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Kojo: “What’s With The Hatred of Adrian Fenty?”

Must watch commentary from Kojo. Is Fenty anti-poor people? Or is Kojo right that the anti-Fenty anger is a little over the top?

My two cents: When you spend $400,000 on a dog park while D.C. General's emergency shelter is overcrowded, a case can be made that Fenty's priorities lean a little in the anti-poor people column. When your proposed budget leans heavily on cuts to social services—including big-time layoffs at CFSA and proposed cuts to foster parent stipends and emergency housing funds—while the only time you step out into the public eye is to attend ribbon cuttings, a case can be made you don't care about poor people. When homeless men are stuck living in trailers and homeless families have to stay in motels while your AG Peter Nickles stonewalls wastefully on class-action cases and suing special-education plaintiffs attorneys, you may be perceived as anti-poor people. When the head of the Department of Human Services is a former Bushie, you may be perceived as anti-poor people.

And finally, when the District's unemployment rate hovers between 11 and 10 percent, and you say next to nothing on jobs, you may be perceived as anti-poor people. We know more about Fenty's abs than his thoughts on job creation. Tell me, what has Fenty done or said on the unemployment issue?

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    Fenty and his administration are banking on growing the appeal of DC to attract residents to pay for all the social services that large % of the population needs. I personally think this is a smart approach.

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    I know this is media late to the party but this is a settled issue for a lot of people. And can we talk about a new topic. The media is just saying it to evoke a ratings bonaza because then there topic board lights up. Move to a new subject.

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    By the way it is even dubious for what Brooklander is saying because if people are unemployed they cannot pay into the tax base. He hasn't even enforced the hiring of District resident to the level Mayor Williams did.

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    oh my god, only someone as out of touch with the world as Jason Cherkis could write this. What a piece of non-journalism. Shockingly shockingly badly written. When is Michael Schaeffer going to replace him?

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    Now let's see, how can Fenty "create" jobs, since DC is about to tip over into deficit spending (just like the good ole federal government)? The other issues brought up are easy to hang around Fenty's neck. Jobs are a different story.

    Why don't we just put Marion Barry back in as Mayor? He was great at creating jobs. Unfortunately, most of the people with those jobs now live in Maryland.

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    The whole $400K dog park thing has got to be the lamest criticism of this administration I've ever heard. How many dog owners are there in this city? How many parks does DC have where dogs are allowed off leash? Over the past year, how many millions have been spent on parks and recs construction? What percentage of that was spent on parks and recs for kids and adults, vs kids and adults who happen to own dogs? How do these respective spending figures compare with spending on school renovations and other improvements, which is arguably the single greatest thing that can be done by any mayor to help break the cycle of chronic and multigenerational poverty?
    And what should that money have instead been spent on? One year's worth of eight low wage, dead end jobs (including benefits?)
    LOL. What ridiculous horseshit. I'm just waiting for "someone" to start implying that Kojo isn't black enough.

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    'Jason Cherkis', should write about news and not comment about what people are writing about in this blog! Where did you get your degree from an on-line correspondence course from a ad on the back of a METRO bus!

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    fuck you. I pay my taxes and want a dog park. if someone who doesn't wants to pay their rent or figure their shit out they can do the same as my momma did and clean fucking houses through their arthritis. she came illegally from Columbia without speaking any English yet still managed to put two kids through public schools ALONE AND college, and still works at 60. fuck all the freeloaders.

    note: I am not calling all the folks in the safety net freeloaders and fully support keeping it funded but to criticize a single fucking dog park as emblemic of this mayors shortcomings is bullshit. where the fuck should my tax money go? schools? I have no kids. Metro? I dont ride it and evidently I am a slavery supporter for thinking they should hold people accountable. Police? sure, I would support that if they could put three queens in jail for stabbing a bitch in his sleep. BUT THEY CAN"T EVEN DO THAT. all I am saying is that some of my ridiculously high taxes need to come back to me. otherwise I am moving to VA.

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    So I listened to Kojo. In answer to your question LL, yes, he's absolutely right. And Kojo didn't just say the anti-Fenty crowd was a little over the top. His criticism of one city's tea baggeresque haters' incivility was quite a bit stronger than that.

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    Jason, you may have been better received if you put those links in the original posting as hyperlinks. You cannot assume that people know what you are talking about. You also have to get thicker skin. This isn't the post. The comments spare no one.

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    LOL@Rick. Where is NOODLEZ? Is he still alive?

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    deecee foodeee, you sound like a bitter QUEEN yourself. I think it's a good idea to move to Virginia and take you illegal alien fat Colombia mammy with you. Better yet, I should call ICE on the "cow".

