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Vincent Gray To Offer Education Plan Tomorrow

D.C. Council Chairman and Mayoral Hopeful Vincent Gray has announced that he will finally roll out his education plan tomorrow at 2 p.m. Here are the details from the press release:

"The event, to be held tomorrow at Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School, comes days after Gray participated in an education forum sponsored by the Young Education Professionals of DC. Copies of his plan will be available to members of the press prior to the event."

Whatever the plan may include, Gray might not have Michelle Rhee to head up his ideas. Today, Rhee implied that she might not stick around under a Gray administration. She made her comments to WAMU.

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  • Truth Hurts

    You should report the reasons she gave. Lot's of folks are too lazy to click on the link.

  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Queen Rhee needs to take Maser Fenty back with her to California. Both of them deserve one another.
    Emancipation Day (sept.14th) can't get here fast

  • Jamie

    She didn't give any reasons except she thinks that Grey "might not" be committed to education the way Fenty is. What is that supposed to mean?

    All this does is confirm that she's in this for one person: Michelle Rhee. She's setting herself up to blame Gray for her own failure. So much for commitment, tenacity, willingness to work with people.

    And Fenty? The man who is so committed to education that he canceled his scheduled debate with Gray on that very issue? Please.

  • Truth Hurts

    Gotta love "the details from the press release". The details, in short, are that Fenty's bad, One City Gray is good, and Gray's deliberating on the actual details.

  • Rick Mangus

    Ms. Rhee is the best thing that happen to the schools in this city! The teachers union has been feeding their line of bullshit too long in this town and the ignorant citizens fall for it!

  • Jason Cherkis

    If Rhee was committed, she'd stay no matter what. Period. The fact that she's playing political games is sad. The city needs consistent leadership at DCPS. Rhee doesn't seem like she wants to be that consistent leader if she's willing to snipe at Gray on behalf of her boss.

  • Truth Hurts

    Oh please, Cherkis. You and everyone else with a brain knows Gray's going to axe her if he wins. And guess what? She has a brain and enough self-respect to say "I quit" before Gray says "You're fired".

  • Keith B

    It's a nice thought, Jason, but I don't think many pols have stuck around to work for bosses who've made clear even before campaign season that they'd be tossing them out.

    If the new WCP editor thought you were doing a crap job, and said as much quite often, would you keep writing for City Desk to prove him wrong? Would you stick around because of your commitment to keep us, the readers, informed? I mean, I'd be impressed if you did; but not surprised if you didn't.

  • downtown rez

    You've either a) sunk to a new personal low in yellow journalism, or b) you are trolling for comments on your own website, or c) all of the above.
    I'd call even odds on any of the above.

    And by the way, if you think DCPS needs constant leadership, than you should be a Fenty voter. Because there is no way Gray shares your beliefs. Or, if he does, his supporters are sadly misled.

  • candycane1

    She's an authority to speak to ones committment based on what? It seems to me that she is planning her own exit. Foot in mouth once again. If she plans to stay, the common sense thing would be to not burn any more bridges. She's burned many beginning with the many no shows to council hearings, her view that consensus building is overrated, her statement, " I don't take that crap." Her constant belief that she is the only one right and everyone else is wrong to include disputing the NAEP results simply because a council member brought it to her attention.

    In Fenty she has known that she had a not so bright boss and that he didn't question her because he didn't know what questions to ask.

    When the budget was adjusted, signed off by the legislative branch and then signed off by the mayor, her boss, the signature of authority, that scaled back summer school and saved jobs, what did she do?

    She ignored the signature of her boss and created a RIF. In ALL instances that is an act of insubordination.

    Rhee knew Fenty was not capable of keeping up with her and she has done what she wanted without seeking his approval. It shows how little he knows when the only thing he can say when questioned is, "the chancellor's handling that." That's the reason he didn't show up for the debate. You can't talk about what you don't know about. School takeover was his priority but he can't articulate progress, failures, reform efforts or anything else. He can say "test scores are up" but he can't articulate what the data represents.

    A new boss is going to expect that she conducts herself like a professional, be responsive, accountable and report for duty like the government employee under contract that she is. The biggest problem with Rhee is that she will have to become the employee that she was hired to be and not the celebrity that she has created. The comment about Gray's committment is evidence that professionalism is still something she has yet to learn.

    If she's stupid enough to say that she can attest to one's comittment, then she should leave and when the next experienced leader arrives(he/she will have my prayers), then we will find out what the real damage has been.

  • DC Voter

    After six years on the City Council Gray is finally coming up with an Education Plan. Better late than never I guess.

  • Truth Hurts

    Four years from now he'll explain what it means. Is he not cutting ribbons because he's not building anything? Or is he not cutting ribbons because he doesn't care about kids? Maybe he'll commission a study to deliberate on his answer.

  • Olu

    rhee makes sense.

    fenty's pledge to take over & reform the school system played out exactly how it should have.

    he brought rhee in (knowing her past as a catalyst for improvement in education; 'TNTP' for example) to cater a similar effect for the district's school system as she had in new york.

    rhee took the job with understanding of the mayor's position on school reform, realizing that he would have much input & involvement while at the same time allowing her a degree of comfort that it was essentially her show to run.
    (i dont believe she took the job to be viewed as DC government employee, but as an entirely different entity alongside the mayor. so insubordination really doesnt boil much in her vocabulary)

    however, as fenty began to FULLY understand the toll of being mayor to a city such as ours, the complete "overhaul" he imagined slowly faded into obscurity. in this, rhee inherited even more authority over the school system. all fenty could really do WAS offer "unequivocal support".

    im not a HUGE fan of michelle rhee, but the lady is actually doing what she signed on to do. ethics questionable, yes. but change doesnt happen overnight, (as evident in our current US President's stint--not a shot at Obama) nor does it happen in just a couple of years. in order to reach COMPLETE success, unorthodox practices are key. drastic cutbacks & changes are key. this city is way too eager to attain a pinnacle of excellence but not willing to accept what comes with. there is no denying that progress, whether it be small or deemed insignificant, has been made with this current administration. instead of attempting to move out what doesnt seem to be working, or truthfully, what doesnt seem to be working for YOU, how about we allow what we have in place to actually manifest. if gray moves into office, surprise surprise, we have to restart and try again. and for wanting no part of that, michelle rhee should catch no blame.

    i agree with some of the posts above (namely # 7&8)..but i do understand the stance positions held by the others. its all up for debate.

    if you really feel as if rhee, fenty, or anyone in a position of authority that is fueled by "the people" has let you and this city down....

    then make a move. how about YOU take a shot at it.

    ...just sayin.

    (btw-this was non edited..excuse me if its 'confused')

  • sedcdude

    RHEE is a joke, if she is so committed, so professional and such a TRAILBLAZER as has been REPORTED and perturbed by MANGEE RICK, then why leave based on who is or ain't MAYOR??

    Please RHEE, let the doorknob hit'chu where the good laawd split'chu!!