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Community Service Soon Over for Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert's trusty Kimber Eclipse

His trusty Kimber Eclipse

Gilbert Arenas is in compliance. In fact, the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency tells City Desk the basketball star and former halfway-house resident is almost finished with his community service. Gilbert was ordered by a judge to complete 400 hours of community service after his armed antics at the Verizon Center.

The player's supervision was remanded to Virginia. He has been required to complete 100 hours of community service per month. Arenas cannot complete the hours at a basketball clinic and has to spend some time speaking to "youthful offenders about violence and firearms and the dangers associated with them."

Areans was also given 30 days in a halfway house, a suspended sentence of 18 months, and 2 years probation. He's been completing his community service at schools and non-profits.     

Photo from a prosecution sentencing memorandum in the Arenas case

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  • Rick Mangus


  • edwin smith

    Now that the unloaded gun incident is history, let us get back to square one so this man can get back to ordinary life as a professional basketball player. It is amazing that those that refuse to forgive are the very ones that need forgiveness for their less-than-perfect lives. Arenas will bave a great season as leading scorer of the Washington Wizards. Count on it...