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Vince! Vince! Come Back Here, Vince!

The Ron Moten show continues!

After Moten's confrontation fail with D.C. Council Chairman and mayoral hopeful Vincent Gray, Moten—whom Mayor Adrian Fenty wants more citizens to emulate—told a bunch of sweaty journalists that a) he's not a crook, and don't you dare call him a crony; B) Gray is a crook, and he will release the emails that prove it shortly; C) he has set up a Google alert of his own name; D) no, he doesn't think he's behavior is hurting Fenty's campaign, why would you ask that?

Check out our video after the jump.

Fenty doesn't seem to have any problem with Moten doing what he's doing, but remember, this is the guy who compared the mayor to Jesus, getting national notice—something tells LL most campaigns wouldn't exactly want Moten running around freelancing. (He's on the verge of becoming Fenty's own Terry McAuliffe!) Then again, as LL noted in this week's paper, the Green Team isn't paying much attention to the things most campaigns pay attention to—like, for instance, whether one of the candidate's friends is stepping all over the campaign's message.

The whole thing happened, conveniently enough for LL, on the steps of the City Paper office, since 'PFW is on the second floor of the building we occupy the third floor of. (Enjoy that walk back to 15th and L, DeBonis!) Here's the video of Moten chasing after Gray, following an appearance by both Fenty and Gray on Jonetta Rose Barras' radio show:

We'll post more videos shortly—check back soon!

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  • Mike DeBonis

    It was a bike ride!

  • ACG85

    What a liability this guy is... I can't imagine he is helping in any way- Fenty should reign him in. Fenty's staff must be tone-deaf.


    You don’t get to dictate terms to this Coalition. Check out the definition of Coalition. You must realize there is more than one dude in this Coalition. Food for thought, our presence may be in the next room at 7thD. Let’s get started.

    Marion Barry it is highly recommended that you distance yourself from Jacques Chevalier. As you know, this man is noted for harassing women and denigrating people of prominence. Notice another female being torn down by Jacques Chevalier.

    On August 14, 2009 at 1:31 p.m., Jacques Chevalier, also known as “dcblackdaddy” wrote the following in an online article: “ShadyLady Cora Masters-Barry stole money from youth boxers and D.C. Government in teh 80's and 90's while she was an alleged Boxing Commisioner. That how she got tight with Rock Newman (Box Promoter and Riddick Bowe fame)and met the Williams Tennis sister-gals. Put that lying cheating beeitch on the street and watch she finds another sport to exploit Black youths. Why, you think Marion Barry loeft her, her weight gain is awful, her attitude wreak of sewage slut, will not mention her notorious bad breath well documented in SE. Peter Nickles,you my Negroe, uh Whitey this week, now go run and evict this slick gal Cora MB and do not allow her to rip off anymore youth of color in DC. Fenty, still cannot get my vote but if you evict this slut from SE I will send you a campaign contribution but promise retribution on Cora the Whora!”

    He has defrauded the DC government of thousands of tax payer dollars under the Homestead Deduction Act. The Coalition is calling for Mayor Fenty, Chairman Gray, the DC City Council, as well as the Internal Revenue, to make a thorough investigation of this man’s fraudulent activity. We are asking the Mayor and the DC government to make sure that any and all fees that have accrued in penalties and interests are paid back. Was this money defrauded from the DC Homestead Deduction Act used to pay for his son’s -- Jacques Chevalier, III -- tuition at Howard University? Is his wife, Carolyn, aware that he is a pervert as well as a thief?

    We are also going to contact States Attorney Glenn Ivey in Prince George’s County to investigate this MOCHA mom who ran mayor in New Carrollton, MD this year and lost.

  • candycane1

    I am so glad that Gray just kept walking. The race is between Fenty and Gray, not Gray and the Fenty slate.(Nickles, Rhee, Skinner and Moten)

  • Rick Mangus

    If it looks like a duck....!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Now this doesn't look like a "peaceful" way of resolving an issue. Intimidating someone into responding to a loaded question is not really going to go over well. I'm glad Gray had the fortitude to walk away from this douche.

    What's up with those two girls and their camera phones filming Moten. Reality show for Mo?