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    Colombian mammy!

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    Kojo is on the downlow giving King Fenty head in some dark alley with Sinclair Skinner and the rest of his frat. brothers.

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    What the hell is that in Kojo's hands? Is that paper? What are those... ARE THEY NOTES?
    I could never trust anyone who reads from notes.
    Shit. He must not be a Washingtonian after all. I bet he still has Guyanese citizenship. I bet he still wants to invade the Wilson Building and "accidentally" shoot Marion Barry.

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    Jason I will defend you. I don't typically defend City Paper writers but I will this time.

    To the Fenty campaign team who have logged on to bash this article--you can argue with nothing here.

    The facts have been cited, the article was pretty well written and here is something you may not know there are articles and there are columns.

    Now I know many of you campaign staffers just graduated college or not, you do not know the difference between articles and columns.

    Here is a cursory education.

    Article: 3. A nonfictional literary composition that forms an independent part of a publication, as of a newspaper or magazine.

    Column:-- regular article: an item in a newspaper or magazine that is always written by the same person or is always about the same subject

    If you are reading for the who, what, where and when--you are most likely reading an article. If you can find the featured writer and they take a witty stance with a litle bit of a bent--you are reading a column.

    If you chose to say a dog park is more important than a daycare center. That is a valid difference of opinion on policy. And we the voters can choose to go elsewhere to get a mayor more in line with what we want. That fair.

    If you want to use racial language and attribute everything to Barry while Mayor Fenty is trying desperately to replicate his summer jobs program with no money and actually no job training leading to actual permanent jobs--that is quite sad. The summer jobs program mayor Fenty has run has broke the city with little to show in lower numbers--at least Barry can point to accomplishment that still stand.

    Welcome to the city...Fenty staffer. And when Fenty fires you (not if) he goes through people like toilet paper you will be on all those programs you detest.

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    I'm fine with dog parks. But can someone explain to me why the city had to spend $400,000 on one? Aren't dog parks just fields with fences? Or does this particular dog park have like a Whole Foods just for dogs in it?

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    Jason - Your op-ed articles masquerading as news articles are tiresome. I've dropped the Loose Lips Daily because it's intolerable to read your never-ending rants. The Daily DeBonis is far, far better.

    Yes $400k is a lot for a dog park. But to say that spending $400k on a dog park in an area with minimal social welfare needs is an outrage is a huge leap of logic. It completely ignores the billions of dollars spent on the multitudes of social welfare programs. It's a non sequitor.

    And that's the last time I bother reading anything by you in the City Paper. Your writing has ruined whatever credibility the paper had.

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    Jason: Can you find out why 3 of my postings are "awaiting moderation"? One for more than 3 days now?

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    You should leave this one alone.

    Gray is doing a straight tea-bag campaign. Race-baiting and muck racking. Nothing else to say about it. When you encourage people to activily disrespect the sitting mayor, you are going overboard. The office deserves that if nothing else. But Gray wants everything as toxic as possible.

    And,concerning the dog park, if you havn't noticed. People LOVE their dogs. Saying "just a dog park" is like saying "it's just a day care." Again, People LOVE (and spend tons of money on) their Dogs.

    And, in a 9 billion dollar budget, $400,000 is not a lot of money. It is a decent small office building. Or, two of barry's faux non-profits. Also, genius, it keeps owners from having thier dogs shit on other people's lawn.

  22. 67yroldGraygot"sick"lastweek


    You don't usually defend them because they aren't usually this obvious about thier affinities. This is clearly a Public Relations Rebuttal. Mr Gray, the firm you contracted with is losing a step.

    Anyway, there is no argument to be made. Kojo is correct.

    I hated George Bush. Hated him. He was an absolute disaster as a President. I can't recall a Democratic Senator or Congressman that was as personally disrespectful of Bush as Gray is of Fenty.

    Can you imagine a Senator getting going to the media because Bush wouldn't rspond to his request for baseball tickets? Really, who would sound like the fool? Or, that Bush had his pool heated. Or that he didn't know the details of Bush's security plans. And, not one would allow his supporters to pass around "SLAP BUSH" flyers at a polling place. And they wouldn't get away with merely denying association. They would be called to DENOUNCE IT.

    Gray is trying to be Sarah Palin to Obama. Do you really think that Gray's campaign didn't have anything to do with the "SLAP FENTY" flyers? If you are a fool say yes.

