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Our Morning Roundup: Bros Icing Pols Edition

Good morning, Washington! Are you disappointed that there haven't been any D.C.-specific adaptations of the whole "bros icing bros" phenomenon? Well, We Love DC's David Stroup has you covered:

For more viral, malt-beverage-fueled hilarity, check out Alex Balk's "Bros Icing Bros And The Fate Of Humanity: A Look Back."

In more sober news, The Walk Disney Company will be closing most of its ESPN Zone restaurants, including the Washington and Baltimore locations. According to an NBC Washington poll, roughly 67 percent of local bros are sad about this.

Maureen Dowd takes on the bros at the Landon School who decided that setting up a hook-up fantasy league would be a good idea. Dowd concludes that it is "time for a curriculum overhaul" at the school, which is also the alma mater of George Huguely V, the University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of murdering his girlfriend Yeardley Love. "Young men everywhere must be taught, beyond platitudes, that young women are not prey."

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  • OffendedbyDowd

    Maureen Dowd's opinion is probably the most offensive opinion I've ever read--not because of the actions of three middle school boys, but rather because the New York Times allowed an even greater gender offensive to transpire in the public eye.

    It is not Maureen Dowd's job to publicly humiliate three kids who acted stupidly and did not know better (they probably know better by now). That job should be left to their teachers, and, based off Landon's official response, it seems that these kids got the punishment and help they deserved.

    I saw in a comment elsewhere what is pretty clear: Maureen Dowd is just as ignorant of the opposite sex as the adolescent boys she targeted and slandered in a national media outlet.

    Maureen is beating a wounded beast while it's down. Why isn't she ripping on UVA, a truly messed up organization that time and time again condones gang rape, racism, cheating on a mass scale, and drunken behavior? That answer is pretty obvious. UVA is still a public school on paper, and Landon is a conservative, all male institution.

    It's a shame that Ms. Dowd can not mend her own sexist behavior and instead wants to pick on boys.

  • BemusedByOffendedByDowd

    Looks like one Landon grad took Poison Pen 101 at his safe school after getting the thin envelope from UVA.