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Ron Moten’s Press Conference: Watch Video

For about 20 minutes today, Peaceaholics founder and Adrian Fenty pal Ron Moten held court on the steps of City Paper's building, blasting D.C Council Chairman Vincent Gray and venting about the mayoral campaign. Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman captured the whole thing on video, and we've condensed it down to the highlights. (For more on Moten's visit to Adams Morgan, see this post and this one.)

Watch here:

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  • DCDem

    Where do I sign up for that ebonics course. I can't understand a word this illiterate is saying.

  • tired

    Amen to that!! Why so combative?

  • candycane1

    I don't understand what he is angry about. He obviously has not looked this up in the dictionary. Someone should tell him that not all cronies are thugs which is what he is used to being called. Some cronies have degrees, are highly communicative, have real jobs and have never been to jail. For Moten to be called a crony compared to all other adjectives that accurately describe him, this is a huge step up.

  • taye

    Moten's picture should be in the dictionary showing what an idiot is. What an embarrassment to all residents of the District of Columbia.

    If Fenty should win re-election he will really feel he is a power broker and will demand that he has full access to the mayors office. He has already burned almost every bridge with the DC Council.

    He is a thug punk and when someone is as stupid as he is, they are dangerous in more ways than one.

    I hope the Examiner, City Paper, WP, Washtimes and others continue covering this fool to let all residents black, white and other see what kind of people Fenty is closely associated with.

  • Brahmin

    I wonder what he must have on the mayor.

  • LaCaiRaine

    What an embarrassment not only to Washingtonian's but grassroots, community outreach workers everywhere.

  • Tformation

    I am still disgusted that Adrian fenty is suggesting that any DC resident look to Ron Moten as an example of how carry yourself/conduct business in the world today. Once I see Fenty allowing this fool to spend time with and mentor his own kids.... Well, not even then! At least I will know that Fenty really believes all the BS he's saying about Moten. Or I'll know that moten must REALLY have something on him.

    Either way, I can never trust the Mayors judgement again. This is absolute lunacy.

  • Marie Jackson

    For all the people willing to give Fenty the benefit of doubt, please take a look at these videos. The last two days have been very telling.

    As a native Washington, I can honestly say that never, never have I seen anything like this since the Barry smoking dope video. I feel the same dismay and embarrassment that I felt then.

    DC, it is time to stop the madness. Vote Gray.

  • SuperS

    Chairman Gray, please get a peace warrant against Ronald Moten, seriously, you don't know how desperate one may get. I know that you are not afraid of Mr. Moten, and I expect you to be an adult at all times, but please don't take this lightly.

  • Rob

    Fenty is using Moten as his enforcer to influence/intimidate the voters in S.E. Just the fact that Fenty considers Moten to be a model for community activism should tell all potential voters something.

  • sedcdude

    Stop calling this grown BOY a thug/punk, lemme find out there should be a colloquy of sorts just to identify how, what and who not to follow, reason with or listen to!!!!

    Although ambiguous to the NAKED transplant, MOTEN is painfully transparent and obvious!! This CLOWN (pink attire and emotionally driven outbursts) are reasons alone not to apply those labels to this walking, breathing, talkin' loud and ain't sayin' shit of a disambiguation!!!!

    Never should'a allowed this FRAUD/FLUNKY even remotely close to the POLITICAL PROCESS, but to his defense ROMNEY/CHENEY faired no better and provide VALIDATION!!

  • concernedaboutyouth

    What amazes me is how much negativity people are putting on his articulation. He sounds clear to me!
    Everyone has an opinion, but if you really knew the work he has done with many families in DC, you may not judge so harshly. He still continues to look out for others who don't always return the favor. He is not perfect, but it is very important to make sure you at least clear your name against slander.
    He has been instrumental in helping alot of people in this area, in alot of ways even when no one is looking. He believes in justice for people, especially those who don't have a voice. To bring up someone's past, is just that the past... Who is perfect? I'm not on Grey or Fenty's campaign.
    He is very intuitive/effective on reaching people on the grassroots level. If you have ever heard him speak at a a community event, then you would know his passion for people understanding their rights and citizenship is very real. Some people may not ever understand that. Don't focus on Ron Moten focus on what he is stating, check people's records, on where they passed bills and legislation and who really benefited. That is what he is trying to get across to the media/voters. Check records of the politicians.

  • tformation

    Check records?!?!?!
    You cant be serious.

    The reason no one will give Moten the time of day (besides Fenty) is because he has recieved 15 million dollars of our money and when we tried to "check the records" to make sure our money was being spent correctly, he refused to give an account of how he was using OUR 15 million dollars. Then he showed up at the council, refused to swear that what he was saying was the truth, cussed everybody out and left.

    Now since Fenty admin like to compare themselves to CEO's and COO's... tell me this,

    What company do you think you could ever go to, beg for money, and when they ask for an account of how the money was spent, you cuss them out and refuse to tell them?
    "WHERE ELSE IN AMERICA CAN YOU DO THAT??????" (to quote the gift)

    So what else was there to do but to cut his funding? I think he should have to return every penny that he cant account for back to the city.

    I feel for you because you dont see the larger picture. Moten is screaming and acting like a fool over someone elses money... not because he cares. Dont get it twisted... no one saw or heard a peep from him (outside the hood) until he was no longer able to use my tax money as he pleased. That is the bottom line.

  • tired

    Thank you tformation

  • RoaringNana

    Hey Ron, you should have told the young man speaking on citizenship to take the gum out of his mouth. Also, make sure he learns his lines before you put him in front of the news camera. The young man was not believeable one bit. In fact, it's so sad him trying to do what you told him to do and come up so short. Mr. Moten you use the very people who need help the most. As for all the proof you can produce on Mr. Gray, how about you produce your records on the Millions you got from the city? Put a pink suit and tie on a thug and you get loud mouth bully Ronald Moten. Ron take off the clown outfit and shut up!

  • RoaringNana

    Ron you should have told the young man to take the gum out of his mouth before he speak. Also, he should have practice his lines. You could tell the guy didn't have a clue as to what he was saying. In fact, you put words in his mouth and he couldn't even sound believeable. You're known as a loud mouth Ron, at least, be a loud mouth that all of us can understand and not just your go-go crowd and your thug bubbies.

    Ron, did you have on pink high heels to go with that pink punk get up? Of course, a clown has to wear clown clothers.

  • dee

    Ronald Moten is a hardworking advocate for youth who was helping young people in DC long before his organization, Peaceoholics, received a dime from the government. He may not enunciate the way middle-class, college-educated residents do...but then again, they don't venture into the most ignored sections of our city and work with the children of drug addicts and convicts. Ronald does.