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D.C.’s Pot Prescription Pad

In his excellent cover story for this week's dead-tree edition of Washington City Paperalas, not printed on hemp paper—Chris Shott chronicles the efforts of Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn to open the first of the cannabis dispensaries legalized under the District's medical-marijuana referendum.

The piece notes that Kahn's venture won't be quite as easy as just, say, selling drugs: The city's legal-pot regs are strict, the neighbors are wary, and the competition could include some of well-funded players who've built up fortunes in better-established medical-marijuana markets like California.

Shott also pored through the lengthy rules proposed last week by the Adrian Fenty administration, which spell out everything from where dispensaries may be located to just what information must be included on the prescription pot labels. Below, our illustrator's best guess as to what those regulated labels will look like when actually affixed to your prescription:

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  • Richie Sambora

    Quick trivia: Which strain of cannabis sativa (or is it cannabis indica?) is represented by the cannabinoid profile in the above graphic? Is it:

    (a) Green Crack
    (b) AK-47
    (c) Trainwreck
    (d) Green Fuzzy Bunnies

  • Sara

    It's not a prescription, its a recommendation. There is a legal difference.

  • Rick Mangus

    Doctor Note: Smoke one doobie and call me in the morning!