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Celebrity Spotting at Ward 7 Mayoral Forum

Update: Per the Gray campaign, here are the unofficial numbers:

Vincent Gray: 226

Adrian Fenty: 64

Leo Alexander: 6

Sulaimon Brown: 1

Michael Green: 1

Ernest Johnson: 0


Guess which celebrity Mayor Adrian Fenty brought along for the mayoral forum and straw poll this morning in Ward 7. Ronald Moten? Wrong; nobody controls Ronald Moten (though he was there).

The big star was none other than former Phoenix Suns great Kevin Johnson. (Who, as we all know, is also the mayor of Sacramento and the future Mr. Michelle Rhee.) Johnson, wearing a Fenty sticker, posed for pictures with Hizzoner and his supporters after the forum. And he told LL he won't be doing much more campaigning for Fenty in the next two months.

"I've got a city to run," Johnson said.

LL tried to get Johnson to take a public swipe (a la Magic, Jordan and Barkley) at LeBron James for "taking his talents to South Beach," but Johnson wouldn't bite.

As for the forum, you ask? Fenty was probably glad for the moral support while facing a sometimes hostile crowd. Ward 7 is Vincent Gray country (the council chairman and mayoral candidate served as the ward's councilmember and lives in a previously illegally fenced house there). Fenty was booed so strongly when he attacked Gray's record as former head of the city's Health Department Department of Human Services in the '90s that the forum's moderator had to step in and lecture the crowd.

"What's wrong, you don't want the facts?" Fenty said to the boo birds.

Fenty also got feisty during his closing statements, when he accused Gray of improperly awarding the city's lottery contract to one of his friends.

"Who has the cronies?" Fenty said

Gray got a nice little dig in himself, when he said as mayor he won't "expand the fire department to the Dominican Republic."

LL will update with the straw poll results once they become available.

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  • LaCaiRaine

    @downtown rez; Ward 6 Straw Poll results Gray 223, Fenty 157...and believe me the Fenty team KNEW it was going their way, but alas, as I stated earlier in these post...the northeast corridor would bring in the Ward 6 Victory for Mr. Gray, as so it has. This is just a mirror of what is to come on September 14.

    Precinct 81 brought it HOME for Mr. Gray...I am a resident of that Precinct and we are UNIFIED squarely behind Mr. Gray.

  • VoterinDC

    Big city politics is the best,it would be boring if you didn't have lively people like Fenty, Gray, Moten, and Rhee!
    Everything makes the news, its interesting to watch. We the citizens of DC deserve a mayor who is going to make things happen, and the truth is, he may not be fuzzy and warm like Barry is.
    Every mayor has their own style, and Fenty is a younger mayor who likes to get things done,and not sit around in meetings all day, and that has obviously ticked off alot of residents. Who view him as a snob. Everyone knows Barry and Gray are friends, foreal friends, so that whole dance about censuring Barry, was a good front. To make voters feel that something was being done about Barry. Do not be fooled by Gray's face that he gives to voters, what is his platform?
    The green team may surprise alot of people, b/c they are doing major campaigning to at least get the facts out. That means alot to voters when the Mayor's team at least shows his face in your neighborhood! Yeah, keep on thinking certain parts of DC can't vote, and won't vote. They will show up and surprise everyone, by making their voice heard! DC we must vote with our heads not our personal feelings.

  • sedcdude


    sounds bad, reads worst and a waste of your time, FENTY IS DONE!