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Adrian Fenty’s Go-Go Anthem

The big news this morning in D.C. politics came courtesy of the Post's Mike DeBonis: Adrian Fenty, our go-go-loving mayor, now has an official theme song.

"Five for Fenty," by Stinky Dink, is Ron Moten's latest effort to boost his pal's q-rating with musical outreach. It'll soon be blaring at "all the clubs, all the the DJs, all the events," Moten tells DeBonis. (Listen to the song here.) The song features Stinky Dink rapping about Fenty's achievements over a classic Backyard Band cover of the Luniz's "I Got Five On It."

DeBonis has been in D.C. a while, but he didn't initially realize the musical provenance of the song; another former City Paper staffer (and now TBD writer), Sarah Godreyset him straight on the weed-buying origins of the phrase "five on it" (which does seem a little off-message for Fenty). Still, our former Loose Lips columnist is a dogged reporter, and once I pointed out the Backyard angle, it didn't take long for DeBonis to acquaint himself with the go-go cover that undergirds the Fenty anthem.

Backyard Band frontman Anwan "Big G" Glover makes a cameo in the Fenty song. But if you'd like to listen to "I Got Five On It" with more Big G and without lyrics like "If you in the game, you can take it from a playa/the grass ain't greener over there, it look Gray-er," enjoy:

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  • Adrian Bent-Me

    I wonder how the Upper NWers will like this one.

  • Rick Mangus

    Fenty's campaign theme song should be 'Hit The Road Jack' by Ray Charles!

  • Tformation


    This is what it's come to?


  • S.E.

    "I wonder how the Upper NWers will like this one."

    They would probablly prefer this one:

  • tired

    I can't bring myself to listen to it.


    This is the most ridiculous, classless, self-depricating display of racial pandering that I have ever seen. Mr. Fenty should be ashamed of himself. Where is the song for those no in this so-called go-go community, you know the average voter who wants to speak about the issues and where is stands of taxes, real school reform (not just michelle rhee), jobs creation and equal housing for all.

    Are we to be taken in by some one hit wonder who cannot even rhyme and does not know any factual information about Washington DC.

    You don't need to ask how this is being spoken about in NW; you need to question how this is being represented in the black community where he "THINKS" this type of buffoonery works...well, let me be the first but certainly not the last to tell you that this is just as much of insult to black american's as it would be to have Vanilla Ice cut a campaign song for Sarah Palin.

  • LOL

    OMG! The real story is where did they find Stinky Dink? This song is some garbage.

  • candycane1

    Just very sad and probably goes along with every other childish thing he's done for the last few years. But he thinks Moten is his boy so I guess it's par for the course. Enough of that a crap!

    Since we are talking about music, if there are any Brian Culbertson fans out there, his new CD is very good. If you haven't heard him, check him out. In concert he is the bomb. On his CD's he includes other artists, he plays several instruments and his genre is contemporary jazz with a funky twist. Just passing along something good because we are usually talking about the absurd and crazy.

  • http://ABF ABF

    Do you want leadership by someone who would pay with campaign donated money someone named "Stinky Dink" to do a song that is about spliting the price of a bag of weed???

  • candycane1

    @ABF: I'm with you on this one. It's bad enough to have thug life Moten's name attached to you but now to add a name like "Stinky Dink" and you are running to be re-elected as the MAYOR! It's so tasteless you can only shake your head or just laugh.

  • http://none The Producer

    Well... I love the song.. And that song ya'll lissening to up top of this page is and old go go version of a Backyard show with out John (a.k.a Stinky Dink) you ass hoe's By the way Mayor Fenty deserves another chance to really prove himself ... But i guess ya'll would want someone in there John MCcain age that have scars and can prove them..And Candy cane 1 you must be sweet on Moten to say something like that..

  • iLL Bill

    on the contrary, I can appreciate the fact that Fenty is reaching out to many of the residents he has heard boo's from almost everytime he attends a public event. This song is meant to be heard by voters who don't regularly read the WCP, or LL and don't attend mayoral forums and straw polls. Many residents appreciate the fact that has someone like Ron Moten in his camp who is actually in the streets of DC to consult with... DC is a very diverse city and to target a message aimed towards the Go-Go crowd shows that he is reaching out to all areas of the city... at least durning this election year.