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Photo: Hottest Day of the Year

© 2010 Matt Dunn
X2 Bus, H Street, NE. © 2010 Matt Dunn

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  • J

    Holy cow- really? Greta photo!

  • Rick Mangus

    This is either one brave or stupid women, to ride the X2 or as I like to call it the 'X Files' bus, because riding it takes you in another world! Look at the nerd sitting down, this is the closes he will ever come to something like this!

  • Petey

    Pretty sure that's a dude, Rick.

  • Vajoejoe

    This photo could really use a more detailed caption.

  • sedcdude

    GTFOH.......this is bout as "artsy" as RICKY'S arched eyebrows and outlined lips!

    Corny!! She's lucky that X2 ain't hit one of those potholes/bumps along the H street corridor, would'a shook that wig right off her big ass head!!!

  • Prison Mike

    This has got to be a photoshop.