  • Ward 5

    ABM - When I watch the Council hearings i'm lead to believe that anyone would be crazy to give the Peacoholics any money primarily because their "CEO" comes across way too combative. No, I dont expect him to behave like Mother Theresa but the angry-man demeanor wouldn't sell well anywhere else. If you're a business man you should conduct yourself as such then maybe someone would take you seriously. Cant go in a corporate office soliciting donations in that manner...

  • Northwesterner

    Candycane, the only reason you say that is because Gray has no slate. Of course the race includes the Fenty slate such as Michelle Rhee- come back to earth. Vincent Gray needs Michelle Rhee to win the election due to her popularity with parents and taxpayers and she sided with Fenty. How is Gray going to be able to answer that one CandyCane? You know voters favor Rhee.

  • Georgia Avenue Day

    Why does Fenty continue to be so loyal to Ron Moten?

    You're all asking it.

    Ron Moten knows and has covered up dirty, dirty secrets of Fenty and frat brothers that are part of his administration (and some who just got hefty contracts with city money).

    Sinclair, Skip, Lomax, and Omar Karim when Fenty is an ex-mayor and you all are no longer able to feed Ron Moten tax payer funded government better hope your wives don't get Gloria Allred as their divorce attorney.

    You dirty bastards.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    NWner- I prefer no slate Gray than the slate Fenty has any day of the week. Gray doesn't need Rhee and should say it and get it over with. Rhee has been helping Fenty loose the campaign as much as the rest of them. Not all yuppies love her and her style. Change is ah coming...

  • tformation

    candycane1 let me... PLEASE!!!


    the reason candycane1 said that is because it is true. It is what we teach our children to do when confronted by bullies at school. WALK AWAY...

    Grey should debate FENTYand anyone else running for Mayor... or rather FENTY should debate Grey. Grey doesnt have any business getting into debates with Fenty's cronies. And FENTY'S CRONIES dont have any business trying to INTIMIDATE anyone.

  • tformation

    If all Washingtonians strived to be more like Moten, there would be no Doctors, teachers, Police officers, child care workers, CHILD CARE, US Att Office or any number of positions requiring LAW ABIDING CITIZENS because they would all be convicted felons.

    I resent the Mayor... who pulled strings so his kids dont even have to go to school with the rest of the kids in HIS neighborhood.... to put forth this man Ron Moten as someone children should look up to and strive to be like.

    I raised my kids to be better than RON MOTEN! They are young african americans who are college graduates, GAINFULLY EMPLOYED, mentors in their community. While mentoring, They are teaching younger kids to get their school work completed with no excuses, to be responsible for their actions, and they are doing all of it without expecting a check from this city or publicity from the press.... just like their mother and father did before them.

  • Brahmin


    Again with the lack of understand on simple concepts.

    A slate means:

    4. A list of the candidates of a political party running for various offices.

    Rhee, Nickles, and Moten cannot be part of slate because they are not candidates for public office.

    Now that concludes your lesson for today. Okay, maybe something else Rhee popularity among parents is plummeting.


    See there I used data and facts rather than pulling this on that spot to where I sit.

    Anyway, Rhee has a popularity as of Feb 2010 at 43 overall. I am not sure if you are good with math but that is not a majority. She was favored among white voters by 66% as of Feb 10. So this is a White Voter strategy. However, although this city has changed blacks are still the majority voting pool. So this is a risky strategy.

    Advance that forward, and this is July 2010. So ask the voters who liked her in Feb 2010 if they still like her now. Shoot even Obama would love the poll numbers he had in Feb 2010. Ask the voters if they believe her. Lets see she is hardly here during the week. Check her travel. She is getting married on labor day which no one points out is still kind of during opening of schools period. True commitment to schools Ms. Rhee?

    And it is not even waiting around for the primary. Hmmm

    So Ms.First Lady of Sacramento is committed to DC. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    Chairman Gray is a deliberative man---and it is just smart to not make ANY decision without all the information.

    I think Gabe Klein has cost the tax payers untold amount of money in waste and mismanaged projects. But if you asked me if I would fire him...I would say no. To do so without meeting him, his team, and getting an assessment of the organization is poor decision making.

    It is more likely to say he would be fired. But no manager worth their salt should a decision of that value with less than perfect information.

