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Shooting in Congress Heights

An adult male was shot this afternoon near Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE and Malcolm X Avenue SE. Police say the victim is conscious and alert. D.C. EMTs are transporting him, in serious condition, to a trauma center. Peaceaholics founder Ron Moten tells City Paper the victim is a 34-year-old man, and the shooting came after an argument. (A nearby Peaceaholics office called him to update him.)

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  • Rick Mangus

    Over drugs no doubt! Tell me Rend Smith why is this news worthy?, this is a common pratice in that part of town and I for one don't give a shit!

  • taye

    RIck Mangus, obviously you do give a s..t, because you made this comment.....

  • something 2 think about

    You ever notice that whenever the Peaceoholics are on the hot seat and when their funding is threatened a shooting occurs almost immediatly afterwards on their "turf"?

    Tuesday night CM Brown held a fact finding meeting at the Wilson building to investigate the 5 million loan given to the Peaceoholics (in a sole source agreement) to open group homes - including one in Congress Heights. This meeting was of particular interest because the Peaceoholic proposed "independent living facility" for juvenile offenders or whomever (its still not clear) would be in violation of DC law Title 11, and which is the primary reason that residents in the neighborhood strongly oppose such a facility on their block. A group home that would join four other group homes within a residental block.

    Before Tuesday night's meeting was called to order Ron Moten tells the room, "there have been a lot of shootings over there...there's about to be a lot more."

    Makes you wonder...

    And before the Peaceoholics threatens to sue someone else for slander they should know that meeting was taped and you can hear Ron's comment clear as a bell.

  • Rick Mangus

    'taye', I made this comment because this is a NON NEWS STORY in anybodies book, this is what's called in the Biz., FLUFF or FILLER!

  • tired

    What is Ron Moten looking for now a police salary? Ron crawl back under a rock.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Also so when is the 'City Paper' becoming the press agent for Ron Moten and the so-called 'Peaceoholics', tell me Rend Smith, we ALL would like to know!

  • se resident

    Thank you for specifying where this happened and providing a map. SE is big, and those of us who live here appreciate knowing where stuff is happening.

    And for Rick Mangus, my particular neighborhood in DC has half the national crime rate, according to security company ADT's handy map. So this is not a regular event over here. Capitol Hill has more issues than my area (and no, I'm not just referring to Congress).

  • Rick Mangus

    'se resident', not in the area shown on the map!