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Woman Finds Dog Dead in Her Sweltering Car Outside Costco, Returns Pet Supplies

cardogWhen the temperature outside climbs above 100 degrees, we're always bombarded with warnings that leaving pets and children inside cars will slowly cook them to death. This woman never got the message.

A woman in Frederick County, Maryland is accused of leaving her dog inside her sweltering car as she shopped in Costco July 6, ABC 7 reports. When she came back to the car, her yellow lab was dead. Authorities say the dog died from overheating as the car's temperature likely hit 130 degrees and outside temperatures topped 104.

But the story only gets worse. When the woman discovered her dead dog, she allegedly turned back around and returned the pet supplies she just bought at Costco. Thrifty shopper or pure-evil?

A Costco employee called police, but the woman was gone before they arrived. Sure enough, a woman matching her description came into the Frederick County Animal Control Division with a dead dog shortly after the incident.

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  • Kris

    WOW! I do think this woman should have to suffer through what she put that poor dog through!! An I agree the law needs to start cracking down on these scumbag ppl who mistreat their animals! They hardly ever see jail time no matter what they do to these animals. Making them pay fines doesn't seem to be scary enough to stop them, so they need to up the punishment an start getting animal cruelty under control!!! If that would have been a child this woman would pry be facing a near life sentence, but because it was ONLY an animal, she'll most likely have to pay a couple hundred dollars an than beable to go get another dog to torture..

  • Andy

    so sorry for the lost pet, but for all of you wishing death upon another animal, a human need to rethink. Punishment, yes, and a great one for the loss of an animal that should be loved and taken care of correctly. But those wishing death on a fellow human??

  • Janette

    what a monster put her in jail for a long time please.

  • sara

    heartless and sickening. i do hope she does time for this, but i know she will get off as most animal cruelty cases do. what they Should do is charge her a HUGE fine and donate that to a local shelter...and lock her up in a cage in that shelter so she knows how abandoned, abused and neglected animals have to live.
    i feel just terrible for this little fur-baby. who knows how this heartless bi!#@ treated her at home every day if this is how she died. my heart is so sad right now and i can barely see to type. :(((

  • Nancy

    There is a special place in hell for you bitch and you will find it. I have no love lost for people that hurt animals. Anyone that hurts an animal should have the same exact thing done to them. I hope to God they are letting this piece of shit get away with this.

  • Nancy


  • Mary

    Un fricking believable. I'd like to cook her in a car and then return the clothes I bought for her.

  • Mary

    sorry to the sensitive ppl who are confused by the ill will towards this woman but perhaps so many of us are tired of reading about cruelty and stupid people. It gets old.

    Plus...its called BLOWING OFF STEAM. Im sure given the chance many seriously would NOT kill this woman...but it gives some great pleasure talking about it in frustration...

  • Belinda

    Omg people just either A) are that stupid or B) just don't give a s***. What was this woman thinking? I mean I bet you anything this could have been prevented even if she had her dog with her. She should have left the windows cracked and put a travel bowl with water inside the vehicle or even took the dog home first. She should have the same thing done to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stephanie

    Walt Disney, i think i love you!!!

  • shai

    so cruel.that woman should be punished!should be place inside her car and let her be cooked!!!!

  • Chris

    Walt Disney: I couldn't have said it better!

    Now publish the bitch's name! She should be put on in addition I'll bet the dumb broad has a facebook account and posted "Oh I lost my dog today and had to return the supplies."

    I wonder if this is the first dog she cooked or if there were more!

  • John

    I don't understand the part of the story:
    But the story only gets worse......

    The bad part of the story is the way the dog died, not that she returned the dog food afterward.

  • karen

    Considering how mentally challenged she evidently was, I am surprised she even bothered to buy pet food and feed this poor dog in the first place. I sure hope this moron never owns another pet again.....and never had children herself.

  • rose

    i saw a dog locked in a hot car today - panting and sticking its nose out the window for air. i went inside the store/restaurant/yoga studio and asked if they could find the owner. they said no because there were too many people in the building. rather lame excuse. they wouldn't let me use their phone to call animal control. another patron took the initiative to call on his cell phone - i didn't have mine with me. so, i went into the restaurant and shouted out - who has the poodle in their car... and the boutique and the studio and the bathroom. the woman was in the bathroom and did not answer me, but then hurried out to her car. i confronted her at the car. she said that she knew not to leave the dog in the car and wanted me out of her face. i said calmly that she could kill her dog and i was concerned for its safety. she took the dog out of the car and walked away. what an idiot! i'm still upset that the front desk wouldn't let me use their phone to call animal control or have the staff ask around for the owner. terrible experience for that dog and sad to see the lack of enthusiasm to help save an animal's life.

  • CatherineD

    Here's one for the who gives a crap file!

  • wow

    I agree what she did was terrible.
    Accidents happen. Some of you people who wished the lady dead aren't any better and just as sick as she is.
    Yes pets are our companions and we all love them.
    But since when did animals come before people? I know this has nothing to do with this story but I just wanted to vent.
    Remember a few years back when a dog was trapped on the ship out in sea? And people sent thousands and thousands of dollars to find/ rescue the dog? Is that dog gonna become the next president? or the scientist that is going to come up with the cure for cancer? That money could have fed a whole third world country! One dog against a starving nation.....lets think about it people.

  • k9 unit

    ok i understand your peoples concerns. but a few of you go way to far. as a k9 handler we sometimes have to leave our dogs in cars that are set up to run ac or heat if dog is to hot or cold yet even tho this set up exists and the cars are clearly marked or have dark window tint you still try to cause problems.

    i know this woman was a civilian but still maybe she came back from vet with dog there are a lot of maybes and i blame the news for this don't post story's with out knowing everything .

    yes her dog suffered but she dose deserve a chance to explain her side she is not here to defend herself . and yes if i saw dog in a civilian car i would find owner but threatening people is not the answer.