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Celebrity Spotting at Ward 7 Mayoral Forum

Update: Per the Gray campaign, here are the unofficial numbers:

Vincent Gray: 226

Adrian Fenty: 64

Leo Alexander: 6

Sulaimon Brown: 1

Michael Green: 1

Ernest Johnson: 0


Guess which celebrity Mayor Adrian Fenty brought along for the mayoral forum and straw poll this morning in Ward 7. Ronald Moten? Wrong; nobody controls Ronald Moten (though he was there).

The big star was none other than former Phoenix Suns great Kevin Johnson. (Who, as we all know, is also the mayor of Sacramento and the future Mr. Michelle Rhee.) Johnson, wearing a Fenty sticker, posed for pictures with Hizzoner and his supporters after the forum. And he told LL he won't be doing much more campaigning for Fenty in the next two months.

"I've got a city to run," Johnson said.

LL tried to get Johnson to take a public swipe (a la Magic, Jordan and Barkley) at LeBron James for "taking his talents to South Beach," but Johnson wouldn't bite.

As for the forum, you ask? Fenty was probably glad for the moral support while facing a sometimes hostile crowd. Ward 7 is Vincent Gray country (the council chairman and mayoral candidate served as the ward's councilmember and lives in a previously illegally fenced house there). Fenty was booed so strongly when he attacked Gray's record as former head of the city's Health Department Department of Human Services in the '90s that the forum's moderator had to step in and lecture the crowd.

"What's wrong, you don't want the facts?" Fenty said to the boo birds.

Fenty also got feisty during his closing statements, when he accused Gray of improperly awarding the city's lottery contract to one of his friends.

"Who has the cronies?" Fenty said

Gray got a nice little dig in himself, when he said as mayor he won't "expand the fire department to the Dominican Republic."

LL will update with the straw poll results once they become available.

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  1. #1

    The only superstar Fenty needs right now is Jesus!!!!

  2. #2

    WOW!!!!! We won the straw poll in Ward 7!!!!

  3. #3

    Fenty 64 Gray 226

  4. #4

    Those are the numbers? There wasn't a need for Fenty to show up! My sources tell me that there was a bunch of thug life acting and looking supporters from Baltimore with shirts that advertised their city and they chanted "4 more years" but the citizens of ward 7 answered "No more years" Ron Moten although present, was reduced to being a fly on the wall.

    BTW: Vincent Orange got "peeled" by a ward 7 citizen.

  5. #5

    candycane1, those were union shirts and were local, not Baltimore City folks or shirts.

    Gray supporters in Ward 7 are easily (to use a term in the news lately) snookered. How is he planning to pay for anything in his platform? Nothing but hot air promises. Fenty may not be a BFF for us all, but he gets stuff done.

    Vincent Orange has nothing to say.

  6. #6

    @Ronnie: Thank you for identifying the green shirts. I stand corrected. As for Fenty we respectfully disagree.

  7. #7

    Booed again, another lesson learned, better know your friends, or else you will get burned,... No more Fenty, No more Fenty.I had to use a little Mary J. Blige. No more drama,in DC!

  8. #8

    Alan: Thanks for the lottery contract link. Anyone who cares about DC's future needs to read the linked articles describing how Gray, Barry, and Thomas met with Chavous (lobbyist for Emmanuel) and improperly steered 51% of the lottery contract to Gray and Barry's cronies.

    Hold your nose and do it: taste "one city" under Gray.

  9. #9


    Fenty is now hanging out with the alleged child molester. I guess Ron had to take a back seat, after all Fenty is not one of his friends. If Fenty thinks anyone in DC is impressed with KJ he is truly a BALD HEADED FOOL.

    The best Fenty can do is to attack about 20 year old events and a lottery deal that one of his cronies did not get.


  10. #10

    Alan and Truth Hurts

    Hold your nose as you stick your head up Fenty's behind. If Fenty can give his friends millions of dollars and the best you can do is to try and make a case against Gray because one of Fenty boys did not get a contract is sad.

    Also Chavous is a big fan of all things Fenty.

  11. #11

    Some one saw Fenty last week campaigning in a public housing complex near the halfway houses in SE,They said he stayed in his tent with very little interaction with the folks while his cronies walked around drumming up support. I guess he didn't get the Memo, most of them don't vote. Moton is disperate, his gravey train is about to be derail. I am still waiting on written verifiable reports on what he did for all that money, except talking a good hussle game and pounding his chest.

  12. #12

    Thats where I'm moving if Gray wins.

  13. #13

    I don't think that people should be surprised about Gray taking a Ward 7 straw poll. Truth is correct, everyone should read the link to the lottery contract. The deal should be investigated. That doesn't mean that I am moving any closer to supporting Fenty. But it is tax-payer money and should be spent above board.