  • candycane1

    I work hard for my name," Moten said. "If he wants to talk about cronies, I am going to start naming all his cronies...He can't go along destroying innocent people....I have worked hard all of my life and never got anything for free."

    Yes you worked hard for your name, from the street and prison. Bad reputations take a minute to build and a lifetime if at all to change.

    "If he wants to talk about cronies" Again, consider that name out of all the other names a big step up.

    "He can't go along destroying innocent people" No he shouldn't but he's talking about you. Where is the innocence?

    "I have worked hard all my life and never got anything for free." You worked hard at wrong doing. Who benefited from that? You did get something for free, 3 hots and a cot and regrettably, the taxpayers paid for it. These wildman antics, loud, lewd, crude and rude suggest that we got nothing in return.

    However, if all of this gets Fenty out of office, please continue. It's working.

    @tformation: You got it and I thank you kindly because I read it and said "What?"

    @Brahmin: Thank you so much. That was a good lesson. WHEW!

  • DBrighthaupt

    Whew! Great thread! @Brahmin- like the fact based opinion! Hard to come after a quantitative one. May I?
    It could easily be perceived that Rhee numbers are only good for securing the white/yuppie vote, but (without research) I believe there is a strong class-based approval added. there are diverse parents/blacks who furthered their education left the city for a stint, started their fams and see DCs ed system a little differently than those parents who never ever never ventured outside the Beltway [don't necessarily have to move out, a great college course and a book could take you out too]...... Anywho.....

    there are a sect of blacks who see the big picture with Rhee, and with any system seeking change, it takes more than one term to really see if it works. Hell, We believed Capitalism was the best thing going but its still a work in progress... looked at China lately?

    ..... Oooooh sorry I digress.....and we parents recognize the value she brings. and really, those Feb. nos are not bad at all. What are Robert Bobbs' in Detroit?

    THIS DROID TOUCHSCREEN IS FOR THE YOUNG!!!! FRUSTRATING TO DOUBLE CHECK. u all are respectfully critical. but ill chance it....

    @? - Re- Rhee's wedding date: don't know logistics, just an opinion, I'd be more concerned to hear she planned to marry in the weeks before school started. I assumed her leadership and guidance is needed most before the child enters the classroom. I'm hoping she weeded through and is content with her admin and principals to do what they do in Sept. I've no doubt she'll be connected during her personal honeymoon, and back in time for first quarter reviews.

    Congratulate this woman for planning a wedding and our kids '10-'11 school year simultaneously. Critique her or give her justice that is due after the numbers come out.

    All Ron Moten (and me or you) needs to open with is, ' I speak as a citizen with interests.....' he, you, I can say anything we need. He's protecting his interests. Georgetown protects theirs. style is irrelevant. he didn't sign a contract to be a mentor. he is who he is. no worries, being angry and talking at person falls on deaf ears. But he has the right and I hope he never shuts up.

    (He's going to hear the same tone if that boys home opens up in SE.)

    Silence is dangerous, especially when your interests are at bay. blogging a fact that could be for the good of the whole, behind a fake name is equally.
    Moten's tactic is no different than Marion's Fenty bashing and insistence on challenging Catania up there on that dias. though he continues to bring his 'spork' to a gun fight, his staff can't control him, can't reason with him, can't stop him from protecting his interests. They both have rights and they can both use a course in PR/Communications 101; and neither can gauge timing and venue to do it.

  • the truth914

    Listen closely, the illiterate one was asking why the Chairman called him a "phony." Phony/crony...all the same difference in Fentyworld.
    You go tformation

  • SuperS

    Mr. Chairman please get some protection, take a stay away order out on Ronald Moten, there is no telling what he is capable of during this election. Seriously, I know that you are not afraid of him, but that is not the issue, I expect you to be an adult at all times, however, I believe he can be considered dangerous.

  • DemostiX

    The leader of Peaceaholics doesn't seems a man addicted to peace. Maybe he's traded in that commitment for an addiction to protection racketry. The issue about his organization is not whether it sometimes does something wonderful, but whether most of what it does matches that description.

  • 2belinda

    That was so undignified. But that's what you get from Moten and his peaceaholics.

    Gray showed maturity, grace and leadership to keep walking. Nothing good would have come from engaging Moten in conversation.