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Will the NFL Enforce Its Blackout Policy Here?

It sure looks like the Washington Redskins won't sell out their games this year.

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The team hasn't sold out its games since moving to Raljon in 1997, actually: The premium seats have never sold out since FedExField opened. But the team and the NFL invoke a common-senseless technicality that holds that since the more than 20,000 club, loge, dream and suite seats — which make up about 25 percent of the stadium's total capacity — aren't counted as part of the league's socialistic revenue sharing system, their availability can be ignored. So, as long as the cheaper general admission seats have been sold, a team can claim a sellout.

But, this season should be special, because all indications are that the seats that aren't supposed to be ignored by the NFL when deciding whether to invoke the "blackout rule" (which holds that games that aren't sellouts aren't televised in the home team's market) are going to be up for grabs, too.

Over the weekend, the Redskins held still another ticket-unloading party at FedEx.

The event, which allowed fans a chance to come look at some of the general admission seats that remain unsold in the stadium. I have never heard of any such open sale in the history of the team. After all, Dan Snyder has been quoted as saying he's sitting on a waiting list for season tickets that has more than "200,000 names" on it.

But, those 200,000, if they ever really existed, must have found another hobby by now. The open house was supposed to last from 10 a.m. to noon. According to a poster at Snyder's message board,, when the gates opened, the place was essentially empty.

"There was honestly no more than two dozen people in line," said the ExtremeSkins poster going by Club Seat Player. Photos of the soiree uploaded to Snyder's site showed a lot of seats with price tags on them, but no bodies wandering around to try them out.

Longstanding NFL rules hold that no game that isn't sold out — excluding premium seats — three days before kickoff can be televised within a 75-mile radius of the stadium. More events like last weekend's open house are planned before the 2010 season opens, but, color me skeptical that all the seats will be moved.

If I'm right, and Roger Goodell follows the letter of his law, does this mean: We're the new Jacksonville?

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  • Randy_Hawkins

    Well, Dave has posted many articles on the banning of dissenting opinions on Extremeskins. However, the mods, contributors, and other minions on that site dismiss Dave as an overzealous hack who doesn't know what he is talking about. Unfortunately, the mods on that site are proven wrong time and time again. Their response is more banning, and more snide remarks about Dave.

    Those who have no "cred" on Extremeskins (those with recent join dates, low post counts, or people they just don't know) and criticize Snyder are dismissed as rogues or trolls, or those that have an agenda to undermine Snyder, and are subsequently banned. There have been cases of regular contributors being banned for criticizing Snyder, and that is because of someone in Snyder's inner circle (Swanson most likely) reading the comments and instructing the mods to ban the perpetrator. Others who criticize Snyder are usually doing it in jest, and aren't that serious. The mods keep them around because they usually tow Snyder's agenda for the most part.

    Make no mistake, the mods on Extremeskins are dangerous. They are Internet tough guys who enjoy the perks of being Snyder's Stormtroopers on the World Wide Web. They are corporate shills who can make your life miserable, and question why you want to stay a Redskins fan. Stay away from Extremeskins. It is a dangerous place.

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    Who care's, RD421? Dave McKenna writes a column for the city paper. This surely won't hurt the Redskins... just their fans. The fact that he is even responding to your posts means that he is not important enough to not care. Also, for everyone who commented on this article: learn how to spell, punctuate, and properly use homophones like your and you're (especially when you are the journalist who wrote the article!)

    Randy Hawkins, you are a piece of shit for saying what you said. Have a little dignity.

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    Dizzinator, you want to know what's rich?

    When a poster issues ad hominem attacks against a group of people and is critical of their grammatical skills in a post that contains a grammatical error.


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    Randy_Hawkins: bringing nothing to the table.

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    How many articles were written on the banning of dissenting opinions on Extremeskins? I would love to read them.