  14. #14

    @ronnie...Please tell you boss Mr. Fenty to research the LAW before he allows UNIONIZED workers to come into a GOVERNMENT BUILDING wearing a candidates hats, stickers and carrrying Mr. Fenty's hand towels, because it is AGAINST THE LAW!!!

    I have already reported the incident.

  15. #15


  16. #16

    @ronnie ... there were Fenty supporters in the room with green Fenty caps and towels with "Making Baltimore Better" written on orange/red tee-shirts. They were working outside and came in periodically for cool air, water and food. Their 4. million dollar candidate had nothing for them to eat or drink. Gray's workers took care of a few that appeared to be suffering from the heat. They gave them water.

    They were NOT a part of the bleacher-thug-crew. As a matter of fact, the bleacher crew looked a little young to be union folk - more like kids...summer conservation crew maybe????

    candycane1 you have nothing to apologize for. ronnie may be feeling a little pissed after todays ass whipping. It was a hot day, but a good day to kick that green toads ass in Ward 7.

    As for KJ, most of the Ward residents didn't really give a shit that he was in the room.

  17. #17

    @Somebody: THANK_YOU! Then my sources who are usually correct when I'm not there to see for myself were on target again!!!!! You ROCK!!!!

    As for KJ, he needed to see that. He needs to see what a failed mayoral control looks like especially when his strong mayor initiative(mayoral control attempts) has been blowing up in his face at every turn. His MisserRhee was out there in May giving a speech on the pros of mayoral control and the positive impact it has on schools. (Yeah Right)KJ's presence will get him more boos. Perhaps he will tell Michelle maybe it's time to start packing. He might as well go home, he's in just as much trouble as Fenty.

    To the Ward 7 residents: Thank you for doing your thing and to my fellow Ward 4 residents: We have Fenty very nervous that his home turf is an iceberg. We must make sure that on primary day it melts and that he has to "find" a shore to swim to. Four more years of Fenty is four more years of Nickles, Rhee, Moten, Skinner, Lomax,other frat bros, poor city services and war on the workforce.

  18. #18

    Gray will take 5,7, & 8, Fenty will take the rest.

  19. #19


    IT'S OVA!!

  20. #20

    Arrogant. Corrupt. Petty. Stubborn. Incompetent.

    Fenty is DC's version of George Bush. Peter Nickles is his Dick Cheney.

  21. Georgia Avenue Day

    "Soon and very soon..."

  22. #22

    Nah. I'll stick with wards 1-4 and 6 as being in the fenty column

  23. #23

    Here is a clue. Undecided voters number somewhere around 25% of the people polled. There weren't 5 undecided voters at that straw poll.

    To date, Gray hasn't given them a single reason to support him. They don't even know what he stands for. All they hear is the mudslinging. And, you can call Fenty petty. But, they are both coming off that way. Gray and his supporters turn what is supposed to be an open public discourse into a disrespectful game of the dozens.

    His campaign staff and many supporters are so insulting and disrespectful that it is an embarrassment to thier own cause.

    No person deserves the disrespect and outright hostility that Gray campaign encourages its supporters to demonstrate.

    When you shout and Heckle the come off as rude and uncivilised. Period. Both Gray and Fenty should be able to answer questions without the peanut gallary full of political thugs preventing other citizens from hearing the answer.

  24. #24


    Where's your source (25% undecideds), unless you're doing polling for the Fenty campaign...

    The last poll from the Post or Times was back in January, things have changed since then. So again, please provide your source. Sorry if you've been outed... it's obvious.

  25. #25

    @downtown rez...don't count on Ward 6 because you like many of the NEW Washingtonians have discounted the fact that a large percentage of Ward 6 cannot and do not vote in DC...but Precinct 81 of which I am a resident and community advocate will come out STRONG for Mr. Gray. Remember us, the black part of the Ward that this Mayor has ignored, forgotten and blatatnly dismissed as residents. We are the NE corridor of Ward 6. Get to know us, we are black, educated, resourceful, working class, and politically astute. We are the forgotten Capitol Hill, but we will remember on September 14...BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  26. #26

    WHY is Kevin Johnson in Ward 5 as we speak canvassing for Mayor Adrian Fenty, making promises that he cannot keep because he is NOT the MAYOR OF DC.

    He is strong arming residents of Ward 5 to vote for Mr. Fenty strictly based off of his celebrity..give me a break!!!

    Sacramento, please call your Mayor and tell him to come back home, we don't want him here!!!

    Mr. Rhee please go back home and continue to TRY to do the job that the residents of your jurisdiction elected to do; as they put it often you are a weak Mayor in your own jurisdiction so why come to DC and try to thrust yourself into this political landscape. BEAT IT!!!

  27. #27

    I've been in DC for 20 years. Why do you assume I'm a "new" Washingtonian? WTF does "new Washingtonian" really mean, anyway?

