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No last call for SoberRide, after all

Go ahead and drink all you want this holiday weekend: free cabs will be around to tote you home from the bar once again.

Just before the Fourth of July, the organizers of SoberRide managed to scrape together the $31,000 they needed to keep the program running. MillerCoors kicked in $15,000 (which, presumably, it'll make back this weekend, one silver bullet at a time), and GEICO and anti-drunk driving group the Century Council each ponied up $5,000. The Restaurant Association of Washington chipped in $2,000.

Of course, there's no guarantee you won't have to wait several drunken hours for the free ride home. Still—happy birthday, America!

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  • Really?

    Does anyone actually use this? Sounds like a there might be a $30k overhead cost and $1k to free rides.