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It’s Not Clint Didier Time!

didier_bannerClint Didier, a longtime Washington Redskins tight end during the great Gibbs I Era, was hoping to return to D.C. as a U.S. Senator, but didn't make the cut in yesterday's Washington State primary. Didier, flush with the backing of Sarah Palin and Tea Party types, finished way back in third place, with a little under 12 percent of the vote by current calculations.

Didier, who was backed by Sarah Palin and Tea Party types, looked like an angry and confused buffoon throughout the campaign. The hypocrisy of his anti-government rants, which he even delivered while attending a recent gathering of Redskins alumni, was exposed early in the Senate run, when it came out that he'd accepted federal dollars in the form of farm subsidies in the low six figures.

Didier and his pals could play some football, tho. That 1988 Super Bowl win over John Elway and the Denver Broncos ranks as the greatest day of my life as a sports fan. For Redskins rooters who watched that game, nothing in life will ever top the goings on in the second quarter, bliss-wise. Nothing. Didier caught an 8-yard pass from Doug Williams for the last of five TDs the Skins scored in the quarter.

So, thanks for the memories anyway, you phony bastard.

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  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    Is Heath Shuler -- the "conservative Democrat" -- the closest we will come to a liberal football player seeking public office?

  • llayne

    Boy am I glad Clint does'nt listen to the clueless like you Dave.As for Clint I am glad our 2 votes in our household went to him.I think 86ing Patty is more important right now(for the dense souls like you that means retirment time for the now grandma in tennis shoes.)I don't know about you but I and others want to take this country back!!

  • Dave McKenna

    Ilayne: you go, boy or girl! also, what the hell are you trying to say? you make about as much sense as Clint Didier. but, good luck in your effort to take this country back. what era would you like to take this country back to, anyway? lemme guess: anything pre-voting rights act?

    i knew it, Ilayne!

    butt seriously: Thanks for Playing the Feud™!

  • red swift

    nobody should say ex-jocks should not run for public office, but when you've got the intellectual capabilities of a clint didier run for what you're capable of doing. do the elect "dog catcher" out there or is it civil service? garbage recycle sorting? surely there;s agot to be a spot that fit's didier's intellectual and emotional capabilities.

  • Dr. Free

    I have trouble interpreting the phrase' take our country back'. I also wish to know take it back to when / where? Please somebody explain what take the country back means!!

  • Kathleen


    You, sir, show yourself to be a real true blithering idiot. You are not clever, entertaining, or newsworthy. Grow up and act like an adult.

  • Keith B

    Didn't get your teabagging today, Kathleen? Only an idiot votes an idiot into office and expects positive change.

    Also, Dino's a clown and he will lose (again). Mark my words!

  • TFT

    I get it. You don't like Didier. Farm subsidies that totaled less than 8000 a year. When the actual costs to run a farm are more than 100,000 a year.

    Is this your attempt at journalism? I've written better reports in high school. Why don't you just stick to the script next time? No one wants to hear your rants fueled by hatred toward the tea party. It's sick and not the kind of rap the left wants. I thought people on your side of the rope were open minded and sensitive.

    Seriously concerned for your media outlet

  • Ghost of Jack Kent Cooke

    Didier was a fine young lad, tall, with good hands, and able to run a good pattern and hold on to the ball.

    Like another tight end, Jay Riemersma of the Buffalo Bills, he decided to toss his helmet in the ring and run for Congress. And like young Jay, he had the support of the Teabaggers, but lacked the gravitas and mental acuity to be a Congressman. Not that gravitas and mental acuity are in abundance on Capitol Hill.

    They both lost their primaries to other Republicans who - apparently - hadn't completely lost their minds yet. There is hope for America.

    Keep beating up on Snyder, Davey my boy. Kick him when he's down, and never let him get back up! I shall return to life some day and rescue my beloved Redskins from Snyder and his forces of darkness!

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