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Is an Eco-Terrorist Slashing SUV Tires in NW?

22917218_b6952b18fcIf you're a loud-and-proud SUV driver in northwest D.C., be on the lookout for a possible eco-terrorist. At least 20 vehicles had slashed tires this morning in one neighborhood. And you guessed it: All of them were SUVs. Suspicious, right? Neighbors are already accusing the suspect of trying to make a point about their horrible gas mileage.

This anti-gas-guzzler really taught those SUV drivers a lesson. Now they have to dump a perfectly good tire and replace it with a new one. Totally eco-friendly!

Where did the eco-terrorist hit last night? Between 39th and Calvert streets N.W., from Davis to Tunlaw.

If you hear of continued SUV tire-slashing around town, let us know. Maybe we can make a "spotted eco-terrorist" Google Map to prove how web-savvy we are.

Photo by Gavin St. Ours, via Flickr.

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  • KM

    is this article serious? Assuming an eco-terrorist over teenagers? Good reporting.

  • just pathetic

    My money is on angry trustafarian. Probably same guy tagging "Gentrification Kills" all over Columbia Heights.

  • Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Whomever did this; he/she is an Eco-Nut!
    How about all the energy of producing those tires and the cost involved for replacing them?! Hope they catch this NON-ECO-FRIENDLY person.


  • Ben

    This is really terrible reporting. You have no real evidence for "eco-terrorism". Sensational BS, CityPaper.

  • Rick Mangus

    'KM', ALL of the vehicles targeted were SUV's no other types!

  • Ben

    OK, so all of the vehicles were SUVs. Could be "eco terrorism". Could be kids vandalizing cars who just went for the expensive looking ones. Could just as easily be a statement against rich people as a statement about the environment. The point is, a newspaper is supposed to do reporting, not just post supposition like this. This is tabloid bullshit - the headline in the form of a question is a dead give away (a la "Could there be a hidden danger in your home that could kill your kids?! Tune in at 11!")

  • Legba Carrefour


  • SuperS

    A couple of buck shots in his as---- would eliminate that problem.

  • Mark

    Rushing out of the house in the morning a few weeks ago I realized, "If I don't drive, I ain't making that train." So I drove the 1 mile and parked in a spot closer to the Eastern Market metro.

    Upon return, the day-is-done look stolidly plastered on my mug, to my street, I pulled up, parked in front of our NE home and got out. A tall, blond, and drunk woman is already yelling as I step out of the 2000 4runner that we drive. She's asking, "When will you start to care? When will you learn?" Rather than explain to her that the 4runner get's 25/29 mpg, comparable to many (larger, I admit) autos, and that I want a Preis but can't afford it right now, and that day care is really expensive, etc. etc. -- rather than all that, or "fuck you." I just said, "Thanks," and went home to the family. They all smiled when I walked in.

    Some of us are trying. So Fuck You and your holier than thou attitude. If you walk everywhere, I take it back. I'm trying to be more like you.