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Photo: Car No. 3


Gallery Place Metro, August 5

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  • EzE

    Very cool. Thank you!

  • Dwayne

    GREAT PHOTO! The composition of the subject's horizontal stripes with him looking down and the arrows for the elevator pointing up is sheer genius. Great eye!

  • JC

    Phenomenal capture!

  • Guy Mondo

    i really like this guy's work, the weird sort of duotone thing he does is very unique.

  • Darian


  • http://citypaper Nard

    good photo like the levels of contrast and balance even in the reflection on side of elevator, he seems to have a good eye......

  • voxefx

    Great candid shot, nice use of selective color as well.


    This Photographer has an Eye Like No other that I have seen. You cannot compare his greatness to anyone!!! I can even see him Directing a Motion Film!!!

  • joewig

    The image of your elevator traveler and his reflection hint at an intriguing story; the steely toned black & white together with this surprising moment of great timing are stellar. Your eye is razor.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Awesomeness .... Artful things go unnoticed every day. Thanks for capturing it wonderfully.

  • Derrick

    Just another brother on the... This shot is so REAL I feel like I'm right there in the elevator with him. Photographique verite!

  • sedcdude

    the only "interesting" perspective, IMHO, is the capture of "dried hoc spit" that never had the chance to fully descend on the elevator door, NASTY SHIT RIGHT THERE!!!! and even nastier is the fact that METRO, in all its fare hikes and half cooled/UNCOOLED trains, allows this shit to not only dry, but remain there as DNA evidence or a point of interest for an UNSUSPECTING CHILD/PARENT, GOT DAYUUM!!

    That's some real shit alright.....REAL TRIFLIN'!!!!!

  • malik

    interesting/intriguing situation. what is the brotha doing in this picture? or what is he about to do or has he just done? i like the wondering...

  • Flmjr

    Wonderful composition, love the texture & tone variation!
    Great shot.