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DeMatha/Good Counsel Update: Schoolboy Football Rivalry Gone Too Crazy for the Schoolboy Football Crazies?

On the verge of prep practices opening all across the area, the DeMatha/Good Counsel rivalry is getting sillier or fabulouser by the day, depending on how seriously you take high school sports. Even some obsessives are wondering if it's getting out of hand.

Here at Cheap Seats, both the weekly and daily incarnations, we've done what we can to start a fire chronicle what's going on between the area's top two football programs, including even mentioning the rumors that a matchup between the teams last year was fixed.

A high school football game, fixed? Awesome!

Then last week, the Washington Post ran a story by high school sports guru Josh Barr about how the feud picked up ever since the 2009 WCAC championship game. That contest was won by Good Counsel, giving the Olney school the first conference title in its history, and ending a five-year losing streak to perennial Hyattsville powerhouse Dematha in the championship game.

Some DeMatha supporters didn't like learning after the game that a DeMatha coach had for years also served as a personal trainer to the Good Counsel quarterback. And they're not keeping their feelings to themselves.

Barr's article prompted somebody to run to the Post's comments section and accuse an unnamed party on the DeMatha side of being on the take during last year's WCAC championship game. Here's the feisty comment (for reasons of queasiness, I edited out the name of the Good Counsel quarterback and the Post commenter):

This story makes it sound like the issue is that one of our coaches helped improve the skills of an opposing player. I coach the defensive line at DeMatha and I can safely say that the anger and outrage on the coaching staff is not because we begrudge [the Good Counsel QB] his improved play or Good Counsel its championship. That would show a lack of character and even more than all of our championships, our coaches value our integrity as men of character. What breaks my heart and the hearts of our seniors and their parents is not losing. It is the knowledge that with one exception, we are certain that everyone associated with DeMatha gave 100% that day and the nagging question as to whether one of us gave something less than that.

I believe the commenter's point was: He thinks a high school football game was fixed. Awesome!

That comment is still visible on the Post's web site. Not all the discussions about Good Counsel/DeMatha, however, have been allowed to linger.

Over at, the clearinghouse for bitching about area prep school sports, the discussion got so personal and so ugly, not to mention legally dubious, that the site manager has yanked the Good Counsel/DeMatha threads from its message boards. This site's fabulousness comes in its hyping of schoolboy rivalries. Yet editor-in-chief Todd Bradley tells me via email that he pulled the plug on these particular discussions after getting "lots of complaints from both sides" about the direction of the discourse.

Last words: Friday, October 8, 2010. DeMatha at Good Counsel.

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  • tbaucia

    to josh barr.

    Ithink it is very unfair of the remarks made by individuals without any evidence of what was the real sticking point on this issue ,the quarterback's in question had trained with chris for more than one year there was no problem.they dematha lose a championship and everyone on the defensive side of the ball starts to fix blame and come out with some outragious comments.the defesive line coach(pseudo) has no idea what that football team is about,and i pity him .there has been times when the offense has pulled the game out for dematha.chris doesn't teach a system with his traing ,he teaches discipline as a qb and technical aspects of the position.friends and colleques have responded to these articles knowing chris has never done anything to harm dematha image, and his record at the school is without blemish.your reference to a coach quiting because of this is untrue.he wanted more say in running the offense,and the coaches in charge never gave him the chance.and secondly his demeanor on the sidelines during
    games was unruly to say the least.dematha lost for the first time in six years who do you think was a vital part of those wins.just think about it.I feel if you would have had some of the coaches ,parents and qbs speak off the record .you would have gotten to the real reason this all came down on one person

    thanks for accepting this