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Does Howard Kurtz Have Power?

A few weeks ago, Washington Post and CNN media reporter Howard Kurtz launched a Twitter crusade to get Pepco to restore power to his home after the massive thunderstorms that swept the region. At first, the Pepco folks didn't seem to realize who they were dealing with. "Of course we care," Pepco's Andre Francis replied. "If there was a process that restored power to everyone instantaneously, you would've had power since Sun." But a few hours later, it worked!

Apparently he'll need to work his magic again today; this morning's storms brought bad news to the Kurtz household once again. A plaintive cry issued forth from the Postie on Twitter once again: "No power for 5 days, go on vacation, come back, it rains, no power again. Thanks, Pepco."

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Photo via CNN

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  • MJS

    Once Howard gets his power back on, he might want to take about four minutes and reduce his Pepco bill by lowering the price he pays for the electricity he uses.

    Due to energy de-regulation, Howard and all other Pepco customers can choose the energy company that supplies the electricity delivered to them by Pepco. Pepco will deliver it, but they can get their electricity supply at a lower price.

    Pepco is charging DC residential (Schedule R) customers 11.491 cents per kWh for electricity supply, although you can get it for 9 cents per kwh. If they live in Maryland, Pepco charges its residential (Schedule R) customers 12.3 cents per kWh for electricity supply. They can get it for 9.3 cents per kWh.

    To see how this is done, go to .