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Gaithersburg Giant’s Suspected Semen Sprayer Caught By Police

4376607176_73718636a0If your shopping experience at Giant usually feels like a nightmare, at least you weren't sprayed with semen on your way out. We wish we were kidding.

A woman was shopping at the Giant grocery store in Gaithersburg, MD when she noticed a man staring at her in the store. As she left, she felt a liquid hit her back and neck. She thought it was just water from the building's overhang, but witnesses watched the creepo spray her with a liquid  and then run off and jump in a gray vehicle.

The woman was smart and turned over her clothes to police for testing. The crime lab tests came back. Yep, that was definitely human semen. Happens to the best of us, right? We never thought watery bird shit sounded so appealing until now.

So how did they catch the semen sprayer? They saw the man on surveillance footage and spotted him using a Giants reward card. Those reward cards will come back to bite you! Police arrested Michael Wayne Edwards Jr., 28, last week and charged him with second-degree assault. MichaelEdwards

Please take a moment and look at this suspected semen sprayer! Could that smirk be any more cringe-worthy?

Does this situation sound strangely familiar? You could have been a victim too. Police believe this woman wasn't the only one subjected to this man's semen attack. If you think you were a victim, contact police at (301) 258-6400.

Check out the News4 video on the incident below. Worth watching just to hear the cop confirm she was hit with human semen:

Photo by katykash, via Flickr.

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  • Golden Silence

    Oh that is so damn nasty! This fool is damaged in the head. Glad he was caught.

  • J

    thats beyond sick. he needs to be sprayed with something himself

  • Rick Mangus

    They should castrate this perv., that will put a quick stop to that nonsense for good!

  • Grossed out!

    He's the Sperminator!

    Let's just hope he won't be back.

  • Diamond House Apt. Resident

    Will you be afraid of going shopping due to this incident? Most people would go to a different store to get away from this behavior. Remember that song by U2, "Can't believe the news today. Can't make it go away"? The police are playing out the lyrics in their minds today as they investigate this bazarre incident. To be honest, I would be rather afraid of going shopping at that store. I already feel queasy hearing about the incident. This coming October, I plan to take my family with me to move to Tennessee. We can be out in the country and experience peace of mind. I have friends that can help you deal with the issues and they can be reached at 301--598-1925 and 301--598-5594. They work as county counselors to help families cope with losses due to murder and other things.

  • lala

    what is this world coming to he really need to get his behind kick and then he have the nerve to have that stupid smirk on his face.

  • travis

    i heard this on elliot in the morning. this is just sick.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Diamond House Apt. Resident', move to Tenn., you think that weirdos and pervert don't exist there as well, you must be joking! If you are that afraid then you need to move into a bunker and hide under your bed for Christ sake! This is what wrong with our society we are now taught that you can't handle LIFE, good or bad! We are raising a generation of mental cripples who can't cope with what LIFE deals them! We have life coaches telling you what to do and what not to do, what a crock of shit that is! If this was 150 years ago when common sense came into play, whether you lived or died, half of our society would be dead!

    I'm thinking about that line from a movie, "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid", don't let the boggie man get you, BOO!


  • Creamy White Flesh is Sexy


    Bitch, You are STUPID. Take your sorry ass family to Tenn. Maybe you guys can re-start that whole incest thing again.

  • Creamy White Flesh is Sexy

    I knew it would be a spearchucking jiggaboo. I bet he lives in Ward 8 next to Marion Barry.

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  • Rachel

    jesus, dont you guys have any way to flag racist comments?

  • Simon

    Shut up Rachel. You arent any better taking the Lords name in vain.

  • http://none Wanda

    Look at his mugshot. That guy looks proud. And he should be. Michael Wayne Edwards Jr. is no longer an ordinary man. Now he is a legend.

  • Youre Inluck

    recognized him through his "Giant Bonus Card"

  • MO Guy

    Glad they caught the creep - pretty disturbing stuff.

  • Shops there

    I didn't mind it at all.
    Very erotic...

  • Frances Keogh

    Someone should throw acid in his face.

  • Gary Dumas

    This MONKEY should be put to DEATH. If someone did this to a loved one of mine I would hunt him down and string him in the public square