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Some People Say a Lot of Things

Mayor Adrian Fenty is using the same advertising firm for his 2010 TV commercials that he hired in 2006, Minneapolis-based North Woods Advertising, run by Bill Hillsman (as LL noted in his latest column). And on one level, the ads appear kind of similar. Here's a video of one of those 2006 ads. Notice the first line‚ which quotes "some people" saying something about Fenty:

("Some people say I spend too much time responding to my constituents," of course, is the political ad equivalent of answering that dreaded, "What are your biggest faults?" job interview question by saying you work too hard.)

But what a difference four years can make. Here's one of the new ads, featuring Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans—who uses the same construction in his first line:

We've gone from some people saying Fenty "spends too much time responding to [his] constituents" to the some people saying Fenty is, essentially, a jerk.

Some people, it appears from the ads, were a lot nicer four years ago!

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  • Rick Mangus

    "Excuse me somebody needs help", you got that right, the whole city which you have ran for the past four years!

  • DCNatives

    LOL!! Alan Suderman you are correct, most people do think Fenty is a jerk.

  • larry

    Fenty and his supporters are, once again, continuing to prove that adage "watch what someone DOES, not what they say". As someone who grew up in california - please it's not weird out there! My reporting on dc politics and especially our clown of a mayor provides great entertainment for my friends.

  • LaCaiRaine

    It's called "spin" and I hope that the public can put it together before it is too late.

  • 4th generation washingtonian

    It is called results. The schools are being built, the roads are fixed, the snow is plowed and the city is running better and more efficient. You all elected him to enact change and he has. Do you want a mayor who makes you feel good because he shakes your hand, or a mayor who gets the job done? I prefer a mayor who gets the job done, getting the job done is what we select a mayor for and Adrian is doing just that. You keep your friend, I want a city that works.

  • Korrupt

    Anyone endorsed by Jack Evans is suspect, IMO.

  • David

    Part of getting the job done is working well with others. There has been a lot of arrogance out of this Executive Office; look at the Attorney General Peter Nichols as a case in point.

  • Rob

    It's called picking up where the last effective Mayor left off. Before Fenty, crime was down and the city government workers responded before, during and after the re-election campaign season. From what I and many others have experienced, this generally isn't the case. Fenty's TV ads are just as disingenuous as the man himself. DC wants a mayor who is consistent and has integrity throughout his term in office. We don't want what we have now, someone who is pushing an agenda that truly doesn't address the needs of our entire city, only the desires of a select few.

  • forealz

    Evans knows what time it is. Ward 2 continues to grow thanks to him. Councilmembers who spend all their time arguing and fighting with the Exective don't get sh*t done for their Wards. Looks at Wards 5,7,and 8. Dumps! Evans does what is best for Ward 2, which is why he is the longest serving member on the Council.

  • Tformation

    "Do you want a mayor who makes you feel good because he shakes your hand, or a mayor who gets the job done?"


    I want a Mayor who can get the job done without paying triple the going rate for said job and without breaking laws. By his refusal to discuss with me how he goes about "getting the job done" and how much it cost to "get the job done" I can only conclude that he went about it improperly and paid way too much all so he could call a quick press conference to tell me how great he is. When the executive refuses to be transparent, it is usually because they have something to hide. Add to that the fact that every time he refuses to answer, it come out through other sources that the person in question is an unqualified buddy, and you have to be stupid to not notice somethings not right here.

    So yes I want the work done, just done the

  • Tformation

    Sorry. The last part should read

    Done the right way.

  • http://ABF ABF

    More than some people say fenty is a jerk!

  • tired

    To me he is a jackass pure and simple.

  • downtown rez

    It's pure effectiveness. More things are getting done, and more things are getting done on time and on budget (more efficiently) than ever before.
    Jack Evans and Tony Williams know which way is up.

  • Truth Hurts

    Any merit to the rumor that Tony Williams endorsed Fenty? If true, that's gotta be a huge blow to the "I hate Fenty who hasn't accomplished anything not attributable to former Mayor Williams, who we now love" crew.

    A whole lotta cricket noise from one city's homies on this one.

  • tired

    And his endorsement doesn't matter either. as he stated he endorsed Linda Cropp nothing against Mrs. Cropp.

  • downtown rez

    Williams did endorse Fenty.
    Williams + Fenty = good government efficiancy + neighborhoods first constituent services.
    It's truly a thing of wonder that, with all the pain 'round the world due to this 3+ year recession, that the only pain additional DC is feeling is the delay of privately-funded development.
    Parks, schools, roads, libraries- all are proceeding.
    This is a government that works.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Rez and TH- Nothing has been done on budget, that's why we're looking at a half a billion dollar deficit going into the next Fiscal Year. Giving contracts to your buddies who then in turn pick up the yellow pages and calls someone else to do the actual work isn't the kind of government efficiency I'm looking for.

  • noodlez



  • downtown rez

    Giving contracts to your buddies who then in turn pick up the yellow pages and calls someone else to do the actual work isn't the kind of government efficiency I'm looking for.
    No, as a Gray fan you would obviously prefer to publicly give the contracts to qualified entities, and then privately force them to hire your cronies, or even make them give your cronies a majority equity stake. And, of course, the efficiency off this is especially brilliant if you can do that with standing contracts- ones that aren't for one-off construction jobs, but which provide some sort of permanent "service". Like the lottery, for example.