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Loose Lips saw this poster of Hizonner on the way to work today. First thoughts: Someone has way too much money to burn printing large color posters.

Second thoughts: Low blow. Everyone looks bad mid-blink.

Third thoughts, upon closer examination: Hilarious that the poster's anonymous designer bothered to write "© 2010, All RTS Res'd" on a poster that they plastered all over the city—but couldn't be bothered saying who reserved those rights.

(This post copyright, Washington City Paper, 2010, All RTS Res'd)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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    Love that poster!

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    This is funny...Nice Poster!

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    Omg! Lol.

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    This is one talented person! Bravo!

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    100% Love it.
    Reminds me of Rocky I.
    After all, the Mayor is pisan, you know.
    The only problem with the parallel is that Vincent Gray is more Gomez Adams than Apollo Creed.

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    It's Fenty's rope a dope pose.

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    OMG! What is his drug of choice?

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    I want a copy!

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    I love this poster. Korrupt, I want a copy too.

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    This poster should be called, 'Asleep At The Wheel'!

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    How about idiot gets the beat down.

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    LL seems to have it wrong on 3 counts.

    Someone may have a large supply of photopaper and ink to kill as opposed to money to burn. Or it may be an underground movement to make the mayor look bad. Ever hear of the Committee to Unelect a Lousy Mayor?

    How do you know it's mid-blink and not mid-drink?

    You say the poster is all over town, but you report on one sighting. Are you sure there is more than one copy of the poster?

    One question for LL: Would you sign your "button-pushing" artwork if you knew the guy you were spoofing was reportedly paying thug types to work for his campaign?

    As of tonight, the poster featured is torn down. Another one's up. Maybe LL can report on that one and get it right.

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