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Vincent Gray’s Education Plan Takes Aim At Fenty Ribbon Cuttings


Mayoral hopeful Vincent Gray released his education plan today which places heavy emphasis on transparency, citizen involvement, and giving charter schools more respect (but have they earned it?). On the Michelle Rhee front: He endorses a strong chancellor, but stops short of endorsing Rhee's top-down style. Embedded in all the lofty rhetoric, there's a few good digs at Mayor Fenty. The best one: Gray vows to "put an immediate end to management by ribbon-cutting and sound bites." You can read the full report here. (Hat Tip: Bill Turque)

*file photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Truth Hurts

    That's a great plan. But where's the beef?

  • Sally

    And his birth to age 24 plan is going to be paid exactly?

  • tired

    Sally please where are you going with this? Rhee is pathetic and they need to get rid of George
    Parker the turncoat.

  • LOL

    Sally is going for fenty. she knows that there is already a big chunk of city money going to pay for birth to age 24 now. [I guess she will want my ip address now]

  • hymesb


    Who thought up that corny line.

    "Management by ribbon-cutting"

    Ribbon cutting is "executing".It starts implementation. It is not about "Managing". Learn the difference please.

    Every ribbon cutting means that things are getting done. Novel idea for DC though.

  • Ward 6 Voter

    Where did you all find that "file photo" of Gray? He looks like he is well beyond the help of any undertaker.

  • Sally

    Gray's plan to pay for all this is to "fix" special ed and thereby save $200 million a year.

    That's about as realistic as his hair color.

  • bigv frm tennessee

    Please!! Gray's plan is a spin-off from Fenty's plagiarized curriculum from Charlotte-Macklenburg, N.C. Gray has a bunch of old cronies and idiots surrounding him getting bogus contracts like the Lottery and waiting in the cut for some more handouts. But it's not going to happen.

    It's one thing to have a vision of your own and be able to articulate it. It’s another to put forth another person’s vision and not be able to understand it yourself. At the forums, Gray is putting people to sleep trying to explain something he doesn’t quite understand.

    The problem though is the group of supporters that follow this dummy cheering everything he says. It’s obvious that they don’t know anything about education and neither do the reporters who wrote this article.

    What is going on with Sulaimon Brown? He clings to Gray and brushes against him like their lovers. He can’t answer questions intelligently and needs to drop out.