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Chamber of Commerce Endorses Jeff Smith for Ward One Council Seat

In a somewhat surprising move, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce has not endorsed incumbent Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham for re-election. Instead, the business folks have thrown their weight behind challenger Jeff Smith.

Graham campaign poo-bah Chuck Thies had this reaction via e-mail:

"Not surprising at all. What has the Chamber of Commerce ever done for Ward One?  They represent downtown business interests. Maybe Jeff Smith should move downtown.  He really doesn't seem to like living in Ward One."

You'd think Graham's close ties to the taxicab industry would have put him over the top. Zing! OK, that was a cheap shot. Apologies.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Chuck Thies, sounds like a sore loser working for a loser!

  • Trix

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  • DC John

    Ward One voters should do everyone a favor and not re-elect Jim Graham. Regardless of where you live in this city and area, the importance of METRO cannot be stressed enough. Mr Graham's mismanagement while serving on its Board, whether as its Chairman or member, merits him an ouster faster than a METRO door closing.

  • Progressive Voter

    The DC Chamber of Commerce is the most conservative organization to involve itself in local DC politics.

    Jeff Smith made a deal with the devil. He'll do whatever it takes to not lose badly.

  • DCster

    I'm not aware who participated in DC Chamber of Commerce's endorsement, some more info would be helpful. From what I know, Jeff Smith emphasizes more small-scale development in the Ward, and less so the big-box variety that Graham has facilitated so I imagine more of the small scale businesses would stand to benefit from Smith being in office.