    And, here is the thing, Gray says that he supports Fenty's agenda. Even though his actions say the exact opposite. For example,He found 47 million in about a half an hour after the "undecided" voters told him to get right on those street cars or die. He even sits there and acts like he doesn't know if he will keep Rhee. If that ain't a snake oil sailsman I don't know one.

    Gray cannot debate on the issues or past performance (his or Fenty's). So, it must be about personality. Therefore, the more Fenty accomplishes. The more his personality must be called into question.

    Gray has had an accomplished life. At 67 years old, he has seen a lot. However, if you listed everyting he has ever done as a professional and ranked them...not one of them would rank Fenty's 10. Therefore, he ccan't go that rout.

    I suggest that Fenty has accomplished so much (School reform, Parks, Police, snow removal) that Gray must inspire near hatred in Fenty's opponents (because they are not neccessarily his supporters). Remember, although Fenty won every precint last time, he also had a lot of people that voted against him. They were always opponents. There has never been a time when Fenty wasn't booed in certain places.

    And, to be fair, Fenty has also made mistakes. Not just in perception. But in reality. Fenty's fervent apologies to the Gay community show that to be true. In my opinion, Fenty is too Loyal. He should have corrected Rhee in those firings. But, he came hard with the teachcers contract to make better. Skinner should be shot out of a cannon and land back in Alabama or wherever he came from...but he didn't break a law. Fenty was probably too neutral. Or, too focused on the outcome to notice. But be clear...those parks were not going to be built otherwise. Please remember the Street you think that is the first time? If you are a fool, say yes.

    So, Gray argues that Fenty is childish , opaque and arrogant. I think...he is 38, intensly focused, and a wonderfully dedicated talent. Who is correct? For Gray, all that matters is that the question is the central issue in the minds of voters. Performance can't be the mesure

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    Since you are limited to piggy backing and criticing real reporters I thougt I would give you a fresh angle. Vincent Gray's Health. Are we going to get a copy of Gray's health records. Does or did he have prostrate Cancer? Is he diabetic?

    His health is at least as relevant as Fenty's vacation schedule. If Mr. Gray is willing to share is vacation schedule...i know he is willing to let us know if he has physical aliments that will effect his ability to do his job.

    He went to the hospital and missed three days of campaigning last week. The reason "sniffles." That seems like alot for sniffles. Since he is 67 is it unreasonably to ask if he is healthy enough to work 4-8 years from now. And, he looks sick.

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    'Hymesb', I don't like Gray or Fenty, but Gary's health should not be an issue, he's not running for President Of The United States! Gray's running for Mayor of a highly dysfunctional city!

    Bring back Carol Schwartz!, we need her!

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    I agree with @Brahmin, Fenty has destroyed every social program that helps people in need. Mr. Fenty is taking the credit for all of former Mayor, Anthony Williams' initiatives such as school modernization, parks and recreation. The former Mayor, Williams left this city with a multi-million dollar surplus, and in less than three years, Fenty has this city almost bankrupt. There are many reasons why people don't like Fenty, such as losing your job because of M. Rhee's fake-RIFs. Fenty will have to live with the backlash from citizens, that he has made during his administration.

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    There are valid engineering reasons why a particular park might cost more or less. Surfacing, substrate, drainage, EIS, etc. If you are seeking understanding about a specific project, why not should ask DPR, someone in the neighborhood, the local ANC or the park partner org?
    What real purpose does posting the question as a comment to a blog post serve, other than to not so subtly reiterate the premise of your article?

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    The Gray campaign has nothing to do with fanning the flames against Mayor Fenty. Were they there at those graduations and civics events he was booed at. No.

    Mayors are booed at times but this one seems more disliked than others.

    You have to be a bit slow not to recognize this is a column not an article. And even slower to not realize the reason they allow you to chose your own name is because you leave behind an ip address. So they know when an overload comes from one Georgia avenue campaign office.

    Fenty cannot point fingers. The accounts of the Fenty campaign staff have been well documented by diverse residents, thuggish staff pulling out yard signs, fighting with other campaigns, putting in Fenty signs unathorized,harassing woman and apparently getting arrested.

    You can accuse but proof is evident.

    Kojo is illadvise and probably just pulling. When ward 3 votes to support Vince Gray and you can't find staff white or black in this economy. Your dislike is universal.

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    Kudos for putting this post out. Apparently it's not easy on the ears, but DC needs to hear more commentary like this.

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    killah aka NOODLEZ; welcome back. I have been banned on the Washington Post blog and WTOP for speaking the truth, but sometimes the truth hurts.

