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Business Groups Yawn as Orange Pushes Brown’s Debt Problems

LL's column this week—which drops in tomorrow's paper and will be available online later tonight—looks at what, if any, impact D.C. Council chairman candidate Kwame Brown'debt problems will have on the race. (There are also a few new details those of you who have been paying close attention to this story might find interesting—even you, DeBonis).

On that note, the WBJ's indefatigable Michael Neibauer has the news that Brown's opponent, former Ward 5 Councilmember Vincent Orange, has sent letters, through his campaign chairman Kevin Chavous, to two business trade groups, the D.C. Chamber  and the Board of Trade, asking them to reconsider their previous endorsements of Brown. Neibauer says:

The debt is not explicitly mentioned in the letters, but clearly, that's what Chavous is talking about when he writes of "recent revelations and disclosures ... regarding Councilmember Kwame R. Brown."

Both groups have declined Orange's request, Neibauer reports, though the BOT left the door open to change their mind if there's more bad news.

Jim Dinegar, CEO of the Board of Trade, told Neibauer he's "not happy" with Brown's debt problems, which include being sued for more than $50,000 in credit card debts.

Dinegar and Jim Dyke, Board of Trade chairman, spoke with Brown prior to the arrival of the Chavous letter to discuss his personal debt, and Dinegar at least felt the councilman's "candor and honesty was refreshing," that he has appropriately taken full responsibility and "he's working through it."

With the assurance that no other shoe will drop, Dinegar said, the leaders of the Board of Trade recommended "that the endorsement stay as is at this point."

"But if something else comes up before the election, we may take other steps," Dinegar said.

Brown had locked up support from the business community a while back. For Orange, who seems to have played what could be his best card here, the response must be disappointing.

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  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Alan you have been taken for a ride since there will be more negative revealations concerning Councilmember Kwame Brown. Not known for his integrity, reckon he told the BOT that nothing else was coming out with a straight face?

  • Samantha

    Orange gave us PEPCO Rate Hikes and power outages .Can you imagine the gift of Orang-Chavous- Fenty - Evans ? GOD, PLEASE SEND THE CONTROL BOARD! And while you are at it , prepare the seats for Rhee and Lanier in the bowels of hell as they await the coming of DC's own W- AF and his Cheney- Nickles/Rove . Amen

  • Dave


  • Five To Go

    @Samantha, YOU ROCK!

  • candycane1

    OMG! Chavous again? UGH!

  • Not Drinkin’ the Orange Juice

    It's really sad that the only two "viable" candidates for council chair are also be strong nominees for the Biggest Douche in the Universe contest.

    Is Kwame Brown a fool who doesn't live within his (or the city's) means? You bet.

    But don't let Vinny Orange off the hook. I will never forget when Orange -- then running for mayor and with campaign HQ in Chinatown -- and several "entourage" members swaggered into the restaurant where I worked. "Don't you dare sit those fools in my section," begged a waitress who was a single mom in Anacostia. They ended up in her section, and her prophecy was right: they left a 0.00% tip on a multi-course meal in the mid three figs.

    Douche vs. Turd 2010!

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