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Records Show Kwame Brown Skipped Out on Md. Traffic Fines

At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown, a candidate for D.C. Council chairman, has four outstanding traffic tickets in Maryland that are at least 17 years old, according to state court records.

Records show that Brown ran afoul of traffic laws in his early 20s when he was cruising in and around Baltimore in an ’84 Volkswagen.

At one stop in October 1992, Brown was given tickets for speeding (50 mph in a 35 mph zone), not wearing a seat belt, and driving with an expired license. The original fines ranged from $25 to $40.

Brown pleaded guilty, but didn’t pay the fines, court records show.

And in March 1992, court records show Brown was given a ticket in Baltimore County for “fail[ing] to display [a] license on demand,” and was given a $20 fine.

Court records show Brown didn’t appear at a hearing to enter a plea and that ticket is still outstanding.

Said Brown's campaign spokesman, James Jones: "Thank you very much for making us aware of that, we'll take care of it."

LL knows this is not the stuff of Watergate, but this little piece of bad news is probably not what Brown, who is running against former Ward 5 Councilmember Vincent Orange for the D.C. Council chairmanship, wants being made public.

Brown’s campaign took a hit last week after NBC4’s Tom Sherwood reported that Brown was being sued for more than $50,000 in credit card debt.

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  • LOL

    I hope this comment is taken in the best way possible. I am glad that reporters are discovering the wealth of information that is available through government channels. Can that energy be directed towards finding information related to their current roles?

  • gordon

    Sherwood has been missing in action over the past three years....and....he is beginning to set a pattern on who he writes about.


  • Richard Schmitt

    Come on, we all have past indiscretions(?), we picked out noses when we were 10 years old, past unpaid traffic tickets, lets get real.

    What has he done within the past adult life, after 24? Its not like he is a felon or a moral degenerate.

    The alleged standard is not reasonable/attainable.

  • downtown rez

    CP should dig deeper and inquire whether he in fact tried to pay these fines, but his credit cards were declined.
    Seems a fair enough question.

  • Jman

    Yeah, this is more of CP's new-style bloggy journalism. It's easy to do a records search on a Council Member - much more difficult to spend the hours talking to constituents, researching positions on bills, etc.

  • Sally

    What's Kwame's alibi when the Lindberg baby was kidnapped?

  • bloomingdale20001

    Lord! Do we have any real news reporters left? Looks like Organge is scraping the bottom b/c if this is all you can throw at your opponent then the race is over.

  • Rick Mangus

    Can we all spell, A*R*R*O*G*A*N*C*E!

  • SuperS

    bloomingdale2001, what does Vincent Orange have to do with this, it looks like Tom Sherwood is the one finding these acusations out. You must didn't see Tom Sherwood on the news yesterday, talking about this Yacht that Kwame owns name bullet proof. How in the world can you own a Yacht and your owe fines of over 50,000.00, that is just the fines not what he probably actually owes. The only one to blame for this is the candidate, who should not be trusted with 10 billion dollar budget at this time.

  • bloomingdale20001

    Super S...who do you think gave him the story? Really? Reporters act on tips and leads. It's either Orange or Fenty one of the two. The $50k is credit card debt. They don't fine you on debt they may charge you with an over the limit "feeb" ut they don't fine you.

    Kwame's been on the counsel for two terms and chaired the econ develp committee without too many issues. Like saying passing through $83 million through an Agency without prior approval from the counsel (as stated in the law). The man has some personal financial difficulties but I it hasn't affected his job.

  • Allie

    Who the hell cares about parking tickets from a decade ago? Unless it has something to do with his job performamce, which this junk never does, its irrelevant.

  • Justice4DCTaxpayers 2


  • Justice4DCTaxpayers 2

    Okay you moderator ain't playing fair R U?

  • SuperS

    Yes, Kwame chaired the committee on Economic Development without any problems, because he didn't do shi---- but vote present.

  • tony

    check david catania's background or tommy wells' background or the infamous jack evans' background....Mr. Brown clearly understands that they D.C.'S voters will determine his political fate. And, I am sure it will be positive...Go Kwame! Go Kwame!