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Channel 4’s Sherwood: Kwame Brown Up to Eyeballs in Debt

Channel 4's Tom Sherwood wins the afternoon with this scoop: Kwame Brown’s credit score must look like shit.

Brown is being sued by multiple credit card companies for unpaid debts, late fines and lawyer fees, according to Sherwood.

The documents show Brown owes the American Express company more than $8,000 in late payments and fees. Brown owes Visa more than $25,000 in late payments, penalties and fees for his Signature card. A second visa card has an overdue balance of $22,000.

Brown, who is running against Vincent Orange for D.C. Council chairman, told Sherwood that he takes “full responsibility” for the debts but that it shouldn’t affect his ability to lead the council. He says he and his wife have cut back their spending.

“We’re now living within our means on a very limited budget,” Brown told Sherwood.

Brown, who drives an Cadillac Escalade with his name plastered on it for the campaign, wasn’t shy about throwing money around at the Palisades 4th of July Parade. Part of his “float” included a semi-like truck seen here.

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  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    At-Large D.C. Councilmember Kwame Brown is not too bright. How in the hell can this guy charge up $50,000 on credit cards and expect to be a Chairman on the D.C. City Council? I have watched Kwame on the Channel 13 and Chairing the Economic Committee is over his head. If Linda W. Cropp had still been the Chairperson, she wouldn't have given Kwame Brown such a powerful committee to chair knowing he's not qualified. Gray gave this Chairmanship to this idiot because they both live east of the river in Ward 7.


    Lee E, I am black. Are you mad because I called your black ass out on the carpet? You a so far up in Kwame's asshole, you can smile his shit.



    Lee E, I am black. Are you mad because I called your black ass out on the carpet? You a so far up in Kwame's asshole, you can smell his shit.

    Most politicians aren't worth shit and most are corrupt. How much is Kwame paying you?


    Lee E, by the way, I do have crackers as you refer to whites in my family and I have an Irish ancestry thanks to slavery and interracial marriage in my family.

  • Lee E.

    Jesse Helms are you upset because so many coons know more than you or have advanced far beyond you? They are in the White House, DC Council...etc. Damn I bet you don't even leave the house. What a dumbass redneck! :-))


    Lee E., I attended Bruce Monroe, Sacred Heart, Deal Junior High, and I graduated from Mackin Senior High in 1973. I went on to finish Howard University in 1977 and Georgetown University in 1983. I was born in the old Freedmans Hospital. I think this makes me a Washingtonian.

  • Lee E.

    WARD4NDC -- I guess it made you feel As far as smelling his smells like roses..., and it will be more so when he wins the DC Council seat. Hah!

    Correct: then you are a stank ass fuckwad.

  • Lee E.

    WARD4NDC-- you ARE really feeling I didn't ask for your went there so I followed suit. Who the hell cares where you went to school you are still a first class idiot!


    Lee E fuck you and your fat black ignorant mammy. She should have aborted your stupid ass at birth.


    Lee E aka Kwame Brown, did I make your stupid ass mad? It's obvious, you are Kwame or an ass kisser. Be your own man and stop worshiping corrupt and lying politicians.

  • Jesse Helms

    Lee E and WARD4NDC, you both are jigaboos and if slavery still in place, I would beat both of you like runaway slaves. Kwame is another coon like Marion Barry who caught caught smoking crack in the Vista hotel.

    The coon in the White House will not get reelected. Hispanics will replace all the coons in Congress and the Negroes will suffer at the wrath of Hispanics for their reverse racism. hehe

  • Lee E.

    WARD4NDC- you are seriously feeling worse. Just move out of DC you will feel much happier. Smells like team spirit that Kwame Brown!

  • Jesse Helms

    Kwame Brown is another illiterate corrupt Chimpanzee like Lee E.

    Lee E sucks on Kwame's cock too hard. I guess, he's the bottom in the relationship.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    Here's the video reported by NBC4 Tom Sherwood. Kudos to Mr. Sherwood for reporting this information about D.C. At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown.

    Lee E, you should tell D.C. natives and non natives to move out of the city because they don't support your candidate. I thought, we lived in a democracy?

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    Lee E, you shouldn't tell D.C. natives and non natives to move out of the city because they don't support your candidate. I thought, we lived in a democracy?

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    D.C. At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown is coming up now on News Talk 8 at 4 p.m.

    Turn now to News Talk 8 to hear what Kwame has to say about his financial difficulties.

  • Lee E.

    Dr. Van Helsing, have you even read the comments by WARD4NDC? If that so called Washingtonian was so unhappy with choice of candiates who are running -- then yes-- you should move. Why be unhappy?

    WARD4NDC post:
    Correction to previous post:

    After giving this some serious thought, I cannot see myself voting for Kwame Brown. However, I can't see myself voting Vincent Orange the corporate former PEPCO whore. Vincent Orange attended a 4A ANC meeting last December. Vincent Orange supported the large rate increase PEPCO wanted to add on to District consumers bills. Sandra Mattavous-Frye, Esq., the Deputy People's Counsel For Litigation was at this ANC meeting. The Office of People's Counsel represents District residents. To hell with both Kwame Brown and Vincent Orange. They both are opportunists.

    D.C. voters, residents, and taxpayers are all doomed!

    This is why I said please move.

  • Truth Hurts

    CP: Why don't you "moderate" some of this crap?

  • Truth Hurts

    ABM: I knew we agreed on many things, just nothing Gray (me) and nothing Fenty (you). And re Evans, I'm with you -- holding my nose all the while.

  • SuperS

    Lee E.

    Everyone else is not running for public office, Kwame is and he should be more responsible. We were getting ready to place this man over a billion dollar budget.

  • tired

    ok guys please the name calling has gotten out of hand we can agree to disagree. Jesse helm please go back under the sheet. enough said

  • iLOVEdc

    I was sad to hear this about Kwame, he has truly been a pillar of our community and done a great job as a Councilman at Large. In spite of his mistake regarding his personal debt, I don't see why he shouldn't get my vote. I commend him for taking responsibility and not allowing it to interfere with his job. I'm thankful he hasn't been one of the corrupt officials who take bribes and pass off contracts to their buddies. The man has integrity. And yes, we are handing off a major financial responsibility if we elect him as council chair, but based on his PROFESSIONAL record, he's able, and refreshingly honest. I could never give a vote to VO anyway. No one even knows what the man DID at Pepco! What were his accomplishments? So far Kwame has been open and transparent about his mistakes and long list of accomplishments ACROSS THE CITY. According to the record, Kwame has accomplished more economic development projects in Ward 5 than VO did. That doesn't even include what he's done for other parts of the city.

  • Grace Jones

    I don't see myself voting fot Kwame Brown or Vincent Orange. It saddens me, qualifications and integrity no longer matters when running for public office. Is there anyone out there worth voting for in the District of Columbia?

  • Jesse Helms

    LEE E has the AIDS virus caused you to go insane? I think it has. Please go take your medication and pink out the pink castet you will be buried in. Your days are numbered on earth. You can come join me in hell seated at the right hand of Satan.

  • Brahmin

    I don't believe credit is an indicator of character but....

    How do you have a steady job for 6 years and owe this kind of money without it being paid!!!!!!!!!

    I have seen people slip when they lose their job. But this????????