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Assault Rifle Stolen from Maryland Cop

Montgomery County police are on the lookout for a stolen cache of police gear—including an assault rifle.

According to a press release, an officer who lives in Brookville, Md., had his unmarked police car parked outside of his residence in the 2500 block of Sappling Ridge Drive between 9:00 p.m. on Monday and 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Sometime during the night, a thief showed up.

"During the night an unknown suspect broke into the vehicle and stole a Colt M-4 Rifle, two loaded M-4 magazines, two sets of handcuffs, two Montgomery County Police badges, an ASP baton, and two loaded .40 caliber Glock magazines," authorities said. "The officer discovered the gun and equipment missing the next morning."

An M-4 is a semi-automatic assault rifle that can fire 700 – 950 rounds per minute.The release doesn't identify the officer involved, but he or she is probably in big trouble.

"It is not a normal practice or policy of the Montgomery County Police Department officers and detectives to store their weapons and other serialized equipment overnight in a marked or unmarked police vehicle," the release notes.

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  • jq

    wrong. this rifle is capable of firing 700+ rounds per minute in fully automatic mode. theoretically. magazines typically hold no more than 30 rounds at a time. on full auto and at a rate of 10 rounds per second, the magazine will be empty in 3 seconds. unless someone is carrying 25+ magazines on their person and can change them at an astronomical speed, there is no way you can fire that many rounds in a minute. let's also not forget that most of these rifles do not even have have a fully auto mode - simply because it is pointless.
    there is no denying that it is a dangerous weapon and the fact that it is missing is cause for concern, but choosing the highest and potentially scariest stat from another website and posting it as news is reckless. do some research.

  • smash44

    True jq: it's impossible to change magazines that fast. But the specs that matters the most are a range of 1968 ft (close to half a mile) and a muzzle velocity of 2900 ft/sec. Somebody that has great manual dexterity and sufficient time with the gun could possibly get five to seven mags discharged at 30 rounds per in a minute's time. That's 150 to 210 rounds that could be fired in one minute. This is an extremely dangerous weapon.

  • Guth

    Semi-automatic is where the gun fires one shot per pull of the trigger. The M4 is fully-automatic. In other words, because of a careless cop, a criminal is out on the streets with A MACHINE GUN paid for by the taxpayers. Speaking of which, if you saw the news on Ch4 this morning they showed an view from the chopper and this cop lives in a neighborhood for millionaires! Your tax dollars at work.

  • Rick Mangus

    According to police procedures ALL weapons are to be removed from the vehicle and stored safely, this officer did screw up big time, no question!

  • sedcdude