    I believe in free speech and the 1st amendment, but now we have liberal whites in America calling certain types of speech they don't agree with as hate speech. NOODLEZ, the Washington City Paper wouldn't post my remark because I referred to D.C. as Sodom and Gomorrah on the east coast and most white gay males discriminate against black gays and lesbians. I find the gay and Hispanic community are the most racist when it comes to skin color. That's a topic for another day. I don't like King Fenty or Frankenstein looking Vincent Gray. I am voting for Leo Alexander because he speaks out against illegal immigration and illegal aliens working in the District of Columbia. I live in this madness daily around a bunch of low life racist Salvadorans/Central Americans. I speak fluent Spanish and I've been called the N word many times in Spanish by these racist "savages". I use my color to my advantage and when Mexicans or Salvadorans say something racist about me or blacks in Spanish, I fire their asses back up in Spanish. hehehe

    I look forward to my death and to the destruction of the United States. I am living in hell in Ward 4. For the record, I am not homophobic, but if mostly white gay males discuss civil rights and they are discriminating against black gays and lesbians, they are hypocrites. It's call white Supremacy. You do know you can be a white gay male and a segregationist like Jesse Helms and the old Democratic party. The Democrats have pimped blacks for 40 years and the Democratic Party was known for being segregationists. Both the Democratic and Republican parties aren't worth shit.

  31. #31

    killah aka NOODLEZ, the Washington City Paper predominately white staff is mostly gay and liberal. It's the gay Blade and the gay Metro. Seeing the pictures in the City Paper about the Gay Pride last week gives all gays a imagine as sluts and perverts. It was Sodom & Gomorrah in the Dupont Circle. The saddest part, most homosexual will grow old and lonely with no adult kids to to take of them. I could careless about King Fenty, but I do think King Fenty's being bisexual will soon come out and he's living a shame marriage like the former Governor of New Jersey (Jim McGreevey). Many of the King's frat. brothers are gay and the same goes for others in the Divine Nine. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU NOODLEZ I plan to spend today with my wife, sons, and grandchildren.

  32. #32

    I would like to see a conservative or moderate Independent mayor of Washington, District of Columbia regardless of race. Marion Barry was an embarrassment to the black race by getting caught smoking crack on national television. Sharon Pratt Kelly discussed cleaning house, but she moved out of the crumping old Wilson Building into a plosh million dollar office. The liberal black Democratic City Council screwed the city up since "Home Rule" was given to us by Congress. We are soon to go back under the federal Control Board under the leadership of King Fenty.

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    Welcome back noodlez!!!

  34. #34

    So far none of you all have been to explain why a dog park costs $400,000. Isn't a dog park just a field with a fence?

    Noodlez maybe you can take this one.

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    the are not govt employees. that ins't their job. you are the reporter your job is to ask questions of the people who can give an answer. why don t you do that. DeBonis would have.

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    A new (and ironic) low, Cherkis -- turning to a hater you've said should be banned from posting on CP. Ironic because your initial blog called upon readers to listen to Kojo's scathing criticism of anti-Fenty tea party vitriol and comment on whether they agreed with Kojo.

    Several readers, including me, listened to Kojo and weighed in. Now you invite a perfect example (Noodlez) of the kind of hater Kojo railed against (and CP apparently blocked) to talk about dog parks -- not about Kojo's comments. And Kojo didn't even mention dog parks.

    If you want a forum on dog parks, write a blog about dog parks. Just don't lead with Kojo.

  37. #37

    Truth Hurts: Your repeated references to the "anti-Fenty tea party" is ridiculous and makes you look foolish. Gray supporters aren't tea party folks. I'm sure you can find other ways to make your point than aligning one set of supporters to people who don't believe Obama was born here, etc.

  38. Read Scott Martin

    It's my impression that a non-triathlete might have a little more time for the public than an exercise addict, but perhaps that's just me. How much time does Gray spend a day on his health instead of his job? And re the mayor, so is it 90 minutes a day training now? (Probably more.) Is he still finishing in the top 3% of every triathlon and fun run he ribbon-cuts, then enters? yYes by all means let's talk about Vincent Gray's health versus Fenty's.

  39. #39

    The nativist and homophobic vitriol here speaks for itself. I don't understand why you attempt to defend it.
    I further don't know why you would ask any commenter defend the cost of a park. Again, you should consult DPR, the community, or, at the least, a landscape/architecture firm familiar with the scope of that project.

  40. #40

    Cherkis: I'm comparing many anti-Fenty supporters' tactics (eg, booing/shouting down Fenty at public events, distributing "slap Fenty" literature, accusing him of crimes with no evidence, using race baiting slogans,etc)with similar tea party hater tactics and vitriol.

