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Anonymous Tip Leads Cops to Crack-Carrying Fenty Canvasser

Demitrius Eccles, 29, the Fenty campaign canvasser arrested for selling crack, was turned in by a concerned citizen. Court documents reveal that his bust was the result of an anonymous tip:

"The caller advised Officer Edelen that a guy named Demitrius Eccles was selling crack cocaine in the 6200 and 6300 block of Georgia Ave. NW and advised officer Edelen of Mr. Eccles cell phone number."

Armed with info from the mysterious tipster (a Vincent Gray supporter, maybe?), the officer had an undercover cop call Eccles on his cell and set up a buy.

Sometime later, the undercover officer and Eccles met beside a car wash in the 6300 block of Georgia Avenue NW.  Eccles allegedly sold the cop two pieces of crack for $45. The hand-off thus completed, Eccles walked away. Cops moved in to arrest him. Spotting the advancing threat, Eccles ran for it, court papers show. Cops pursued and had almost cornered him when a wily Eccles ducked behind a fence. He was eventually spotted, however, and took off running again–this time cops grabbed him.

Eccles has a criminal record that includes a 2005 conviction for assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to NBC Washington, Helen Hare, campaign spokeswoman for Mayor Adrian Fenty, was none too happy about the idea of Fenty campaign workers selling drugs and dodging police: "The Fenty campaign does not condone this alleged behavior. Our canvassers are constantly supervised. Mr. Eccles was not working at the time of his arrest and is no longer on the campaign."

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  • Rick Mangus

    Sounds like dirty tricks and the Nixon campaign of 1972!

  • downtown rez

    Or maybe Eccles was one of those complaining about how the Mayor doesn't do enough on the jobs front.
    There's a good reason some folk are unemployed. Just saying.

  • Truth Hurts

    Gray Greeter Gives Up Greedy Gangsta While Gray Grabs Gobs of Greenbacks From Greater Baltimore Felon Frat Bro Bruce Bereano.

  • wallfly

    Truth: champing at the bit are we? in the Comments section?

  • proballdc

    Just like Fenty's loyal subjects to suggest this is somehow dirty tricks on the part of the Gray campaign. They would rather the guy be allowed to peddle his poison than face the fact that he was aligned with the Fenty gangsta crew.

    This does demonstrate, however, the type of people being courted to represent the Fenty campaign. The Fenty campaign has hired unscrupulously aggressive campaign staffers, mostly young people, that kick over or steal signs in yards, put bumper stickers on cars without permission and chase citizens down who don't want to speak with them. I would imagine that this guy was hired by Sinclair Skinner who runs the field campaign. I am not at all surprised. When Fenty has to go to the "hood" in Prince Georges county to get young children to do the grunt work, that speaks volumes about where his campaign is going. Was that a flush I just heard?

  • candycane1

    Fenty has pissed off a lot of people. Why wouldn't this situation be true to the same? He pissed somebody off and somebody in "his" organization dropped the dime. For the spokesperson to say that the Fenty workers are constantly supervised would also suggest that they must be condoning the constant thief and destruction of Gray signs in the yards of many. The crack situation is most unfortunate but I'm not suprised!

  • Brahmin

    How can you insinuate without facts that it may have been a Gray supporter?

    I know it is a column but that is kissing the door of liable. It is weighted as fact.

    For all we know it was a Fenty staffer just uncomfortable with what they have to be associated with. Or a neighbor that saw evidence. I cannot imagine what it must be like being on the inside of the Fenty campaign. That would be a million dollar story. You come to the Fenty campaign as your first drop out of college or arriving in DC. Like a telemarketing scam they greet you, introduce you to other young folks and sell you a bunch bs--you then hit the street thinking your job will be easy. He is the incumbent, he has done all these great things, and then reality hits. Doors are slammed in your face, people argue with you, Mayor Fenty himself fairs no better without people in ward 3/6 pretending he is a parasite. (Arene't these our neighborhoods) And in the middle of peddling the kool aid you start to see evidence of how its made.

    If you are still around after two weeks, that makes half of you...the campaign rides you guys hard--and fires as a means of correction. Then you meet Ron Moten and his rag tag band of paid from the street corner staff, making your already strained office environment a little more crazy. You did not sign on for this.

    You did not come to Washington DC to be part of the Obama administration answer an add in Roll Call to end up with the likes of Ron Moten and crew.

    Some of the early crew are so cute..don't know DC and couldn't find the Wilson Bldg if we dropped in front of 13th and Penn--but they are/were adorable in all their potential. IE the dime drop could have came from anyone.

  • candycane1

    Major mistake in my earlier post, sorry! It should have read "theft"

    One more point:Does it matter who the someone is that dropped a dime on a crack dealer? The fact that somebody or anybody called the police should make the article read: Law abiding and concerned citizen tipped the police that led to the successful arrest of a crack dealer working in the Fenty campaign. That's really more appropriate. Isn't that what the Lanier is always asking for, community help and support?

  • Truth Hurts

    @ wallfly: Just having some fun with the alliteration crazy lead while hoping to shame/embarrass any DC area reporter into looking at Bereano/Gray's fund raising antics.

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