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Harlem Globetrotters Trying to Cash In on $tra$burg?

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Folks everywhere, this space included, are poaching Stephen Strasburg's notoriety.

All grills except ESPNZone's are cooking up Strasburgers. David Letterman hopes to get a rating higher than Strasburg's ERA when he brings the Nats' pitcher on for a Top 10 reading next week.

And, um, blogs, present company included, are forcing obscene amounts of digital inches of Strasburg copy on their readers.

The only guy not trying to make a buck off the mania is Bill Corey. He was at Tuesday's debut, caught the first home run ever given up by Strasburg, then threw it right back on the field.

Corey went on the Sports Junkies on WJFK yesterday to explain why he didn't keep the ball for a later sale to the highest bidder. Estimates of the ball's current worth hit $2,000. I'd take the over.

The radio show's hosts and listeners and me agreed Corey was a tool for not cashing out.

But the wackiest Strasburg exploitation I've yet encountered comes from the Harlem Globetrotters. Last night the team announced it had conferred a special award upon Strasburg.

From the Globetrotters' press release:

(PHOENIX, June 9, 2010) – Washington Nationals rookie pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg has been honored with a “Trotter Tribute” from the world famous Harlem Globetrotters in recognition of his “Globetrotter-esque” dominance in winning his major league pitching debut Tuesday night.

The “Trotter Tribute” honors professional and college athletes from all sports throughout the world whose play calls to mind the dazzling showmanship of “the world’s most famous team.”

Now I know I'm not the only one who, upon seeing that crew-cutted skinny white boy throwing a baseball thought: "But what does this mean for the Harlem Globetrotters?"

Amid all the commercial silliness, the Globetrotters' release did have one good line.

“That kid dominated the Pirates like they were the Washington Generals,” said Globetrotters star Flight Time Lang.

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  • Anon


  • Dave McKenna

    A: my "t" key broke from typing "strasburg" so much this week. thanks for noticing! should be fixed!

  • Falls Church

    Enough of this crap. What of the mass arrests for scalping that you predicted for Strasmas night? I was there, saw scalpers plying their trade on Half Street(albeit discreetly), yet no evidence of any police activity directed against them at all, nor any press reports of same after the fact. And no, your buddy Steinberg's report of Nats staff rooting scalpers out of the line to buy grandstand and SRO tix doesn't count. That isn't police activity, even though the Nats employees may have been jack-booted. (Steinberg didn't see fit to report on their fashion choices, and I guess Givhan was otherwise engaged that day, so we'll never know for sure.) So will you come forth and admit that you were totally off the mark with that prediction, Dave?

  • Brian

    Hey Dave, nobody called him a tool for throwing the ball back except for you. I know it must be tough writing for the "city" paper and making peanuts while doing it. I'm not going to lie people would probably know you better if you were a bartender at the ESPN Zone or sold cotton candy at the Nats game. That being said I guess if you would have caught the ball and that is probably a big IF cause I highly doubt you have ever done anything athletic, you would have sold it. Good for you, but the funny thing is you are the one writing about my brother aren't you? Who is really the tool buddy? You are bashing a guy who was true to his team. Thats the problem with DC, alot of people here just jump on bandwagons. Money isn't everything, but to losers like you it is. The fact that he threw it back is the only reason why it gave a scum bag like you something to put on paper, if he chose to keep it nothing would have ever been talked about. You actually owe him a thank you for giving you something worth writing about. Enjoy your day, hope to order a "tall boy" from you at the ESPN zone when you get that promotion, TOOL.

  • Anonymous

    Hey douche bag Dave, check out "The guy who threw back Strasburg's home run ball" by Dan Steinberg in THE WASHINGTON POST. No one should call Bill Corey anything other than a true Nats fan.

  • Trevor

    I concur with Brian. You're a tool and you work for the "City" paper. Bill Corey probably started a real tradition that sports fans in Washington NEED! Just another reason I am going to renew my subscription to the Washington Post.

    Keep bashing your city's fans real fans. You're going to be working the mail room in no time.


  • Dave McKenna

    Brian, Anon, Trevor: you gotta lighten up, people. i called brian's brother a tool for being the only guy on the planet not trying to exploit strasburgmania for a buck, and you take that as an insult? that's called "irony"! or, in this case, "bad writing"! why can't you be more like Brian's brother? read between the lines! i say he's a hero! an honorable guy! last of a dying breed! but, i gotta say, for folks who don't know me, you paint a dang accurate sketch! but, one and all, thanks for Playing the Feud™!

  • Wes

    Douche Bag Dave,

    Bill Corey should be commended for what he did. He is a hero in the DC sports world.

    You've got a pretty sweet gig as a writer for the City Paper. Is that you on the cover of this week's issue? Haha.

  • Brian

    Sir Douchebag Dave,

    Most people don't tend to take the word "tool" as a compliment. Let's take a look at the context, "The radio show's hosts and listeners and me agreed Corey was a tool for not cashing out." First off, none of those Medifast pounding slugs aka "The Sports Junkies", called him a tool. Secondly, it does not sound as if you are praising Bill in any form by saying you agreed with calling him a tool. If you asked any of the individuals who commented on your latest piece, they would say that you are actually acting in a derogatory manner towards him. Now how does a man of your intelligence get a job at the profound Washington "City" Paper when he doesn't even know how to use big words like "tool" properly? Anyways, I appreciate your response to my comment, atleast I can respect you for that instead of hiding after writing an article that isn't even worthy enough to replace the Charmin in my bathroom. However, next time when you respond don't try to put up a front like you are in support of him because clearly that is not what you are about. Now how bout a round of "tall boys" David.

  • Dave McKenna

    Brian: that's "Sir" Douchebag Dave to you! oh, wait, you already gave me the honor. anyway, we're not getting anywhere. your reading comprehension, or my writing, is at a level even the DC Public Schools would find unacceptable. so as we part, please just give your brother my best for doing what felt right w/o a hint of greed. he's no tool, is what i'm saying. good thing, too. from what i've been reading here, that slot in the family's already been filled...
    (oh, loosen up, Bri! You came here to Play the Feud™, and i don't wanna cheat you...)