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Wanted: One Mayor at Mayoral Forum

Loose Lips was treated to the Leo "We've Lost our Moral Compass" Alexander show last night.

Why? Dark horse mayoral candidate Alexander was the first to show at the Public Interest Civic Association's candidate forum, held in the basement of Brown AME church on Capitol Hill. Alexander had the forum all to himself for a while, before D.C. Council Chair Vincent Gray showed up. He was followed by Kwame Brown, who is running for chair, and dark horse No. 2 for mayor, Sulaimon Brown.

Not there? Mayor Adrian Fenty, who has been scarce at forums lately.

Robert Vinson Brannum, the moderator of last night's event and a strong critic of schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee—and by extension Fenty—said it was his understanding that Fenty had confirmed that he would come.

"Mayor Fenty’s habit of reneging at the last minute and failing to show to community forums in certain wards is a continuing demonstration of his arrogance, notwithstanding his current political ads," Brannum said in an email to LL.

Ouch—no wonder Fenty didn't want to come by.

To be sure, last night's forum was not one of the must-see-TV forums of the campaign. But LL asked asked William Lightfoot, who heads Hizonner's re-election campaign, what gives anyway.

Lightfoot didn't know the specifics of last night's event, but had this to say in general:

"He tries to go as many as he can, but he can't go to them all, he will miss some, but that's the nature of office. When he misses he'll be criticized, when he goes he'll get some credit and he'll be criticized for his performance. It comes with the territory."

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  • BlackOmega

    Ron Moten compares Mayor Adrian M. Fenty to Jesus. This is blasphemous!

    Ward 5 D.C. Resident
    Michigan Park

  • Trulee Pist

    Fenty not able to make it work when there's an opportunity for an in-depth discussion about education policies and results of the mayoral takeover of DCPS with a well-informed questioner?

    That seems weird. I wonder why.

  • Sally

    Why would he go to a forum with a hack as a moderator?

  • KyleMilsaps

    @Sally - if candidates chose their debates based on the crazy moderators in the District, no one would go to any of them. Come on now - that's a cop out and I'm sure you didn't type that with a straight face.

  • Ward 5

    BlackOmega - It may be because he's used to Fenty supplying all of his needs (lol). Though i'm not surprised at what RM says anymore, this has got to be the WORST of the worst. And to be honest, his comparison made absolutely no sense!

  • Unimpressed

    Just Google Robert Vinson Brannum and learn about the charges of sexual harassment against him, the AWOL charge in the military, and how he claimed racial discrimination when the hammer came down on him. The court's decision is there. He lost.

    Fenty would be crazy to attend a panel hosted by this crank. Brannum supports Gray, but Gray has apologized for some of his actions.

    Perhaps next we'll hear that Fenty and Gray have skipped a forum hosted by Poopy the Magic Hobo.


  • downtown rez

    2nd Sally and unimpressed-
    Brannum's 9-5 job appears to be shadowing Fenty around town while waving a Gray sign. I'm pretty sure the inside of his straw hat is lined with tinfoil.

  • SuperDrew

    I'm voting for Fenty, but, my God, sometimes it seems like he's trying to lose this race.

  • On the Contrary

    robert brannum is a joke and total embarrassment. his grey protest at a dupont event in honor of the great frank kamney shows how much of a real a** this guy is. vince grey is even distancing himself from him. get a life, brannum! you may have been the shi* back in the 60's like you boy marion, but your time has come and gone!

  • Korrupt

    Hey SuperDrew - Keep in mind that a vote for Fenty is a vote for Peter Nickles. Eewww.