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The Real Housewives of D.C., New Kids’ Charity on the Block

It's becoming clear that Stacie Scott Turner is the realest of D.C.'s real housewives (unlike her Bravo co-stars, she actually  lives in the District). But is her youth charity just as legit?

Extra-Ordinary Life (XOL) purports to provide "life changing experiences to teen girls in foster care environments that inspire them to DREAM BIG and ACHIEVE." One of the ways the organization inspires kids is by getting them to leave D.C.: "XOL will use travel as a vehicle to reinforce the belief that the 'world is their oyster'," the website says.

But if they're doing much, the city government isn't aware of it. Ward 6 councilman Tommy Wells, chair of the D.C. Council Committee on Human Services, tells City Desk he's never heard of XOL. Neither had several employees at the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers. That may be because the charity only kicked off in January. That would have been right around the time Turner was filming Real Housewives.

Anne Williams, spokesperson for XOL, says one has nothing to do with the other. "Extra-Ordinary Life has been in the works for quite some time [since 2009], and Stacie saw the opportunity with Real Housewives as an opportunity to leverage the personal exposure she would get from the show to help the efforts of Extra-Ordinary Life," she e-mailed City Desk.

In any event, the charity is poised to pull in beaucoup bucks, especially once tomorrow's episode airs. Williams says things are already going well. "We currently have a number of sponsors including: Cover Girl, BET Networks, Procter & Gamble, and Dell Computers." Recently, the charity sent "8 remarkable young ladies" to South Africa during the 2010 World Cup. Williams says Bravo wasn't around to film the send-off.

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  • Kim Chi Ha


  • J

    You need the bullshit o meter on this lady. How convenient. She makes millions of dollars a year as a real estate agent and only forms a charity when she knows shes going to be on Real Housewives. Please Rend keep tabs on this. She needs to be checked.

  • Brahmin

    Not to defend. Because I have no intention of ever watching this show ---but I don't understand the angle.

    I have worked with enough charities to know you can and sometimes are working as a charity long before your official paperwork comes an applicant they allow you to move forward in your activities.

    And I am little confused should all DC nonprofits be before their council with their hand out?

    To answer my own sarcastic question that would be NO!. In fact I highly prefer they are not so Why would Tommy Wells know enough about every nonprofit to weigh in on this issue.

    I think this is not a valid criticism. I do question if any of these woman actually have money. As they are purporting to be fabulous women of means the IRS, debt collector and repo man are at their door. Some are not technically housewives and the show can be quite embarrassing if anyone used as a study of regional culture.

    I will be skipping the show altogether but if she is doing anything to promote mentoring teen girls ---please continue in that path. I

  • Eat My Pussy Till I Die


    She needs to be checked for what? I'm not a reality TV watcher, but do you honestly think that this is something a journalist needs to keep tabs on when there's so much shit going on in city government? Go fuck yourself, get a life, and stop hating on her for making millions of dollars a year.

  • J

    Yuck - Eat My- you are disgusting and vulgar. I never used bad language against her or anyone else. The nonprofit is based here in the DC area so your argument makes no sense. Are you Miss Turners lapdog or something?

  • Eat My Pussy Till I Die


    No, I just have more important things to be following. Now as I said before, Go fuck yourself and get a fucking life.

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  • Angela

    We pulled her mls #'s she sold one house this year for 500,000 so where is all this millions of dollars she sold at. At least we know how fake the Salehi's are.

  • Publicist202

    I agree. She wanted to create a charity to seem like a socialite and philanthropist and clearly she is not. Funny how she complained that she is the only black person on the show and as an alleged sophisticted socialite she mentions BET.....come on now. ~sistah~ SCOTT TURNER

  • Tanya

    This woman is about as fake as a unicorn, and it's terribly apparent on the show. I'm also having a hard time believing that she's bi-racial--which she wears like a badge of honor. "My birth mother is white...yada yada yada..." OMG, please stop Stacie!!! If someone is reading this who knows her PLEASE pass on the message that if your birth family isn't complying with your requests--they don't want to be bothered with you. Is she sincere or just playing it up for BRAVO's cameras? Either way, she's terribly annoying.

  • Tim Peters

    Tanya, fake as a unicorn. Funny. Well, as long as she actually gives the proceeds to children. It is so annoying to see people use tragedies and various causes as a public relations move for their career. Media has too much power these days. Thanks for sharing this!