    Listen to the Kojo commentary you posted a link to. Kojo basically said the same thing. I'm guessing you think he's ridiculous and looks foolish too.

  41. #41

    'killah' aka 'noodlez', I probably disagree with what you say 99.9% of the time, but you have that right to say it! if the so-called liberal assholes who run this paper have a problem with what you are saying then sue their ass! I know a good constitutional lawyer out of New York City who would love this case!

  42. #42

    TH: I don't think you can compare the Tea Party movement to Gray supporters. It just feels like an overreach on many levels.

  43. #43

    Cherkis: I wrote that many Gray supporters' TACTICS are similar to tea bagger TACTICS in the ways I (and Kojo)described. If you don't see the similarities, you're not nearly as astute (on this issue at least)as I'd come to believe. Did you listen closely to Kojo as I suggested?

  44. #44

    The dog park is minor shit. fenty is an ass on many other issues , allowing Nickles to rewrite DC law so he could serve. Seems just an administration ago they ousted an Inspector General for "not living in the city", about the tickets that was childish the fucking tickets were not fenty's to issue. His make-up is more than arrogant he has been elected and now he feels the people who elected him can kiss his bi-sexual ass.

  45. #45

    I find it very unamerican and downright elitist to suggest that American's don't have a right to too politicians.

    There are politicians, like Fenty, who are afraid to face their constituents because their approval ratings are diving into the toilet, and fast. They are afraid that the voters will boo them, with the local news stations' cameras rolling. These constituents are, to put it mildly, very dissatisfied with the Mayor and other political representatives. And I guess with the way our politicians, like Fenty, are spending and misspending tax dollars, we shouldn't be surprised that booing has entered the political arena - voters are paying District and federal taxes for the RIGHT to boo.

    You call it tea party tactics, I call it a First Amendment Right of political expression.

    Something that the elitist radicalized liberal left have trouble with. Those who most support Their Highness, the Mayor.

  46. #46

    I don't see how you can equate booing Fenty to Tea Party tactics. I just don't. And you can't accuse the Gray campaign of passing out those lame slap-Fenty fliers. You don't have proof. The main problem w/ your comparison is more substantive: both Fenty and Gray essentially agree on most of the big issues. The Tea Party slam is just silly.

  47. #47

    I very much doubt Fenty and Gray agree on the big issues. For example, they have publicly differed so far on whether to invest in infrastructure (streetcars for H St and Anacostia) or to use our local dollars (and loose the federal ones) by putting them elsewhere. And, of course, they've disagreed on school and parks modernization and reform (Gray was against Lew's parks contracts before he was for them, Gray is mum on Rhee, Gray opposed professionalizing DPR summer camp- a move which famously helped oust Hartsock) in that infamous hearing. Hartsock was tea party/swiftboat v1.0.
    Gray wants, nay needs to play both sides on what his agenda will be. This because, as TH and many others have stated, he doesn't dare oppose the many popular initiatives and projects. Therefore, he and his supporters focus on style over substance. But that doesn't stop him from using coded language whenever and wherever he deems convenient, nor does it do anything to repudiate the accusations of wife beating, police cover-ups, racial favoritism, etc his supporters throw about. And he doesn't repudiate them, because he needs the passion of the crazies.
    To that extent, at a very minimum, TH is making a valid point.

  48. #48

    Cherkis: You're losing it. You must not have read my comments thoroughly and/or listened to the Kojo link in its entirety. I'll call you because I'm concerned about a guy who's past high intellectual capacity seems to be slipping.

    As for you, proballdc, exercise free speech at will. Go picket Kojo, a troublesome member of "the elitist radicalized liberal left". Oh, and boo Jonetta while you're at it. Just make sure to be uncivil. God forbid people are allowed to speak publicly.

  49. #49

    Drez: You omitted mentioning Gray's 2006 deciding vote AGAINST opening up all council meetings to the public, something WAPO, CP and other media slammed him on (and Fenty voted in favor of). Gray said in 2006 that he'd reconsider as council chair, but never did until Bowser forced his hand a couple of months ago --- after he'd carefully analyzed polling data.

  50. #50

    @downtownrez: Good try at misinformation, but no cigar. Gray does support investment in the infrastructure. In fact he is a big supporter of bringing streetcars to DC. In fact, he has been a long-time advocate of the program, and knows that they will bring tremendous economic and transportation benefits to the city. However, what he has and continues to have concerns about, and rightly so, is the lack of accountability and planning from the Department of Transportation and the Mayor’s office. Fenty's “build now, plan later” approach will result in a poorly planned system, and additional long-term costs for the taxpayers. This doesn't concern you?

