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Hear Dave McKenna (And Riggo) On TV

City Paper's Cheap Seats columnist Dave McKenna will appear on MASN tonight at 5 p.m., on the John Riggins Show, which the network just brought back (perhaps because Riggo's collection of YouTube rants about the Redskins were such a hit last season). The show will also be broadcast on the radio, on WTOP-3, the all-news station's digital high-definition feed.

Tune in to hear McKenna, whose column last week took note of Redskins GM Bruce Allen's newest role—season ticket pitchman. (Update: This post originally said you could see McKenna, but as he's advised in the comments, MASN has opted—perhaps wisely?—to take an audio feed only from him. You'll have to keep waiting for McKenna video.)

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  • Dave McKenna

    MM: thanks a heap for the promo, which I of course generated with an email about my Riggins Show appearance...but i must correct one little thing, that's really a huge thing: for the sake of the viewers, i'm scheduled to be audio-only, from the WTOP studios, while Riggo will be appearing onscreen from a remote MASN location and heard through your hi-def radios.

  • Mike Madden

    Thanks, Dave—I'll note that above, too.

  • Impressed

    Watched and listened on MASN and was impressed. The topic was Snyder, which is always entertaining and guaranteed to get the blood boiling.

    Dave has the goods on the nefarious Danny Boy and he spilled them with cogent tales of Snyder's sleazy dealings at Six Flags, and even how Snyder tried to pull the FedEx Parking/Public Safety scam at a Six Flags Park in Agawam, Massachusetts.

    Great job, Dave. Great show.

    And Snyder is still welcome to take up the late Myron Cope's wise suggestion and go stick his head in a can of paint.

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