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Examiner Box Blocks City Paper Box, Risking Free-Newspaper War?


At the southwest corner of 18th and Columbia, our home turf! Way to stay classy, Washington Examiner.

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  • Keith B

    None of the outdoors WCP boxes I've seen ever even have the WCP in them. Now I know these things are like hotcakes on Thursdays, but after you see the same grimy plastic party cup in the box week after week...

  • Lydia DePillis

    It's like Cherkis vs. Harry Jaffe!

  • Joan

    Jason will kick ass. The only thing Harry Jaffe can win is a wind bag contest.

  • J

    Keith- let them know what box you are referring too and Im sure they will address it. help a paper out!

  • Keith B

    J: 6th St NW and NY Ave, though it looked okay last time I saw it.

  • IMGoph

    i complain about the lack of citypapers in the box at the suitland metro all the time, and it never gets filled. their distributors are ripping them off. probably need to find some new paperboys.