    Gray believes that the District government can do better and the people of D.C. deserve better.

    On school reform Gray has led the efforts on the Council for school reform, including Mayoral control and a new governance approach to our public schools. He also led the efforts to expand pre-K, creating 2,000 new classroom slots for three and four-year olds over the next five years. In a little more than 18 months, under his leadership, the District is 75% towards that goal, with nearly 1500 slots created and filled. He has committed to focusing his efforts on EVERY stage of education – from birth through the university level, so that every young person in the District has the tools to compete.

    On substance, Vincent Gray spent much of his career leading an international, faith-based organization dedicated to serving homeless and at-risk youth. While there he helped make the organization one of the most effective of its kind in the District, and led successful campaigns to purchase and renovate a crisis center for homeless youth, a multi-purpose center, and to build a new community service center in the far southeast community of the District of Columbia.

    Ask yourself this, what has Adrian Fenty ever done for anyone other than himself and his friends and cronies? He doesn't have a selfless bone in his body. That is not someone who should be leading a city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the the nation.

    Fenty has taken accolades for projects that were conceptualized, planned and contracted under the Williams Administration. Projects like park renovations, new libraries, affordable housing and, yes, even DCPS School Modernization. Anthony Williams, before leaving office, set aside and contracted out 1 billion dollars to renovate DCPS facilities. Fenty did none of the labor but takes all of the credit. What is worse, when on the council when these projects were being deliberated, it was Councilman Fenty that voted AGAINST them, for no other reason than their being presented by Mayor Williams. He was the "just say NO" councilman from Ward 4. So much for his wanting a "world class city" between 2000-2006. The truth is, when he took office these projects were already under contract and underway. There really wasn't anything, legally, he could have done to stop them. So he opted to just take credit for them.

    Gray is deliberative and substantive. It was Gray that introduced DC youth into the political process as council chair through the D.C. Youth Council.

    It is absolutely preposterous to suggest that Vince Gray has any ideas of back peddling on the progress brought forth by the Williams Administration. As a D.C. native, and council chair, it is in his best interest, as it is us all, to see the city continue its forward progression.

    I'd trust Vince Gray any day over the secretive Fenty.

    This election is a no brainer for me. Compare and Contrast. The substance lies with Gray.

    Why should Gray, the candidate, repudiate tabloid accusations about Fenty? People can and will say what they like, with or without Gray in the race, Fenty just isn't very popular. Are you assuming that the voters cannot discern the difference between fact and fiction without HELP? Sounds kinda elitist don't you think?

  51. #51

    @TH: The wonderful thing about free speech, which you seem to dred the most. Is that you don't get to decide how and when an American citizen can express it. You can hate what they say and do, but they have the undeniable right to express it the way they like within the bounds of the law. Last time I checked booing is not illegal. You seem to wish to silence those who don't support Fenty because they don't conform to your dainty perception of the "appropriate" way to disagree and express dissatisfaction. You stick your pointed little nose in the air, roll your eyes, clutch your pearls in disgust as you look down on the peasants who boo your King Fenty.

    And, by the way, in political circles in the District, everyone knows Barras is for sale and has been bought by the Fenty Administration. Her journalistic integrity has been suspect for some time. Her day in the sun was over long ago.

  52. #52

    ...he is a big supporter of bringing streetcars to DC.
    Oh, proball, you make me laugh
    The clear and recent record is that Gray tried to midnight massacre the streetcar infrastructure funding for H Street and Anacostia.
    This being the truth it's impossible to argue that Gray values this investment in these communities. Oh, he may say that he does, but his own secretive actions do otherwise. How is it possible to believe a man who does the opposite of what he <says? After all, we all know that were it not for voter outrage, he would have taken that $50 million in local money, forfeit the $100-$200 million in federal money, and said too bad, so sad, maybe I'll see you later!
    All the rest of what you wrote amounts to band campaign rhetoric. Vincent is honest, Vincent careful and considerate, Vincent has a long record. Pretty much the best I'd expect from a disaffected and embittered Cropp supporter. Grays campaign slogan shouldn't be "We can do better". "In my time, we did better", seems more honest. Although that's wrong. In his time, things were a mess.

  53. #53

    Oh, DR, you make ME laugh. That is for your selective reading comprehension.

    I'll cut and paste, as you did, the comprehensive portion of my statement. Poor misinformed child.

    "...he is a big supporter of bringing streetcars to DC...However, what he has and continues to have concerns about, and rightly so, is the lack of accountability and planning from the Department of Transportation and the Mayor’s office. Fenty's “build now, plan later” approach will result in a poorly planned system, and additional long-term costs for the taxpayers."

