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Gaithersburg’s Semen Sprayer Suspect Also Squirted Woman at Michaels

Not even crafters are immune to semen-spray attacks

Not even crafters are immune to semen-spray attacks

The now infamous Gaithersburg grocery store Semen Sprayer has been pegged in another attack. This time he allegedly squirted semen on a lady at Michaels craft store in Gaithersburg. Not even the innocent knitters are safe from semen attacks! And there could be more victims out there, police say. We can't wait to hear what other types of women this suspect felt the need to spray without their permission.

Michael Wayne Edwards Jr., 28, has been charged in the two attacks.

Some more details about the attack at the Giant grocery store:

  • How did semen get on these poor ladies, you ask? Well apparently he had a small bottle like those used for hand sanitizer.
  • He thought his little attack was so funny/sexy/clever that he decided to snap a cell phone picture after he did it. Advice: Don't keep evidence of your crime. Just stupid.
  • When the woman noticed the sticky substance on her back, she turned around to find the suspect behind her. When she asked him if he had also been hit by some unknown liquid, he played dumb.

MichaelEdwardsPolice are confident there are two more ladies who have this man's semen on their clothes/neck/hair. How can you figure out if you were one of them? WaPo spoke to Officer Dan Lane who helps you out:

Gaithersburg police ask anyone who may have noticed an unusual substance on their clothes but wrote it off as benign to call them at 301-258-6400. "No one would ever think that someone would do this," said Officer Dan Lane.

Well, Officer Lane, that depends on who you are talking to. It's a crazy world out there. And one quick question: Have we confirmed this is his own semen? If not, this story got a whole lot creepier.

Photo by AlishaV, via Flickr.

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  • Rick Mangus

    On channel 7 this morning I heard that this pervert is out on bond walking among us again! If this is true it's another travesty of our legal system!

  • Keith B

    Unless I'm not remembering clearly, about 15 years ago didn't someone hit up a drive-thru in Langley Park doing this sort of thing to the cashier? I heard when the guy was arrested his kid was riding in the car with him.

  • Eat My Pussy Till I Die

    It might have been the pervert's dad.