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Why Didn’t Adrian Fenty Get a Ticket?

By now you may know that Mayor Adrian Fenty made a right-hand turn last night in Chinatown while driving his city-owned Smart Car—without using his turn signal—and received a warning from a police officer for his offense.

(Turning without a signal! We know, we know; the horror!)

But why not a ticket? Is there an unwritten police policy prohibiting writing Hizonner a ticket?

Well, duh, says Fraternal Order of Police Head Kris Baumann, who added that other officers who have written tickets to members of the mayor’s office “have gotten crushed.”

If you don't want a headache, “don’t the write the mayor a ticket," Baumann said.

The Examiner’s intrepid Bill Myers penned this piece in 2007 documenting accusations from the FOP that a Fenty aide tried to use her political pull to get out of a ticket—an accusation the Fenty administration and the police brass denied. (As you might expect they would.)

After, yes, yet another ribbon-cutting ceremony (for new housing in Ward 7), Fenty was asked by reporters about the warning Thursday. His response:

“We defer completely to the police department. Sincerely, a resident including me as mayor, should never tell a police officer how to do their business, and I have believed that since I was a civilian and believe it as mayor, and I just can’t say enough about the great work of the police department.”

Fenty then told a TV cameraman to get footage of him driving away in his Smart car, saying it would make good B-roll.

(Of course, this just proves Fenty isn't really serious about traffic safety; if he was, he would have ordered the officer to write him a ticket! Vince Gray, over to you! Er, wait, maybe not.)

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  • Truth Hurts

    Why would Gray comment when the "new LL" already hit the ground running? Here's a creative proposal: devote equal time to sniping both at Gray and Fenty. Can't do it, can you?


    King Fenty aka Kwame Kilpatrick ass needs to be in jail and bannished from his Kingdom.

  • nunyabiz

    "Of course, this just proves Fenty isn't really serious about traffic safety...."

    No, he is not serious about it, but it was reported a few weeks ago that numerous moving violations will be aggressively enforced, and the fees for those citation have increased significantly. These are part of the fee revolution (i.e. bags, failed soda tax), to fill the fiscal hole that has been dug during Fenty's administration.

  • Truth Hurts

    nunyabiz: What legislative body appropriates the money and approves the mayor's budget? Who has been chair of that legislative body during Fenty's first term?


  • cbr

    oh for crying out loud. what cop writes a TICKET for turning without a signal. I can't believe he pulled him over for that crap in the first place.

  • Rick Mangus

    On the TV news this afternoon it would seem that Gray also has a ticket problem in Maryland from 2000! It would seem that Gray also thinks he's above the law and was passing a line of cars on the right shoulder and was given a ticket by Maryland police. Gray never paid the ticket, saying, "It was an oversight", right! The trouble is here is that both Fenty and Gray are arrogant pricks!


  • downtown rez

    ....Kris Baumann, who added that other officers who have written tickets to members of the mayor’s office “have gotten crushed.”
    Fantastic quip. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the tickets charged to and and those paid by Mayor's office staff have been the subject of several news stories. I think even on this very blog.
    I'm starting to wonder why this union flack ever get quoted as an authority. Perhaps reporters should at least ask this mouthpiece of an openly antagonistic union that he back up his statements with, oh, I don't know... facts?
    Either that or make clear that they are they passed along as unsupported opinion, or to provide a pretext of context and balance.

  • tired

    hey truth hurts I hear crickets coming from your directions about the 550,000.00 that Nickels approved for The Banneker Company . Where is the outrage !!!!!!!!!

  • Truth Hurts

    tired: read the blog. It's about traffic tickets, not Banneker. Speaking of crickets, got an answer to number 4? Do you know that 80% of Gray's money (not quite 550k) can't vote in the mayoral primary? One city full of crickets.

    Re Banneker, I'm waiting for Gray to wrap up his impartial investigation. I'll comment after I read the report.

  • Lee

    downtown rez wrote: "Perhaps reporters should at least ask this mouthpiece of an openly antagonistic union that he back up his statements with, oh, I don't know... facts?"

    Clearly you are in the bag for Mr. Fenty and possibly as anti-union as he is; however, if you want the facts and don't believe what Baumann is saying, go by his office and ask for the documents. I'm certain he would be happy to provide you with the evidence to support his statements, something you will never get from Mr. Fenty or any member of his team.

  • downtown rez

    Lee- yeah I favor fenty. But why should I need to "go to the office" to ask for documents? I'm calling bullshit here. Post what you got. Don't leave me hanging, big boy.

