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Tiger Woods + Rae Carruth = Creepy Good Sportstalk!


Good talk-radio hosts let listeners know how they really feel, even when they shouldn't. LaVar Arrington is a good talk-radio host.

And on yesterday's show on WJFK, when the topic of Tiger Woods' alleged $750 million divorce settlement came up, Arrington went off.

After saying the legal system is "sexist" in divorce settlements, Arrington blurted: "That's why you have people like Rae Carruth behind bars!."*

Rae Carruth was the Carolina Panthers receiver who arranged and participated in the slaying of his eight-months-pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams,on a North Carolina highway in 1999.

Arrington's remark had an "Ewwwwwww!" factor through the roof. It stopped the show cold for a few seconds. Others in the studio tried to get Arrington to not use the Woods' settlment to justify the savage murder of a woman with child, but the ex-Skins linebacker kept going.

"You don't think that's going through Tiger Woods' mind?" he said. "That's a gang of money! That's a gang of money!"**

Everybody but LaVar knew he shouldn't have said it. Good talk radio.

*Apologies to The Great Dan Steinberg for poaching his Steinographic methods


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  • Rick Mangus

    That has got to be the worst photo I have ever seen, he looks like he should be standing next to Dan Aykroyl and Jane Curtin in a 'Coneheads' skit from SNL on his way to the planet, Remulak, or is he from, "France"!

  • sedcdude

    Shouldn'ta said it, are you kidding me, should be A CLASS on it!!

    PC and feel good tell em' what they anna hear is what's killing AMERIKKKA and empowering women an the femminist agenda to the point that MEN can't be MEN in this kuntry anymore!

    She was a damn NANNY for christ sakes who struck it rich because a MAN was BEING A MAN, GTFOH, I APPLAUD YOUR CANDOR LAVAR!

    Rae Carruth will ALWAYS be an option!


    Dave McKenna, I thought the City Paper focused on local issues? Why are you discussing this topic. I didn't see you discuss liberal Senator Harry Reid state, whites only voted for President Obama because he doesn't have a Negro dialect. Stay focused City paper and focus on local D.C. stories.

  • K

    secdude, I believe it is spelled "cuntry" these days. It's in Webster's, look it up.