  28. #28

    Kevin Johnson is a "short-eyes" he needs to his soon to be wife Rhee and go back to "Cali" we don't need any more thugs in DC, the current mayor is enough. Yeah, I said it!

  29. bigv frm tennessee

    Gray and several other members of the council may not take anything but a cot in jail for criminal behavior in the lottery contract!

    Gray deliberately help to set up the lottery contract first with one of his women (now his campaign manager) and second with a close friend. He held back other companies that tried to compete to open a slot for this fly-by-night company. Once this matter is fully investigated Gray and a bunch of council members might be going out in handcuffs! I luv it.

    Go Peter Nickles! Don't be intimidated by Gray, his supporters or reporters. If Gray is indicted for unethical and criminal behavior with the lottery contract - send his tail to jail.

    Barry warned every council member that voted to censure him, it would come back to haunt them. He knew most of the council did worse things than what he was accused.

    I'm not a Fenty fan either. All of these corrupt elected officials need to go!

  30. #30

    20 years eh??? You could'a fooled me, that's why I don't believe it!

    as for you and your bogus stats and PC bullshit......bleeding heart at best, look'a here my dude, you are sadly mistaken if you think for one moment voters/Gray supporters/anybody but Fenty crew are going to approach this process any other way opposite of how they have been slighted, cheated, abused, abandoned, ignored and disrespected in their HOMETOWN/CITY by this administration!!

    That which can be likened to TREASON on the part of TURTLE BOY who has single "mindedly" transformed DC into what wasn't, what isn't and should not be....GREED gone wrong!

    With that stated, Fenty shall be served up what he has dished out for the past 4 years!

    Not even his mammy can save his tired ass!!!

  31. #31

    Mayor Fenty has been Plenty somethin' which amounts to nothin' when you measure his record against his checkered leadership and capability!

    In DC we like to see poverty lost for you and me and ushered out with lack of clout, self doubt and brussel sprouts, cuz we like mumbo sauce and carry out even when in doubt of that agenda, that'll bring'a man to a place of savin' face for the human race when it fails to include a black face, with haste and tainted toothpaste!

    He's done poorly and all have seen what happens when you're led by a jive Korean, who's ushered in a "new" begin' that brings us back to the end of what should've never been ushered IN!

  32. #32

    I am not sure either party is really speaking to the Democrats that are in the middle. they are both doing a lot of mud slinging and it really isn't helping either win the voters in the middle. I think that the race will be closer than anyone thinks. I honestly don't see many wards overwhelming going Fenty outside of ward 3. I think the margins in the contested wards like 1, 4 and 6 may not give us a clear-cut ward winner. It will be interested to see how this progresses as we enter a month before the primary.

  33. #33

    I am not sure that the gray campaign is encouraging the anti-Fenty feelings in some parts of the district. Regardless of its appropriateness, it was around well before Gray put his name in the hat.

  34. #34

    Yeah, 20 years.
    1-4, + 6.

  35. #35

    I think it's clear to all that Fenty is done... what remains to be seen is how much we will have to go through to actually get him out.

    First, we will have to all vote.
    Then, we will have to contest the findings of the BOE because they will do whatever needs to be done to declare a Fenty victory.
    Then we may have to go to court just to get them to count some votes since they purged 96,000 or something like that.

    It will be interesting to see how many wiped out votes they will count as opposed to how many "same day registrants" get counted. I'm POSITIVE that Fenty will be putting people up in hotels all over DC to get them to show up at the polls and register as new voters.

    THAT IS WHERE HIS SUPPORT IS FROM. Va, Md, Cali, NY, NJ and other areas... we need to find a way to check all of our "same day registers" against the registered voters in those city to weed out the ones breaking the law.... just like a reported did with his friend Keith Lomax.

  36. #36

    THAT IS WHERE HIS SUPPORT IS FROM. Va, Md, Cali, NY, NJ and other areas
    Oh, blah blah.
    Yeah, go ahead and spend your energy on that.
    Just don't double park your Ward 9 bus on city streets while doing it.

  37. #37 must have lived your 20 years under a rock or in a cave because your are factually INACURRATE!!!

    Gray will take Ward 1 and Ward 6 (in Ward 6 Precinct 81 is the LARGEST voting precinct in the Ward and PREDOMINATELY AFRICAN AMERICAN...and I AM WILL ENSURE THAT MY PRECINCT GOES GRAY ALL THE WAY)

    And as for Ward 1...please read below.