  • LMAO@this thread
  • Truth Hurts

    LMAO: Not now, nor have I ever been, a Fenty employee. Don't work for or volunteer for his campaign, either. That's the truth. If you still claim otherwise, put your money where your mouth is.

  • DCDem

    I've been stopped and not received a ticket before. Just a warning. There really isn't a story here. And, NO! I am not a Fenty supporter. I deplore the man (on ethics, character, and competence). Whether or not the Mayor gets a ticket is irrelevant to me. That he be allowed to use the D.C. Treasury as his own personal piggy-bank, that DOES bother me.

  • LOL

    I have been caught speeding and gotten a warning. Sometimes you catch a cop on a good day.

    But let's be honest. If I was a cop that pulled a car over and discovered it was the mayor, I would not write a ticket.

  • Manor

    The one time I was pulled over in DC I was also issued a warning. Yawn.

  • Ward 6 Voter

    Last year I "Glided" through a stop sign. Police pulled me over; checked the registration and insurance form; and issued me a warning and told me to pay attention. I felt lucky.

    There comes a time when the media or those who play media don't realize that the effects of their "piling it on" in news reporting begins to have an opposite effect. You guys are beginning to make Fenty into a sympathetic figure.

    I began the year vowing to vote for anyone but Fenty. But at the rate the so called media keep writing these inane silly stories, I wonder what fuels this feeding frenzy.

    I think its time to recheck the Fenty administration's three and a half years in office. Maybe he is worth my vote after all.

  • DCDem

    @ward6voter: presuming your decisions are based on your own fact finding, I'd ignore the silliness of the media and base your vote on your own homework. Journalism just isn't what it used to be. Not at the Washington Post, Washington Times, City Paper, Examiner, etc., etc., etc.

    When newspapers get in the business of endorsing political candidates, their objectivity and credibility is suddenly VERY suspect.

    The City Paper, however, throws silliness, like tickets, about equally to all, Chairman Gray, Councilman Harry Thomas Jr and Adrian Fenty.

    It is the rag not the campaigns of the candidates.

  • tired

    hey Truth hurts get you head out of Fenty's ass. That is some of my tax dollars you jackass I will bring up any damn topic I want to.

  • tired

    correction your head.

  • Truth Hurts

    tired: I don't care about your tax dollars. I care about mine, which are a far more onerous burden than yours. Listen, here's why you look dumber week by week.

    The pattern: You address a comment to me, usually containing illogical or inaccurate statements. I respond, directing you to what I posted and why. Then you call me names.

    The solution: Don't address dumb comments to me, I won't respond to you, and your brain won't short circuit.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Yes, Fenty is absolutely correct that these massive undertakings and projects were done under his administration. But what he fails to realize is that BLACK people, his voters made no money from it. This is why Black voters are going to punish him so badly. They hate his guts.

    In 2006, candidate Fenty came in the neighborhoods and promised jobs and a better way of life for Blacks who were left out of the mix with Anthony Williams' boost to the economy machine. He gave small contracts to community organizers to sell his campaign to the people. It worked! The community organizers made a couple of thousand during campaign season to sell us out! He paid workers $10 per hour to volunteer. It was decent because many were out of work. It was better than nothing. We believed in Fenty's scheme to make jobs available once he became mayor. We fell for Fenty - hook, line and sinker. Allegedly, he paid the homeless $100 for votes. So really, Fenty didn't OWE anything. It was pay as you go.

    Now mayor Fenty was another character. He betrayed people who got him in office; fired hundreds of Black permanent workers or management staff and replaced them with young professionals (mostly white or gay); brought in an Asian to oversee our school system when our relations with that community were about to explode; he did not demand that employers stop hiring illegal immigrants to work on these massive projects that he brags about and hire qualified, skilled, ready and able to work Black people.

    For these reasons and more Black people are going to stomp on Fenty. But what we've got to make them realize is that Gray is just like him. He "rubber stamped" everything that Fenty did. The Council also allowed employers to hire almost a 100,000 illegal immigrants to work and live in the District while other jurisdictions are enforcing laws to stop this. Not one council member or the mayor has introduced legislation to protect the citizens against the onslaught of illegal immigrants taking American/Washingtonian jobs. All of the current elected officials need to be defeated so they can spend the bribery money they took.

  • Jacob

    I strongly support Gray for mayor but let's be serious and call this what it is a total non-issue. Driving around The District on a daily basis I think people who actually do signal their right-turns are less common than those who don't and I don't think I've ever seen anyone ticketed for this particular offense.