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Politician Who Claimed Bogus Dallas Cowboys Career Now Claiming USFL Career, Too

USFLMichael Vaughn, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates whose campaign bio bogusly claimed that he had played "3 years" for the Dallas Cowboys, told me earlier this week that I "didn't dig deep enough" into his football career.

Well, nobody can accuse Vaughn of under-digging lately. The hole he's dug for himself gets deeper every day.

Yesterday, in his continued crusade against a Cheap Seats column that showed the bogusness of his Dallas Cowboys claim, Vaughn told the Baltimore Sun that he also had "a short run with the New Jersey Generals."

The Generals were the flagship franchise of the USFL. That team, which was owned by Donald Trump, and the whole league went out of business after the 1985 season.

Unfortunately for Vaughn, a few obsessive fans kept a lot of data about what went on in the league's three-year existence, including who actually played in the USFL.

And, based on what's out there, Vaughn's run with the Generals was as short as his playing career with the Dallas Cowboys: So short that nobody but him remembers it.

The amazing website has a list of 127 players who wore the Generals uniform between 1983-1985. The roster is in alphabetical order, so "Michael Vaughn" should be sandwiched between an unknown, "Walter Tullis," and a legend, "Herschel Walker."

Get this: It ain't there!

Of course, USFL record-keeping was never an exact science. But Vaughn has by now also claimed to have played for, first, the Dallas Cowboys, and later, the New Orleans Saints, and the NFL says he never played for either of those teams.

So, knowing that "Michael Vaughn" isn't among the 127 folks who get credit for playing for the New Jersey Generals, Vegas is currently leaning toward: Michael Vaughn never played for the New Jersey Generals.

But, Vegas is flighty. Show us what you got, Del. Vaughn! Keep digging!

By the way: After the USFL and the New Jersey Generals went out of business, Herschel Walker went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys. No, really! You can look it up!

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  • Gene

    What a typical scumbag...

  • Grumpy

    Dude may be a Sociopath...just not a bright one

    And these lazy assed PG Pols kill me; they all use the same old tactic:

    'stand and wave' at intersections, Metro stations, etc. pass out their propaganda with their 'Bio' (can't believe everything ya read, now can ya??) and slogans and you've never heard nor seen nor have any knowledge of them UNTIL election time.

    How about I SEE YOU in an OFF year? How about you trek to my community and knock on doors and ask me some things (Nat Exum, this means YOU) and tell me what you have actually DONE for my vote?

    Name recognition will not get you far nowadays as folks have become net savvy so upgrade your tactics folks or expect runoffs when some upstart makes the race too close to call...

  • Sports idiot

    Someone should check out his career in the All America Football Conference. I think he mentioned something about being in the same backfield with Otto Graham and Marion Motley. Or maybe it was Motley Crue, or Motley Fool.

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  • IMGoph

    again, thank for actually digging for facts, dave!

  • Fred Goodwin

    According to the official Dallas Cowboys 2010 media guide, no one Michael Vaughn ever played in the regular season for the Cowboys. However, it is possible that Vaughn had a summer try-out with the team.

    So I checked to see if a player by that name might have signed a pre-season contract and was later waived by the Cowboys. There are no records at all for a Michael Vaughn. But understand this is an unofficial resource and possibly incomplete.