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Once Again, MPD Helps You Party: The Latest Go-Go Report

If you're wondering where to go to take in some go-go in the next couple of weeks, MPD has once again done the leg work for you. Below, for your perusal, is the newest go-go report.

The report is the way MPD keeps tabs on a music genre it suspects of attracting violence. This most recent document—put together by MPD's intelligence unit—went out to high-ranking cops in D.C., as well Montgomery County. A copy was also sent to an FBI e-mail address. Prince George's County cops also appear to be following go-go happenings, as  several listings were provided by them. (City Paper obtained a copy from a police source.)

Strangely, Mayor Adrian Fenty, who has portrayed himself as a go-go fan this campaign season (supposedly, Fenty has a Little Benny CD in his car) hasn't flown to the defense of the surveilled music culture yet. City Desk has put in a request for comment.

The go-go report is below:



Go-Go Calendar july_Page_3



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  • blkwrestl

    of the list only 5 are in DC since when did MPD cover Maryland?

  • gogofanactic

    Thanks 4 the locations MPD, now I know where to go and won't have to ask WHERE YA'LL PARTYING TONIGHT! I don't think this is a bad thing. Let's Face It without police presence no telling how the party would end.