    D.C. Latino Caucus endorses Gray in mayor's race!
    D.C Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray scored a landslide victory in an endorsement vote held Saturday night by the D.C. Latino Caucus, the official voice of Hispanics within the D.C Democratic State Committee.
    The vote means the caucus is working on Gray's behalf against incumbent Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary.
    According to Franklin Garcia, who heads the caucus, 37 members voted to endorse Gray compared to one vote for Fenty.
    Before the vote, the organization held a mayoral candidates forum but Fenty did not show up. Despite Fenty's outreach to the Hispanic community, including his unsuccessful effort last year to install Ximena Hartsock as director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, some Hispanic leaders have criticized the mayor for not meeting with them enough.

  38. #38

    Good luck, lacairain. Gray will lose both 1 and 6.
    As I said, please don't double park.

  39. #39

    39 posts on a blurb about Gray winning ward 9- I mean 7?
    Who'd have thunk?

  40. maserfentyaintnogood

    The quotes that we will not hear anymore from Maser fenty,"because I said so"; "who sad that"; "he can drive if I say so"; "because I am the mayor"; Emancipation Day (sept 14th) is a coming yall, the maser will have to move to california to find a job.

  41. #41

    Fenty... I mean downtown rez... your inability to get a grip and face reality is what got you into the situation you are in now.

    For instance, after ALLLLL the questions, concerns, investigations into your acts of CRONYISM that you STILL aren't answering:
    1. The fire trucks
    2. The contracts given to Keith Lomax
    3. The contracts given to Ron Moten
    4. The contracts given to Banneker
    5. The heated swimming pool
    6. The Valentine's day massacre
    7. The lawsuits due to improper termination
    8. The settlement to banneker while they are under investigation
    and I can go on and on but it would take all day...

    After all of those questions you REFUSE to answer for your constituents... the only thing you can come back with is a complaint about Grey for giving ANOTHER one of your frat brothers a contract? Come on now! After three years of refusing to answer... do you think you can actually ASK a quetion about someone/ANYONE else? No one is paying attention to you now. You had 3.5 years to speak and this is what you say when you open your mouth?

    On another note... I do believe that PEOPLE should stop booing Fenty so much. First because every boo is being contributed to Greys campaign when they are ALL from dissatisfied DC Residents (even undecided voters). And second, because every time Fenty opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. Let him talk... so he can help those undecided voters make up their minds to get rid of him sooner.

  42. #42

    Well, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over the wards. Looks like Fenty will be in the DMV line along with me or perhaps he will move to Dubai.

  43. #43

    Fenty... I mean downtown rez...
    Oh yeah. I'm Fenty
    And, LOL, you are delusional.
    1-4 + 6, all day, every day.

  44. #44

    The only thing kevin johnson is needed for is to pack the bags of rhee & family and move them out there with him!

  45. #45

    downtown rez grow up and stop smoking that stuff or doing whatever has your brain twisted. Anyone who calls Ward 7 Ward 9 certainly hasn't been here for as long as you say you have. ASSHOLE!

    You obviously don't know anything about the people that live in any of these wards throughout the city. If anything, maybe you live in Ward 9, I mean Prince George's County. Asshole - Asswipe!

    Stop boring us!

  46. #46

    Q: Can anybody tell me what's the quickest way in and out of Ward 9?
    A: Catch a ride with Somebody.
    Ba da bum.

  47. #47



  48. #48

    I'm looking forward to the day when "Humpty Dumpty" becomes the most hated private citizen.

  49. #49

    Amen candycane Amen

  50. #50

    @downtown rez; Ward 6 Straw Poll results Gray 223, Fenty 157...and believe me the Fenty team KNEW it was going their way, but alas, as I stated earlier in these post...the northeast corridor would bring in the Ward 6 Victory for Mr. Gray, as so it has. This is just a mirror of what is to come on September 14.

    Precinct 81 brought it HOME for Mr. Gray...I am a resident of that Precinct and we are UNIFIED squarely behind Mr. Gray.

  51. #51

    Big city politics is the best,it would be boring if you didn't have lively people like Fenty, Gray, Moten, and Rhee!
    Everything makes the news, its interesting to watch. We the citizens of DC deserve a mayor who is going to make things happen, and the truth is, he may not be fuzzy and warm like Barry is.
    Every mayor has their own style, and Fenty is a younger mayor who likes to get things done,and not sit around in meetings all day, and that has obviously ticked off alot of residents. Who view him as a snob. Everyone knows Barry and Gray are friends, foreal friends, so that whole dance about censuring Barry, was a good front. To make voters feel that something was being done about Barry. Do not be fooled by Gray's face that he gives to voters, what is his platform?
    The green team may surprise alot of people, b/c they are doing major campaigning to at least get the facts out. That means alot to voters when the Mayor's team at least shows his face in your neighborhood! Yeah, keep on thinking certain parts of DC can't vote, and won't vote. They will show up and surprise everyone, by making their voice heard! DC we must vote with our heads not our personal feelings.

  52. #52


    sounds bad, reads worst and a waste of your time, FENTY IS DONE!

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