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Adams Morgan Shooting Victim Dies: Retaliation to Follow?

The victim in Wednesday night's shooting in Adams Morgan died of his wounds, The Washington Post is reporting. Mozart Place NW, in the vicinity of Euclid Street, was swarmed with Metropolitan Police Department officers following the shooting. MPD has been investigating the incident as a homicide.

According to an e-mail sent to an Adams Morgan online message board, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham said police believe that the victim was "affiliated with the 1-7 gang/crew." Graham warned that this shooting could spark a reprisal:

In consideration of possible retaliation, police patrols have been bolstered in the area and on the 1400 block of Girard.

DCist's/We Love DC's Dave Stroup reported last night that one of Graham's challengers in the September Democratic primary, Bryan Weaver, was on the scene and "and expressed worry that this might have something to do with recent murder arrests."

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  • Native JD

    I more dead crew member. That's a good thing.

  • Rick Mangus

    Let these animals kill each other off, GOOD!

  • Jiggaboo Coon

    Praise Jeebus!!!

  • SG

    I can't believe this is still going on in Adams Morgan. Too bad the anti-loitering statutes didn't get through last year. It would be a great gang-fighting tool for places like this.

  • downtown rez

    Stay classy, WCP commentariat.

  • Jiggaboo Coon

    Pretty soon ALL of this miscreants will kill each other off and then the neighborhood will be rid of them.

    All that afforable housing and stuff.

  • Rick Mangus

    'SG', the police have asked over and over and over again for anti-loitering laws for years, but the liberal city council will not propose, let alone pass one! The assholes at the ACLU said that they will take the city to court to block any anti-loitering bills!. The fact is the majority of the staff at the ACLU local and national offices don't even live in DC, the blood of the innocent is on their hands! The mayor and council need to get some backbone and tell the ACLU to, FUCK-OFF!

  • Diggums

    The loitering laws offered by Jim Graham would not work, by design. To broad in scope.


    Let me be the first to say that he WAS NOT apart of any gang!!! I will ignore the racist comments that you fools are making. RIP

  • sedcdude

    All of you coward ass, IGNORANT, brown nosing unkle toms and you prejudiced, judgemental crakkas need to go to hell for real!


  • Rick Mangus

    'sedcdude', go back to your crack pipe, brother!

  • Anon

    Too Short-who killed him?

    sedcdude- wheres the hypocracy?

  • Adrian Bent-Me.

    Jiggaboo- I thought you were under arrest for all of those stabbing murders across the country. Legal system today, letting an ass-clown like you out.

  • Nherk

    I'm surprised at all the racist and prejudice comments being made here. A young person was killed. I seriously doubt that anyone that left this type of comment knows anything about this kid except that he was in a gang.Instead of praising the fact that he is dead, even if he was a gang member, we need to be learning from this experience by thinking of progressive ways to stop this type of violence.

  • Jiggaboo Coon

    sedcdude and TOOSHORT,

    Why be mad at us racists? Be mad at the black savages who gun each other down for stupid shit.

    The government should build a wall around EVERY ghetto ass neighborhood so that these folks can go to town killing themselves.

    If black people don't care enough to NOT kill each other, why should anyone else?


  • Rick Mangus

    'Nherk', All I need to know is that this piece of shit was in a gang, you are treating him like he was in the Boy Scouts and was a viable member of his community! In fact he was a low life thug! If you are so moved by him then buy his headstone, but have this inscription put on it, "You Live By The Sword, You Die By The Sword"!

    Put-up or shut-up!


    first of all fuck all yall bytches he was not in no gang he was a good guy yall a fuckn trip he had a 11 week old daughter that he loved and cared about how dare yall stupid ass mutha fucka talk about him like that he had his GED and was gettn everything together for his self and daughter so fuck yall bytchez and u kno whaT im goin to pray for yall because yall bytch ass crackers need help yall poppin shit but i bet yall wouldnt say none of this to his brothers or any body from his block so stop fakn tryn to be hard on the computer and worry about your self his death has nothing to do with none of yall let him rest in peace you dick head ass crackers!!!

  • babymotha

    and my name is not too short

  • Rick Mangus

    'TOO SHORT', either this is an act that you are presenting here or you have got to be the most uneducated stupid son of a bitch to walk the face of the earth because you are a loser!

  • Jiggaboo Coon

    The Washington Post reports that the shooting victim was under DYRS supervision, so more than likely he was going to amount to anything anyway.

    He's better off dead.

  • Bill

    These comments are truly the triumph of the lowest common denominator. sheesh.

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