCPS press release says that in 2009, District public schools graduated 168 more black students than in the previous year. If that's true, District graduation rates for females could be trending up, while the rate for males trends down.

Maybe this is because we're coming to the end of men.

A recent Atlantic Monthly article reports such gender gaps may be part of a larger societal shift:

Women dominate today’s colleges and professional schools—for every two men who will receive a B.A. this year, three women will do the same. Of the 15 job categories projected to grow the most in the next decade in the U.S., all but two are occupied primarily by women. Indeed, the U.S. economy is in some ways becoming a kind of traveling sisterhood: upper-class women leave home and enter the workforce, creating domestic jobs for other women to fill.

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  • Charlie

    So are the vaunted Michell Rhee gains in test scores actually just that more kids who have trouble with school get forced out?


    In response to your comment the answer is YES; they label them as discipline problems and get rid of them...this is a FACT. There are more African American males labeled as having ADHD and behavior disorders than there has ever been in the past few years and since DCPS has no plan to deal with children with special needs and their Special Ed SUCKS to say the least, they are rated OUT and sent elsewhere.

  • sedcdude

    Do you think it fair, feasible or plausible to allow RATS to "attempt" to teach and nurture LIONS with RAT culture/information while RATS, squirrels, pigeons, skunks and snakes judge the pupil????

  • Steve

    Graduating from what? Middle school? High school? UDC?

  • Manor

    The fact is that blacks in DC think education is for fools, there is a cultural disposition against education and for violence and crime. That is the status quo. It wouldn't matter who was doing the educating or who was in charge, DC blacks would always find fault and find reasons to drop out or be expelled due to reprehensible violent behavior. Until the 'stop snitching' culture changes to 'start educating' there will not be significant gains in any DC school. Also, its relatively moot, most low achieving DC blacks are well cared for by public funds, so they don't really need education to support themselves. They are pathetic, not poor.

    Its cultural people, not institutional. Until DC blacks realize that we will have a violent, nasty, filthy city for the most part. Luckily, I have worked hard and can leave whenever I want, Thank Jesus.

  • WAR4DC

    Is King Fenty a black man?

  • WAR4DC


  • IMGoph

    the massive drop in white graduation rate—is that related to the fact that there are just so few whites graduating from DCPS that the small sample size is skewing numbers?

  • K

    I'd really like to see how the drop in male graduates for the 2007-8 school year compares to the rates for other years this decade. The drop in either race graduating seems astoundingly high to me.

    Table/graph/chart, please, WCP!

  • sedcdude

    CANNOT teach what you do not LOVE!

    CANNOT teach what you do not UNDERSTAND!

    CANNOT teach what you do not RESPECT!

    CANNOT teach what you FEAR!!

    DCPS will provide you with a substandard curriculum in a high tech world!!

  • Oleg

    How long until all men, non-jewish men that is, are outlawed and they take us out back and shoot us in the head. Jews have really destroyed this country. Now that you have your Goldman Sachs Jewess Elena Kagan in office i'm sure you will just start murdering through mass starvation like her Jew relative Lazar Kaganovich did in Russia. All Jews are Mass Murderers. Everybody hates you scum for a reason.