    This build now plan later approach is reckless. To call it what it is is not to be against it, it is to call out the truth.

    You make alot of the unsubstantiated, though amusing, accusations against Gray that you decry his supporters of when speaking of your highness Fenty. Hypocrisy maybe?

    Just Asking...

    You like Fenty, I don't.

    THIS we agree on. If anyone has run a government in the shadows way outside of transparency and on the edges of the law that would be your royal master, Adrien M. Fenty.

    As for the rest of YOUR comments...empty rhetoric from a delusional follower.

  54. #54

    proballdc: Great to have you on the record as hating Barras, Kojo, and Fenty. Yepper, they're all bought and sold posers.

    With regard to your personal swipes, you don't know me and apparently don't read my comments fully. I don't dred (spelled dread) free speech,as you claim. My life and carreer demonstrates the opposite. You, however, think an appropriate exercise of free speech is to prevent (tea bagger style) an elected official from speaking by booing him so loudly that people can't hear what he has to say. Yes, it's your right. Just as it was the tea-baggers' right to shout down elected officials holding public health care forums. ONE CITY LIVES.

  55. #55

    Proball: Forgot to point out you didn't defend one city Gray's deciding vote against opening all council business to the public. Your comment to Drez re transparency and open government brought it to mind. I'm guessing Gray needed four years to deliberate before he switched up.

  56. #56

    @TH: As Dr. King said, Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. So, no, you are wrong, I don't HATE any of the cast of characters you have listed. The word 'hate' is nowhere in my commentary. Read again.

    You are right I don't know you, just what you have written in this blog, for this piece. So I take it as I read it. You also presume that I, personally, exercise in booing politicians and those I disagree with. I don't. I prefer talking them down, showering them with uncomfortable questions on facts that they would just assume cower away from. However, I don't disparage those who do; it is their right. However any American who seeks to express their political views, within the bounds of the law, they have that right. I don't categorize them one way or the other. I don't look down on them. If you think booing is bad here, get a load of the Europeans in parliament.

    In case you didn't know it, politics ain't Sunday School. It is not the business to get into if your are thin of skin.

    Public Health Care reform, so noted, is one of those initiatives I actually supported and made it my business to "express" my political views to its opponents very aggressively, with no apology.

    I find the tea party members, 'amusing'. It makes the political process interesting. Keeps politicians off steady and on their feet; held to the fire. Because they don't 'conform' to what some people consider 'appropriate' political expression doesn't make them 'extreme'. They are just different.

    In fact, I don't agree with anything that the tea party stands for. It is a movement that is driven by tangents. No focus. Just a free for all against anything 'incumbent'.

    I don't LIKE Fenty. I find him ethically challenged and thus untrustworthy. I happen to KNOW Barris is, in fact, for sale and sold. Again, her journalistic integrity is suspect, there nothing objective about the woman. And Kojo. I don't listen to his show, I am just commenting on what is here, now. I have no opinion of the man one way or the other.

  57. #57

    For future reference. I won't be using the proballdc moniker. I am NOT a professional athlete, just a fan, and am tired of making that distinction to folks.

  58. #58

    DCDem/proballdc: If you have evidence to support your bought/sold libelous allegations re Jonetta Barras, show it. Or just keep making up lies, it's your choice.

    I don't regularly listen to Kojo, either. However, I know his reputation and respect his views. The lead in to this blog has a link -- click on it. I did. Only then did I comment on his remarks. Listen to what he has to say. Then agree or disagree. Don't worry, you'll be able to hear him. There's no mob trying to prevent him from speaking by loudly booing in unison.

  59. #59

    Thanks for giving us the heads up that you've changed your alias, proball.
    I'm secure in my knowledge, and I'm comfortable in my opinions.
    Limiting for the moment our many, years long, disagreements to the momentary discussion of street cars, I'll just note that when Gray proposes more time for "studying" and "planning", he is engaging in a time honored (and obvious to anyone whose been around for more than a minute) attempt to delay, stall and, eventually, kill progress. Progress on H Street, and in Anacostia. Fuck them, right? At least that's what I heard him saying.
    Janey, your ballyhooed schools savior, did the same bullshit. Lots of pretty plans, no actual record of implementation. Dysfunction and catastrophic failure be damned. What we really need is years of studies and decades of plans. Not implementation. Not actual change. That's too scary. Stalling, reversing... That's Gray's goal, right?
    You see, proball (or whatever), I get that change is hard. And I get that Gray, like those past politicians supporting him, wants to take the easy way out. It's an old game. Lots of plans (to appease the progressives), while stalling implimentation (to keep the reactionaries comfortable.)
    But (to channel the current Mayor), at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words.
    And Vince Gray is not and has never been a man of action.
    And I will be the change I want to see in the world.
    So, friend, damn your blisters. Keep digging your heals in.

