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Chief Cathy Lanier Defends MPD’s Go-Go Report

On WAMU-FM today, host Kojo Nnamdi asked D.C. MPD Chief Cathy Lanier about the "go-go report" her department produces—the latest edition of which City Desk published yesterday. Though MPD officials have, in the past, called the report a useful tool in fighting crime, Lanier mostly brushed off Nnamdi's questions about it, saying it was really just a listing service that helped with the department's "situational awareness."

Watch here:

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  • DJ Supa Dan

    At first we bashed this report on my show, but I understand it now. It makes sense to be aware of what's happening and where it's happening.

    We are all about bringing the Go Go community together too. Stopping the violence is what we're about also.

    I'm curious to know what type of other reports their are besides the 'Go-Go report' to report so called gangs.