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Rowdy Youths Cause Ruckus at Union Station [UPDATED]

Various news outlets, including WJLA-TV, are reporting Metro's closure of Union Station this afternoon after an apparent altercation, possibly involving a handgun, on the red line.

DC Fire & EMS reports via Twitter of at least one injured party. Meanwhile, We Love DC 's Dave Stroup tweets live from the scene. "[R]eports are two gangs fighting on train, shooting erupted," Stroup noted at 1:35 p.m. before later correcting himself: "incident was not a shooting, a large group of people fighting." He goes on: "fight lasted from fort totten to union station, while train was moving. fighting overtop of seated passengers"

WUSA-TV reports the station has now re-opened and cites a Metro spokesperson saying the fight involved up to 15 teenagers.

UPDATE, 2:51 p.m.: WJLA is now reporting that a 16-year-old was "severely beaten and his shoes were stolen, the boy's mother, Angel Surratt, told ABC 7's Brad Bell." His injuries are described as "life-threatening." WUSA also has the mother saying her son was "attacked for his shoes."

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  • Manor

    Another sign of how ass backwards DC is, exhibited by its intern-run media: a shooting by a minor is labeled as "Rowdy". Real classy, CP, thanks for helping maintain the permanent underclass. What's rape, "exuberant fondling"?

  • Vincent Gray Looks Like Vincent Price

    Wow, just when I think negroes in DC can't sink any lower, they do JUST that.

    Who steals shoes? Who buys shoes worth stealing? According to WaPo and ABC 7 news, there was no shooting. Metro spokeswoman... that Jew lady, stated that the guns were fake.

  • Phil Deeze

    Vincent Gray Looks Like Vincent Price,
    You're a sick man, and you need help. Maybe you're just an ass-hat trying to be funny on the internet. Maybe you're a racist. Either way, you are repugnant. Your comments make you just as ugly as the young men on the train that beat up the kid for his shoes.

  • Vincent Gray Looks Like Vincent Price

    Phil Deeze,

    Eat a dick. Shalom!

  • Keith B

    Have Rick Mangus and VGLLVP ever been photographed together? Holy hateration, Batman!

  • Rick Mangus

    No 'Keith B' we have not been photographed together!


    fakeSEchurch near 7Dpo-po, you wrote the same statement in the Washington Post still trying to discuss those fat black ladies you hate in southeast. Please comment yourself into Saint Elizabeths. They just opened a new mental health hospital in Ward 8 recently.

    Back to the topic, these were "savages" at Union Station causing problems. Most should have been aborted at birth.

  • Rick Mangus

    No 'WARD4NDC' Metro should use them to test the third rail along the route!

  • Alex

    Why is there no comment moderation for this blog? City Paper tolerates racism?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Alex' if you want "comment moderation" or let's call it what it is, CENSORSHIP!, then go read Amanda Hess's column in this paper or ask Ms. Hellen Thomas what it is, since she was silenced by the jewish lobby in this town!

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