  60. #60

    @TH: Of course not, Barras is not that foolish, however, there are candidates, NOT running for Mayor who are not the target of her ire or pleasure, that have, for the most part, confirmed her compensatory purchase in exchange for journalistic support. You can take it or leave it alone.

    I have no problem hearing politicians speak with or without boo's. Usually the politicians are the one's with microphones. If it is my intent to here what they have to say, I hear them.

  61. #61

    @DR: Are you suggesting that when the city moves to spend over a billion dollars in taxes, on any project, that demanding that the it be well planned is a 'delay' tactic vs. something that should be expected by the taxpayer? I used to live off of H Street and actually think that the Street Car project, though not required, could improve the aesthetics of the neighborhood. U Street doesn't have one and it is much improved. I happen to know that the planners of this system (DDOT) hasen't even taken into consideration 'safety'. There is not a voice among the planners on how it is going to build pedestrian, cyclist or motorist safety into the engineering of the system. This is something that has to happen on the FRONT END lest we be forced to spend more to retrofit the system on the back end; along with the liabilities that failure to address safety will bring. I know this because the Department of Transportation doesn't have a single person on it's staff dedicated to safety. Not one. Gray, as councilman, then as council chairman, has always been a big fan of the streetcar project. He voted in support of it and its funding as a councilman and then again as council chair, it is the Mayor and his Administration that are putting the cart before the horse that is going to result in excess spending as a result of poor planning. Just as you cannot create a new metro rail line without appropriate and deliberate planning, so too, you cannot do so with street rail. It really is that simple.

    I've never heard Gray say "Fuck them..." about any neighborhood or person, for that matter. That is your editorialized opinion driven by loyalty to your majesty.

    I get it that change is hard. It has never been easy. But positive change doesn't happen as the fruit of reckless planning and spending. Change requires transformational leadership, which, necessarily, requires positive transactional relationships. In this city that means open collaboration with the citizens, positive relationship with the council and capital hill. It means being part salesman and part statesman. Williams understood this, which is what it took to develop and transform the Downtown streetscape, set aside 1 billion dollars to modernize DCPS and still leave a 1.6 billion dollar budget surplus and savings.

    It is not "old-school" thought that says that proper planning produces positive results. That is this little thing called "common" sense, though obviously not "too" common.

    I see more of Williams in Gray than Fenty.

    Blisters, as you say, come as a result of hard work, so, I'll take them.

    As far as digging my heels in, well, if you saw the soles of my shoes, you'd know that will NEVER happen.

    I am all for positive progress, but not through reckless action. This city saw more progress under Anthony Williams than under any Mayor before and sense. I was behind him all the way. And, as it is, so did the government that he led. He did not alienate them, he made them a part of the progress. He didn't feed into the ravenous nature of the populous that demonizes government bureaucracy as evil. He made a partner of all those he knew he needed to move this city forward. And it happened in a very big way.

    Not so with the your highness.

  62. #62

    DDOT has scads of safety folks- in planning and policy, in engineering, in operations. Scads.
    Moving a project forward without knowing where every sign or gallon of paint will go is hardly a bad thing. It's how things actually happen.
    Your memory of the Williams administration is very different than mine. You recall a paradise. I recall pothole ridden and unpaved streets, a higher crime rate, lower school performance, trash that didn't get picked up, snow that went unplowed, broken sidewalks, a 311 system that barely worked, a dysfunctional DMV, and a lot of communities that were left behind in word and deed.
    I'm not saying things are 100% fixed today, but I see clear and significant improvements in all areas of this city.

  63. #63

    Schools that didn't open on time, pools and recs that opened late or not at all because they were broke, higher juvinile incarceration rates... The list goes on and on...

  64. #64

    DCDEM aka PROBALLDC: Re comment #60, just as I expected. Lot's of tough talk -- zero evidence/facts. Put up or shut up.

    Or, just for fun, let's play your game. My turn.

    TH: Gray secretly married Graham.

    DCDEM: You're full of shit, TH. Prove it or go to hell.

    TH: I don't have any evidence, but trust me. I KNOW some peoples who KNOW it's true. Up to you, DCD, to believe it or not.

    DCDEM: TH, you've shown your true colors. Brown, the color of horseshit. Be gone, fool. I choose NOT.

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