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The Needle: Listening Better Edition

I'll Change, I Promise: Mayor Adrian Fenty finally gets around to admitting that the main obstacle holding him back in his bid for re-election is... Mayor Adrian Fenty. In a debate televised on NewsChannel 8 TBD TV, the incumbent promised to "change some things" and "listen better" if voters opt to give him a second term instead of replacing him with D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray. The debate was interrupted frequently by commercial breaks, most of which featured Fenty ads. If you missed it, don't worry; at this point, the candidates debate two or three times a day, so chances are they'll be bringing their traveling road show to your front porch soon. +2

Fancy An Evening Swim?: It took 51 days of 90-plus temperatures, but finally, the silver lining in this ridiculous summer has revealed itself. Ten District pools will stay open late today to help residents try to cool off. This being D.C., there's no official closing time; pools will shut down "later, depending on the availability of lighting," per the Department of Parks and Recreation. Bring a flashlight and a bathing suit, and maybe you can stay all night. +3

Busboys & Poets Expanding—To Harlem: Today U Street and Mt. Vernon Square, tomorrow the world! The popular bookstore/café/restaurant bucks the usual flow, in which New York hotspots spread to other cities, by planning to plant an outpost in Manhattan. (The normal order was restored with the news that New York-based burger mecca Shake Shack would open south of Dupont Circle.) Eat your heart out, Frank Rich. +3

Bike Like A Salmon: New "contraflow" bike lanes opened this morning on New Hampshire Avenue NW, letting cyclists ride against traffic for the two blocks the street runs one-way north near U Street. A slightly convoluted set of signals, street markings and other fun new gizmos are also up. The contraflow pattern is similar to a bike lane recently installed running south on 15th Street NW, which runs one-way north. Cue the inevitable outcry from drivers upset that a few inches of street pavement have been reserved for other uses in 3, 2, 1... +4

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  • Rick Mangus

    It was like watching Tweddle Dee and Tweddle Dumb on TBD TV this morning, both talking and sounding the same!

    Carol Schwarts, please run, please!

  • *******

    He says he'll change if given another term? Sorry Adrian. Too little. Too late.

  • Tformation

    You promise to "change some things" and "listen better" if only I will vote for you first huh? Well I promise NOT to vote for you unless you, Ron, Keith Lomax, Omar and Sinclair give me an invoice of just WHAT my money was spent on. Don't keep telling me stuff got done so I don't need to worry about how much it cost. Tell me how you spent my money and THEN maybe, I will vote for you. Or maybe not since I have to go through all of this to get an answer.

    One and done!!!

  • tired

    Excuse me but hell no. He will make life even harder for people because he likes to play payback.I don't trust him and never will. TIME TO GO. BUH BYE.

  • LOL

    Fenty is the mayor right now. We have challenges right now. Why can't he listen and do better RIGHT NOW.

  • tired

    @LOL he doesn't know how. Plus he is lying not another 4 years of Peter Nickles. again BUH-BYE

  • larry

    I agree with every comment written above. Tnformation you are so right. Fenty is going to change and listen more? Please - he can't even make a pathetic attempt to make us believe this by doing it during the campaign - right now! "Watch what someone does and not what they say". I've watched a mayor who refuses to provide residents with information and records they have a right to - a man who acts with no accountability. Open your mouth and it's nothing.

  • Hymesb

    DOn't change Fenty. Just relax a little bit. Medical weed is on the way! Lay back and blow one every once in awile. Does wonders for the nerves.

    Oh, and just give Barry's people the inside track on deals. They will immediately "have great faith" in your reformed ways. They will all stand around and forgive their brother for the sake of the unity of this great city. They will extend that olive branch and sign kumbaya.
    Then, they can go off and get put in jail for statehood. Great fun!

    Or, at least, they will play dead. Either way, SCHOOLS GET FIXED!!!