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Georgetown’s Mystery Rat Poisoner Might Kill Your Pets Too

3411848285_0153983458There's someone in Georgetown who probably thinks they are doing the area a great service by dumping rat poison around town. False.

Now Georgetown pet owners will likely be in a frenzy protecting their pooches from inhaling the pellets during their evening strolls. Before we know it, all fuzzy creatures will be extinct in Georgetown if someone doesn't stop this wild mysterious rat killer. It's like having a kidnapper on the loose, but worse.

Jane Huelle of The Dog Shop on Wisconsin Avenue told News4 that she spotted the neon green rat poison on the sidewalk near her business. They are also being spotted near other businesses too. Maybe we're giving this rat poisoner too much credit. They could be after our domesticated four-legged friends after all.

Huelle says she knows of three dogs in northwest D.C. that died from rat poisoning this year.

The Georgetown BID isn't pleased:

"It seems that some individual(s) took abatement measures into their own hand(s) in the form of spreading pesticide pellets in and around public spaces and private property. This isn't the way to resolve the issue. This kind of behavior is illegal, as the use of pesticides in public space is regulated by law. It is dangerous, as it puts our children and pets at risk of coming into direct contact with pesticide products. Improperly used, pesticides kill... people and pets. Moreover, these products, haphazardly spread about, end up in the sewer and ultimately in the Potomac. These actions will not be tolerated."

Photo by wsilver, via Flickr.

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  • Rick Mangus

    If the person(s) is caught what will they get, I'll tell you just a slap on the wrist! Laws on harming animals need to be made felonies!

  • blue penn

    "Huelle says she knows of three dogs in northwest D.C. that died from rat poisoning this year."

    Wow. Maybe CP would like to interview them or at the least verify that.